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Am I the only one?
I feel bad... kind of
Poverty = Health
Russia had a competitor testing dirty for drugs, but I’m not sure why
I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this, but..
Congrats, Marvel Studios
Anyone else?
As a college student this is the best thing ever.
Corporate tax cuts.
Every commute
I'm 33
Sure it's a challenging sport, but it's not very strenuous.
When President's Day is the most chill day I've had at work in a long time...
I'll prove her wrong
Truly, the most vicious of cycles.
I was better off never knowing. Now what?
She said she loved her country and had genuinely tried her best, but that she had also made a mistake. Shit happens.
It's not too late
Bad Joke Eel
The Trump Movie
I bet my fingerprints are in a police database somewhere
When the job ad says its not cold call because "we have the warmest leads!"
My first thought when we beat Canada in curling. Better than a medal.
There’s a huge difference between a tax return and a tax refund.
I'm happy not knowing
They're almost always understaffed, and a little human decency goes a long way!
Every commute v2.0
Cinemax After Dark Confessions
And I'd just gotten it fixed up in the shop...
After 13 years of marriage, it’s understandable right?
Facial hair is a blessing and a curse.
After I heard the moving words of Emma Gonzalez I had hope for a change In politics moving forward, then I realized...
Someone should tell CNN and MSNBC
Welp, life goes on
I am become terror
What goes on at Costco HQ every few months
Because with 2 kids under 5, it's the only time I have to myself
My husband was trying to offer me tortillas...
My friend complaining that his job doesn't let him off for President's Day
Russians are trying to steal our memes
18 bigman77 Man my gf asked for McDonald's and to watch movies. I think that's one I can for sure make happen
18 crazyrandomnerd I told him we don't need to celebrate Valentine's day. We celebrate our love everyday. (I just want to save some money)
15 AlmostDiedOnce My birthday is today. Any future wife/gf better be asking me what I want on Valentine’s Day not the other way around lol
23 IntricatelySimple Communication is difficult. You have to open your mouth and say the right works. Fuck. I screwed it off.
28 markko79 My gf and I don't do Valentine's Day. It's a made up holiday.
6 ALombardi Got a few bunches of flowers, 2 candy bars, 2 cards. One set for the wife and another for her younger sister who lives with us. Mixed all the flowers together and put them in vases, each got their favorite candy bar, and a heartfelt message in the card. I did it before I left for work this morning since I normally get to the office before they wake up. We’ll be ordering takeout tonight and watching Netflix. Nothing extravagant needed. Keep it simple, stupid.
10 falconerhk That’s why one should avoid dating male or female bitches expecting material shit.
4 p3ng1 Apparently my girlfriend is some kind of anomaly because she just told me what she wanted to do for Valentines Day. Wanted me to cook her a steak dinner, and then for us to go to the arcade bar and get shitfaced while she kicked my ass in every game there.
6 IM_YOUR_GOD If I ain't getting bought anything, why should I buy anything. They wanted equal rights so I'm practicing equality.
8 EbenHSHD My gf asked for a $60 bottle of perfume and after taxes and shipping it come out to about $70. I asked for a $60 game and she said she can’t afford it. The kicker is she makes more than me and I still pay for everything.
3 Ryugi I know of one redditor like that. She is literally in a sulk with her boyfriend because he didn't psychicly know that her bitching about her period pain meant she wanted him to offer her chocolate.
10 goeslikeschnell93 Go gay. Trust me 👍
2 madhattergirl Asked boyfriend last night if we were doing anything. He made a noncommittal noise and thought that was the end of it (we don't usually do anything). Getting ready for bed and he brings his laptop over and asks if I'd like a [sex wedge]( I'm like, sure if you want to spend the money we can use it. So it's a gift for both of us. :)
2 EuropeanLady On the one hand, it's good to hint at what you want for Valentine's Day. On the other hand, if the two people know each other well, they should be able to pick good presents for each other without being given hints.
2 UrbanDryad Do men really need a specific list each damn year (assuming they've been together long-term)? I would feel really shitty marching up to my husband with a list of shit he "had" to buy me. That's not a gift. That's holiday ransom. But we've been together long enough that I do expect him to know my tastes well enough to react appropriately to them. I do the same for him.
2 lcotemi My hubs and I both agree that this holiday is a great marketing ploy. We agreed not to get anything for each other. I got him nothing. I walked in after work, hesitantly, because I was afraid he got me something. He didn’t, and I was so relieved.
1 zacho3to Sounds like gamers