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But you know, priorities
True story
When I see all the people sharing their detailed vacation plans on Facebook
My Congress Rep had the balls to send me a flyer promoting the eliminarion of a tax paid on estates passed down over $10,000,000.
There really is no other method for browsing reddit
I live under a rock
At least my cat is adorable.
When I see commercials for Black Friday sales starting on Thanksgiving Day
When my wife tells me that she plans to have sex with me later this evening...
I think hes busy...
After a couple of years being an EMT.
I Feel Like We Have A Lot of This Right Now.
Good Guy Gord Downie
At this point all I can do is laugh, it's like we bought a Bluth home.
I followed the advice of many Redditor’s and ended things with my old GF and frankly I’ve never been happier. Link in the comments.
Really Apple? Really?
How the days feel after daylight savings time ends.
Don't be That Guy.
Far too often people show up the day before thanksgiving, right as they are trying to get on the road and get mad at me because they have to wait in line for 45 minutes even though "You're supposed to be a quick oil change place".
My weight loss journey was long and tedious, and I learned this the hard way.
This holiday season, just remember...
When Radio Stations Don't Play Xmas music before Thanksgiving
It feels good to do something like this...
Absolutely perfect timing
If we're still gonna complain about EA, I can't help but notice they aren't alone on the dark side
Obviously I'm hanging out with the wrong people.
Every marketing executive at a big box retailer this time of year.
Well that date ended pretty quick
My psychiatrist increased my dose of Prozac again. This is not what I told her, but this is what I should have told her.
Grandma every thanksgiving..
The hosting family has a limited number of containers available
When people post bashing sexual predators and abusers then post RIP Charles Manson.
My son hurt his ankle today. Poor guy
How dare I give so much notice. Time for me to find a new job!
Bless Your Heart
EA right now
When the post title says, "Link in the comments," and the actual link is buried under prank links to pictures of Link (Zelda), rick rolls, etc.
My sister, 28. Lives rent free at home with my parents still.
When my seed ratio goes above 1
Double standards everywhere
8071 ariadesu 2D face recognition and 3D face recognition are different features. Apple isn't the first company to include the feature in a commercial product, I think Xbox One does it. But the default Android 8.0 phones do not have it either. 2D face recognition can be tricked with [a picture of someone's face](
1484 Contact40 I don't know that "everyone" is losing their minds.
339 Neutral_Positron Upvote for use of proper phrase (Joker originally says 'Nobody panics', not 'bats an eye').
559 Polenicus I think the 'panic' is because Apple is removing the home button, implying (Correctly or not) that the facial recognition thing is the *only* way to unlock the phone. Of which there is a precedent with the headphone jack thing.
1050 TurnNburn I'm an android user. But I've realized this: Android introduces new features that half-way work and are half-assed. Apple takes time to make sure features work and are polished.
114 yiliu I think the reason why people get excited when Apple does something is that historically, when Apple does it, it's useful and sticks around and becomes an industry standard. When most other companies do it, it's a one-off crappy feature to add a bullet point to their ad, and after a short run it disappears forever (or until Apple re-implements it a couple years later). MP3 players were around before the iPod. They sucked pretty badly, big bulky CD-player looking monstrosities with a tendency to overheat and break easily. Microsoft did tablets long before Apple. They were crappy and nobody used them, just Windows with a shitty touch-screen. Fingerprint scanners had been around for like 10 years before the iPhone had them, but they were only on expensive laptops, software didn't support them, and they didn't work half the time (or worked easily when they shouldn't have). I'm not an Apple fanboy, but when they launch a feature I pay attention, because I can look forward to seeing the same feature implemented in a useful way on Android phones a year or two later. The people who are complaining that "Somebody else did it first!" are missing the point. _I don't care_ unless it's something I can actually buy and use.
181 903012 Are people panicking over this? Why?
228 regreddit_ The only people I see "losing there minds" are the anti-Apple crowd. I don't think I have seen one Apple fan claiming it's revolutionary. Reddit is weird sometimes.