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The worst part about it is I know I'm underpaid
Always look on the bright side of life
Trump right now
Tide Pods
Because of her drug addled antics it took us 3 years to get a court date and then she pulls this crap
As someone who was married before Tinder was a thing, I just pretend I understand when someone makes a swipe joke.
It took 8 long years of hard work and struggle but it looks like its about to finally pay off
Government just shut down, how is this a thing?
Hey it's worked this far.
“We’re so happy you visit us more these days!”
We don't get paid until the 1st anyway.
My Brother-in-law got a full time job with national guard on Friday...
Parenting milestone achieved!
First vacation in 5 years...
If anyone in my life knew, I wouldn't hear the end of it.
Third world kid doesn't buy it
It seems as if you follow the rules of the road, people think that you are the bad driver.
At least I impressed someone at the interview
And not in may
But Thats None Of My Business
Your move scoundrels
My “former” employer ladies and gentleman.
It was her Christmas gift. Hotel isn't even refundable...
My reaction to social media this week.
Oh god why
I guess I'm officially "not with it" now
Good Guy Shepard Smith
I had a discussion about the memes that joke #metoo actually reads ‘poundmetoo’. The discussion quickly went downhill, as they often do with morons, and I just want to leave a summary here.
I kind of look forward to the abuse now
I'm not the only one right?
I cut this panel meme down to be able to share the pun magic with you all.
To be honest... I couldn’t remember either.
Step right in
When you get furloughed because of the shutdown, but bills still gotta be paid
Looks like America has spoken, GOP. This government shutdown is on you.
With tax season around the corner
Dean's List (no Degree), Ex Priest/Elder (Atheist), Veteran (Honorable Discharge right after Job Training)
And they wonder why I call them borderline hoarders...
So I'm studying for a Marketing exam and...
Highway tip - works in any lane!
307 AvTheMarsupial As far as I know, no one who supports the Democrats thinks that Oprah Winfrey should run in 2020, or indeed ever. Russian bots, and "not a Trump supporter but...", how's it hanging? If you really care about not wanting Oprah to run for president, just stop talking about her. It's not that hard.
93 dollaz808 People need to stop wanting celebrities for President. Trump was a celebrity before he ran for office. We don’t need any more celebs in the oval office
62 ManBat1 I think the US should be promoting the idea of someone actually qualified to run, not all these various celebrities. Even though the idea of The Rock being President is bloody amazing.
38 anonymoushero1 I haven't actually seen any democrats show support for Oprah. The only people I've seen even claim that democrats support her are conservatives, and the only people that seem to want her to run? Also conservatives.
14 BaltimoreNerdo The problem with the notion of the celebrity president all stems from Ronald Reagan. The problem is that Reagan, while being a celebrity and movie star, was the governor of California for 8 years so he had some actual political experience. Trump and his team tried very hard to paint him as being the second coming of Reagan. And unfortunately for the country it is so far from the truth. But at this point ...shit, I'll take Alf over what we have now.
5 oced2001 The only people that are talking about Oprah running is Fox News.
3 bigcalf60462441 I don’t think that’s true. I don’t want her to be the nominee, but I think she could turn out the Obama Coalition, and pick off suburban white women as well.
14 malachilenomade At this point, I think it's a ploy from both parties, who have finally figured out that the American public have no real common sense. Basically they are challenging the US to prove them wrong and the US won't because we're a country that still hasn't figured out that neither party know what they are doing or give the slightest bit of a damn for the people that voted for them. That's right, folks... just keep supporting that two party system; after all, absolutely nothing bad could ever happen.
9 My_Dogs_Are_Stupid Can we stop with this Oprah 2020 nonsense? Everyone is sick of seeing it, and everyone already knows it's stupid.
2 RickFlairWOOOOOO WOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I still want Mad Dog 2020
2 ReasonReader Well, she's not even 1/100th as odious as Hillary was, and that was a pretty close one.
6 toodleoo77 Elizabeth Fucking Warren
4 kepsul2150 I throw up in my mouth anytime i see the words "trump" and "second term" written together.
3 brettyrocks Pretty much, if they nominate anybody other than Bernie, we'll get a 2nd Trump term.