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There's a fine line.
She’s happier than ever, but I almost wish the lie didn’t work so well.
Colleague told me he was going out to lunch today. He came back with a store-bought sandwich an hour later
How to promote unfailing loyalty from your employees
After seeing Trump say that he did not fire James Comey because of the Russia investigation on Twitter this morning
Can't pay your bills and enjoy disrespectng others do ya?
Starbucks racial-bias training in a nutshell
So you have any hand sanitizer?
Some of my coworkers really need to learn this...
Some of us don't enjoy being criminals.
Cops being bros
Took me 50 years but finally think I'm adulting...
Good hardworking bosses can be hard to find
Attempted peroxide
She isn’t abusive or anything, she’s just unbearable
Can anyone relate?
My friend is an elementary school teacher. She texted me this question last night.
Sorry but my life is worth 2 of yours.
Walmart just emailed our promo codes to customers to save $10 off $35. Here’s me doing something that the cheapskates at Walmart will fire me for.
triple, venti, soy, heavy cream, fat free, extra, extra, at 120 degrees, etc.
Let’s bring back a timeless classic.
How I feel living in Canada right now
Shoot the messenger but snobs and rednecks should be able to govern their states, cities and counties their way.
Today I found out we have motion sensor lights
It was worth joining
Worth it
If only everyone had 20/40 vision
Just lick 'em bro
Guess I'll be fapping to a better looking version of my ex wife after the movie.
Does it say April or August? What year is that? Does it smell OK?
But my cigarette count down from 20 to 4 tho..
As a small business owner, I think I'm a great boss
This is worse than just firing you on the spot!
FTFY, Kermit. Or maybe i'm just antisocial? 4403 rollover minutes and counting.
You never know...
If you lease a vehicle, get gap insurance
Got into an argument with my Italian uncle about sauce vs gravy
Bad kid joke.
1889 Sedu If it’s unpaid time, your manager doesn’t get a say in where you go.
622 Nickelasss I actually used to work a job where I'd come in and open every morning at 8am, get a 2 and a half hour break in the middle of the day to go across the street for a gym sesh, shower, and come back to work until 11 and close the store down. Every day. It was great until I was called upon to move locations and that same schedule wouldn't work at the new store
1019 Stimmolation She doesn't get to do that.
313 Damon_Bolden I've had bosses that were obsessive about that and it drives me insane. Like "I noticed you haven't been going to lunch with your co-workers and we really do work better together when we socialize outside of the office"... well yeah I guess I'm not being "part of the team" as well as I could be but I have a dog at home that needs to pee and for my priorities it just doesn't fit to spend $15-$20 a day on lunch. I totally understand that getting to know your co-workers is always a good thing, but that "optional but mandatory" shit really gets on my nerves. They can come to my house for lunch break goddammit. Lunch party at Damon's house. Tuna sandwiches and half a bag of chips. Free entertainment; my dog shitting on a bush. Bring the whole family.
72 GobleSt "You mean you are going to PAY me to take my lunch break???!!!"
119 Myte342 /r/MaliciousCompliance storytime. I worked for a big box warehouse type store. Written rules were to not leave 'corporate sister store' property when going on break but lunches were OUR time so they could not dictate where we went. We are supposed to get two full 15 minute breaks, unbroken. If they interrupt our break it gets reset and we get a FULL break later (in theory). They keep interrupting my breaks over and over and over and am sick of it. So I decide to leave the store so they can't call me. After getting chastised for leaving the store on my breaks and not being able to get a hold of me over the radio (I turned mine off during break) I decided to comply. We work next door to 'sister corporate store' so technically that store and all the parking lot is 'sister store' property. So on my break I would set my alarm for 10 minutes and go lay out on the grass next door and rest. Of course after a few days of this I get called on it and I remind them of the rules, that 'sister store' property is where I should stay and that is certainly where I am. They say it means I have to be on THEIR store property now since it's 'generic' rules for both stores. OK. fine. I go 'take my break' next day and leave my radio turned on full blast... in the public restroom. Any time they call for me on my break I respond over the radio that I am currently sitting on the toilet and cannot respond. You can hear my radio echo through the front of the store from the bathroom doors. I can hear my response from the supervisors radio who is working the front end from inside the bathroom. So that means every customer in the store can also hear my reponse from every radio in the store. After my 15 minutes are up I leave and ask if they still need me. They stopped interrupting my breaks after 2 or 3 times and I went back to taking my breaks 'off property'.
82 Intense_introvert Lots of people think they can be managers. Few are actually good at it.
140 meatlump In the US if you can't do what you want and go where you want it's not a lunch break. You must have freedom of movement for it to be unpaid. Now if you're somewhere else I have no idea, but can't imagine it being allowed anywhere in eastern Europe.
22 oser If next week is her last week, it's entirely possible that she's been fired, and the company is giving her a graceful exit. They may have asked her not to come in while she rides out whatever grace period they gave her. This is how they get rid of Directors and up where I work, presumably to keep the disruption associated with terminating a senior staff member to a minimum. The irony is that everyone usually either knows or assumes the truth regardless.
18 smitthysmitth Going to the gym in the middle of the work day is actually very beneficial for the employee and improves work productivity