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It actually makes me feel better about myself
I pretended I went somewhere else
Told my wife I had to train someone on how to do my job
Yes that makes it okay facebook
After realizing that I've been here for 5 years
Moved to new apartment block. Had no idea
The level of hypocrisy is insane
Forget about this #deletefb bs movement...
Every Degree
Even though i love her so much.
Moving back in with my parents sucks..
This needs to stop. It's just not healthy.
Husbands ex-wife wasn't aware courthouses are not included. She was put in jail that day for mouthing off to the judge.
My aunt died yesterday out of the blue. My mom and family took it hard. She had it coming unfortunately.
Crisis averted
The Equifax breach did more damage and affected 3x more people than Facebooks
After 7 years of marriage, I asked my wife to try something new when giving me a hand job...
Absolutely love it
Seriously, the ads are getting ridiculous
From Prada expert to proliferation expert overnight.
Those that workout will totally understand this.
I got a new thermal mug and it's too good.
My small chested wife and I were discussing having to get bras for our daughters. My wife said, "I hope they don't get big boobs. They're a pain to deal with." I responded with, "How would YOU know?"
Man’s best friend...
By this point, I've been out of school working professionally longer than I was in school earning my degree.
This is my day so far, how is yours?
With Toys R Us as the latest to play the Millenial Blame Game, I really gotta know...
I remember too.
Is everyone getting dumber?
Shout out to the CLOUD Act, thanks Congress...
It's easier than telling him I'm not interested
Was a nice surprise.
Me browsing r/all lately
When Reddit tells me "You're doing that too much. Try again in 5 minutes"
My Wife Dropped This One On Me Today
My greatest fear about getting old
The Big Bang Theory
The argument at hand is unfairly tainted by unsubstantiated conjecture.
Edison would not approve
I thought by now it would be obvious
269 perfectbebop * beer making * beer tasting * movies * home automation * board games * video games * wood chopping * wood stacking * computer building * knowing more about tools than the guys at home depot * woodworking * trivia * reading * making threatening letters from cut up magazines * bee keeping * world building (RPG only) * metalwork * riding a motorcycle * cycling * photography * ice sculpting * poorly playing the bagpipes much to the annoyance of your neighbors * volunteering at the SPCA * letterboxing/geochashing * adventure racing * hackysac at the dead mall * smoking cigars * starting a startup * golf * model rockets * beard growing * leg waxing * knitting * binge watching Friends * binge watching HIMYM * comparing Friends to HIMYM for similar stories 10 years apart * binge watching Fuller House * binge drinking after watching Fuller House * visiting local ERs * coffee roasting * delivering food for Meals on Wheels/similar * wearing your phone in a cradle outside your pants in public * ice fishing * road tripping to roadside America tourist traps * glassblowing * becoming obsessed with your instapot * raising $$ for a cause * running Couple things that came to mind off the top of my head. No worries if none excite you. * Edit - some of these are obviously tongue in cheek. Please don't binge drink just because you watched Fuller House * Edit 2 - added a few more -
52 NoFunHere Do you enjoy your job? A chief engineer for a very prominent tech company makes it very clear to people that he has no hobbies because there is nothing he loves to do more than invent. Maybe your work is what you enjoy?
39 MrsYoungie I have a sweet tempered little dog so I got us certified to do therapy visits at the seniors residence near us. Win-win-win situation. The seniors love his visits. He loves the attention. I love showing him off and talking about him. It also puts my life into perspective. I'm senior (65) myself, but I'm healthy and still have most of my brain cells. I see my future in these people, but for now - I can bring them some joy. I hear all their stories about dogs and cats that they had over the years. Major endorphin release.
23 Ghostronic I just bought a Switch. Holy shit this Mario game.
6 Thatwasunpleasant I took up Ukulele after having kids because I’m stuck home with them and want to be able to learn and entertain them at the same time. It’s fun, the easiest instrument to learn (according to Guinness world records) and if you want there are local groups you can show up to and play along. We belong to a running club that meets Saturday mornings, it is a great way to get some endorphins, see some scenery, and then have an excuse to eat like crap afterwards.
29 lurking_digger Great way to get overweight...empty life with depression. Add spice of anxiety when you watch the news.
16 manslam Literally 5 minutes ago I was just outside having my morning smoke and coffee, agonizing over this very same thing. I've been suffering from extreme depression for as long as I can remember now, and I was reflecting on how painful my free time is because I have nothing to do. I'm too poor to do most things, I want to write, but nothing will flow and I feel like anything I would write would be shit anyways, and I'm basically alone in the city I now live. It terrifies me to my core. I'm 33 and I feel like it's too late to get into anything at this point. Wish you the best brother.
5 PMacLCA DUDE - Go try disc golf - I'm totally serious. Great exercise, gets you outside, a ton of fun. You can play by yourself but I guarantee you will make friends out there. It's a blast. Come stop by /r/discgolf and see what it's all about.
4 SheWhoReturned Taking a glance at your post history, Reddit is clearly your hobby.
7 Trippersv I used to have hobbies, but now I moved across the world and can't do them. Today I'll be going out on a walk with my skateboard. Something I haven't done in about two months. I hope I find some hobbies soon. Some that I can do with other people. Maybe geocaching
13 Crashboy96 Smoke weed and play video games, ayee
3 imar0ckstar This doesn't seem like the right way to use this meme
8 iamsodonerightnow play runescape. get addicted.
7 escrowbanker I enjoy cooking and I also recently received my medical marijuana card. My new hobbie is making edibles. It's fun, I can be creative, I'm helping people and also making some extra cash.