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90% of the public comments to the FCC about Net Neutrality are fake you say?
To my brother and brother-in-law who declare Senator Franken must resign.
Never forget the real heroes
Trying to save her reputation and treat me like a fool, that's the ticket
To the employee who actually stopped and asked if I needed anything during a hectic Black Friday sale.
I like to think of Interstellar as an ironic sequel to Dazed and Confused.
No stress today
At least I know what she really thinks about me.
The FCC never cared what we had to say, corruption investigation is our only route now.
Waiting for the killer deals
Is Reddit loading slower for anybody else?
Never thought I'd have to filter 'net neutrality'.
I'm on call this week...
Net Neutrality shouldn’t be a partisan issue.
Not saying you can't ever have kids. Just be smart about it. No reason they should suffer, too.
The local theater near me just opened after renovations yesterday. They now have a fully stocked bar, which will surely make my viewing of Justice League this weekend more tolerable.
Can we just let them be fucking characters for once?!
A company that actually supports Net Neutrality
Seriously, make sure the bird is thawed.
I had a full trash can and completely forgot, luckily they had my back. Thanks to all of y'all!
Not taking Net Neutrality seriously is a hanging offense.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet my sister in law
Having dinner with my fiancé’s parents, she says she wants to take the whole month off for the wedding. Me: “We still have time to get you on maternity leave by then.”
It even came out my nose
when half of reddit is asleep at the wheel. . .
Paying for my Starbucks in the drive through and I was in the Holiday spirit. I wanted to bless someone. However, right now I cannot bless a family of 3.
Thank y'all
The word "stocking" completely left my mind.
My perspective on net neutrality in my neighborhood.
Tryptophan isn't horse tranquilizer. Plenty of foods have as much or more of it than turkey does.
I had to by some cold medicine and I'm thankful some stores were open. I usually work all holidays and know the struggle.
Keep it in America
It doesn't even need to be the holiday season.
To any parent giving their child video games for Christmas this year
"You didn't see anything, right Jim?" -- "I saw nothing, heard no evil, saying no..."
Had a bad thanksgiving last year due to one of my siblings getting in my face and screaming about how bad I was for not voting for Trump. This year I'm sticking to this idea.
TFW you close all the tabs
To the people saying the internet worked fine before net neutrality was "created" in 2015
Me every year around this time.
This happens every year. I order my parents’ Christmas presents online, have the gifts delivered to their house, and beg them not to open any parcels they get until Christmas Day.
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87 Akveritas0842 ELI5 single payer please
111 sorryamhigh I like this quote: "Men and nations behave wisely when they have exhausted all other resources"
52 Ramza_Claus You know what sucks balls? Several years ago, my wife and I were dirt poor. Low-income housing, food stamps, Medicaid, the whole bit. We volunteered at a local food bank for food boxes. I worked full time for min wage and went to college full time too. Well, let's talk about Medicaid. You're sick? Make an appointment and get treated. Sometimes it takes a while to get in, but it'll happen. Need to go to the ER? Just go if needed. No co-pays. No premiums. No deductible. Just treatment when you're sick. Fast-forward to now. I have a better job. I make decent money so no more government assistance. And that's okay. We used it when we needed it badly but now we can buy our own groceries and shit. Except the healthcare part. I supposedly have good insurance but it doesn't DO anything. Need to see a doctor? $50 co-pay. Oh doctor refers to you a specialist? $50 co-pay. Oh specialist doctor orders some labs but you'll have to come back tomorrow cuz you need to fast for the night before? That's a $50 co-pay when you come back. So now I'm in $150 already and then they send me the bill. $958 or some shit. "Oh but your insurance covered $2200 of the cost". Big fuckin deal. I don't have $900. I don't have $2200. These are both unreasonable amounts of money for me. I'll never have this kind of money just laying around. What's the point of having insurance? It doesn't DO anything for me. I'm afraid to even seek medical attention when I need it because I know I'll end up with yet another bill I can't afford to pay. Sometimes I miss being on Medicaid.
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