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Am I the only one?
I feel bad... kind of
Poverty = Health
Russia had a competitor testing dirty for drugs, but I’m not sure why
I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this, but..
Congrats, Marvel Studios
Anyone else?
As a college student this is the best thing ever.
Corporate tax cuts.
Every commute
I'm 33
Sure it's a challenging sport, but it's not very strenuous.
When President's Day is the most chill day I've had at work in a long time...
I'll prove her wrong
Truly, the most vicious of cycles.
I was better off never knowing. Now what?
She said she loved her country and had genuinely tried her best, but that she had also made a mistake. Shit happens.
It's not too late
Bad Joke Eel
The Trump Movie
I bet my fingerprints are in a police database somewhere
When the job ad says its not cold call because "we have the warmest leads!"
My first thought when we beat Canada in curling. Better than a medal.
There’s a huge difference between a tax return and a tax refund.
I'm happy not knowing
They're almost always understaffed, and a little human decency goes a long way!
Every commute v2.0
Cinemax After Dark Confessions
And I'd just gotten it fixed up in the shop...
After 13 years of marriage, it’s understandable right?
Facial hair is a blessing and a curse.
After I heard the moving words of Emma Gonzalez I had hope for a change In politics moving forward, then I realized...
Someone should tell CNN and MSNBC
Welp, life goes on
I am become terror
What goes on at Costco HQ every few months
Because with 2 kids under 5, it's the only time I have to myself
My husband was trying to offer me tortillas...
My friend complaining that his job doesn't let him off for President's Day
Russians are trying to steal our memes
775 NoClueDad People are like restaurants. If this one didn't work out, try another. There are lots out there.
2104 0LetThemEatCake She's just not that into you. Now you have more time and space in your life for people that will positively contribute to your life :)
8798 mors_videt That really sucks. I’m sorry. Anais Nin, who was a great lover, said something about love that also applies to all other human interaction: “Nothing kills love faster than need. A man in need of love is like a man drowning. You want to save him, but you know he will pull you down with his struggling.” I think it’s ok to reach back out after a bit, whatever your level of interest, but always be mindful not to clutch like a man drowning. You have to let some people go.
596 jabroni2002 Hey, honestly this isn't a bad thing, and if the conversation actually went similarly to how you describe, it's a good and healthy thing. I've gone on dates with people and then just been honest with them and with myself and said, "listen, I don't think I'm ready for this and I don't want to waste your time." Because you know what sucks more than a connection abruptly cut short? A connection that's forced, strung a long, and then gradually frayed apart. I've done this with dates and with friends, and in the long run, we're both better for it. You don't have time to put energy and love into a sinkhole. it's exhausting and depressing.
1621 7faces Dude at least she had the guts to say something that's awesome.
347 Blueguerilla I’m not certain why, but I’m not buying the ‘I just want to be friends’ line. You’ve stated several times in the comments that you two agreed to just be friends. Maybe I’m reading into things, but that sounds like she just wanted friendship, but you were hoping for more, and ‘agreed’ to not push for more. And when you met in person, your desire for more was telegraphed, and she saw that and bailed before you got all ‘friend-zone’ cringe on her. That’s just my read from across the internet. Maybe have an honest thought about what you’re really looking for. Or maybe she didn’t like you. Even as a friend. That’s life, and happens to everyone. Dwelling on it and lamenting about it online isn’t going to help you get on with your life. Best of luck, remember you can’t chase friendship, you just have to put yourself out there and friends will follow.
124 HallOfJusticeIntern A lot of people are very much into the first stages of friendship/relationship, but are too scared/disinterested/self-involved to go further. I think the ultimate expression of this is Tinder; we swipe for that initial “ooh! They’re interested in me too!” but then rarely do we actually want more from that ‘connection’—or, when we actually do, they don’t. Everything in our society caters to this worship of the briefest initial sensation of connection, at the expense of the real thing. And a lot of people don’t question it.
686 Seankps Ghost her even harder than she can ghost you