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Strolling through Toys'R'Us with my daughter when suddenly...
When a local furniture commercial makes the volume of their commercial twice as loud as every other commercial
Shopping from Canada in the U.S., online.
Wife: "I wish I was a trophy wife." Me: "You are a trophy wife! You're a participation trophy! :D "
When that cute girl from high school wants to randomly reconnect after years of no contact to go "have lunch"
You can't get worked up about something if you don't care about anything.
Call Your Senators About Cassidy-Graham. Enough Is Enough.
She cared more about what people thought than her actions
My recent job experience
Worth it.
Don't tell them what you don't want them to know.
My 3 year old getting into the car today...
I knew something was wrong!
Thank goodness for trip cancelation insurance
What a time to be alive
I couldn't be happier for a moment... I just don't get it
Nicest old woman I have ever met.
It's time to change my password at work
Wise beyond my years, I guess.
Dad always said "only burn as many bridges as you gotta to win the war"
Day job struggles
A reminder in light of the Kevin Hart incident
I'm ashamed of the leadership in this country.
Just heard this in my dorm.
I know some of you guys have done this before.
When I see an ad in the middle of a video on Facebook
I really do have the best boss
So satisfying...
Me on the drive to work this morning
After every natural disaster....
The unfortunate reality of Tinder
After seeing John Kelly literally facepalm in reaction to Trump's UN speech
The lady on the phone said nobody else was having trouble, just me
In the end, it doesn't even matter
After living pay check to pay check
I know he's trying to be thorough, but can we get the show started!?
The good ol' switcheroo
Didn't think this needed to be said, but ladies...
Floored it past someone after being stuck behind them for 6 no-passing-zone miles at 15mph only for them to stop beside me at the next red light and ask "what my hurry is"...
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78 Porkins47 Oh. My. God. How could I have been so blind!? Of course it was the eclipse!
55 rackfocus Don't forget big earthquake in Mexico.🙁
14 Evning wait.. now that you mention it. could the gravity of the sun and the gravity of the moon being on the same side of the earth actually be pulling the plates and tides on earth in such an unusual way that it imbalances them so much that it caused this weather? maybe the gravity of those 2 celestial objects are somehow able to resonate or magnify each other?
12 allsunnydaze Flooding in Texas was caused by hurricane Harvey...
6 Wilgrove Pfft, of course not. All of these things happened because we didn't sacrifice a virgin as an offering to the old ones at the beginning of the harvest season.
3 josephalbright1 Speak for yourself. I plan on making a blood sacrifice.
10 cerealOverdrive I've heard from completely unconfirmed sources that this is due to Trump. He may be the anti christ! Or North Korea has super advanced weather control tech.
2 mikeofhyrule I think it is funny...its hurrican season in the South, its fire season in the West...and yet people act like the end of the world is coming. This just in, snow storms to possibly hit the Northeast between Nov-Mar
2 AnotherDawkins Uhh, yeah people did. Not as much as in the past, but I saw articles about that around the eclipse.
1 Droidspecialist297 You don't think some people blamed it on the eclipse?
1 wetnapkinmath Not superstitious you say? Are you prepared for the Sept 23 shitstorm?
1 FuzzyGunNuts Come to think of it...someone call Rush.
1 MudInTheGround They dont think the eclipse caused it, they think it was a sign of bad things to come and end of the world
1 Cizzar Eclipse ? Pff, everyone knows it's because of the gays
1 landolanplz TIL America=humanity
1 AvengerMKII Well it's not like someone called Hurricane Irma fake or anything......
1 Rambo_Rombo Yeah, they blamed it on... Trump... I don't think that's any better.
1 lenientspice Only a little stitious
1 Jacob_wallace They're not blaming it on the eclipse, but they're blaming it all on Trump. As if one man could've reversed global warming in a few months. Oh, and let's not forget Obama had 8 years, and global warming is still happening. Because everything is Trump's fault, even the damn weather. People acting like they never seen hurricanes or wildfires before. My Facebook is cluttered with doomsayers, and every one of them kinda "forget" that Obama has had a lot longer to fix the problem than Trump.
1 ulikestu Wrong. People were actually predicting we'd see lots of crazy weather and earthquakes(spaced out over 2 years) as a result of the eclipse.
1 laruefrinsky Oh but some people do.