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"You should respect a woman's natural beauty!"
Miss me with that pumpkin spice bullshit.
Doesn't matter, got boob.
My sister everyone....
WHAT am I DOING with my LIFE
I do this more than I care to admit.
If Captain America were a redditor.
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Every. Single. Time.
Went to the grocery store while looking grubby after cleaning the house and working in the yard.
The gym trainer asked me why I don't have a trainer and then got angry because I told him I don't feel like paying him 40 bucks to tell me I'm doing everything wrong every week.
In his defense, it looked like it really hurt.
He has to finish missions in a blizzard!
Silence ensued for at least 2 hours!
Don't do it guys. It's a trap.
My first thought when I heard about Trump taking on the national anthem protesters.
Husband made us pho from scratch for dinner, then brought me a slice of chocolate cake with ice cream.
I Quit
Non-native English speaker here. This hit me today.
My wife everyone, we were talking about getting tattoos...
To the people who just moved in and tried to get half a street arrested for throwing parties
First time owning a nice watch
Went to the aquarium...
They had fewer video games though
After seeing The White House continue to attack multiple black role models (including NFL and NBA athletes) in the span of less than two weeks
My message to Trump after his latest string of tweets
You're not scaring me!
She gave me permission so I’m sure it’s fine
Having an uncommon name
My pregnant wife who has always been petite said the doctor weighed her at 168 pounds. "Only 12 more pounds and you'll be as chubby as me!"
I've fapped and seen things no man should have
The Benefits of Being a Junior
I wasn't a smart child
I meant to say armrests.
Basic Reddit etiquette. Reddetiquette, if you will
I don't play WOW anymore because it's too addicting, but sometimes I really miss it
Advertisers thinking a little too highly of themselves these days...
Watching South Park with Ad Block.
And that's why we can never eat at my favorite Chinese restaurant ever again
Why do they have to sell Halloween candy in September?
661 Sasha_Fire What's the big deal? Single payer works fine enough, we have some issues of course here in Canada but knowing I can visit the doctor for free anytime I'm sick or not go into lifetime debt if I get cancer is worth every hassle. I also don't see the big deal putting my taxes towards someone else who needs health care even if I don't, that could be someone's kid with Leukemia or my friend's Dad with heart issues, of course I want them and other people covered.
80 Akveritas0842 ELI5 single payer please
114 sorryamhigh I like this quote: "Men and nations behave wisely when they have exhausted all other resources"
51 Ramza_Claus You know what sucks balls? Several years ago, my wife and I were dirt poor. Low-income housing, food stamps, Medicaid, the whole bit. We volunteered at a local food bank for food boxes. I worked full time for min wage and went to college full time too. Well, let's talk about Medicaid. You're sick? Make an appointment and get treated. Sometimes it takes a while to get in, but it'll happen. Need to go to the ER? Just go if needed. No co-pays. No premiums. No deductible. Just treatment when you're sick. Fast-forward to now. I have a better job. I make decent money so no more government assistance. And that's okay. We used it when we needed it badly but now we can buy our own groceries and shit. Except the healthcare part. I supposedly have good insurance but it doesn't DO anything. Need to see a doctor? $50 co-pay. Oh doctor refers to you a specialist? $50 co-pay. Oh specialist doctor orders some labs but you'll have to come back tomorrow cuz you need to fast for the night before? That's a $50 co-pay when you come back. So now I'm in $150 already and then they send me the bill. $958 or some shit. "Oh but your insurance covered $2200 of the cost". Big fuckin deal. I don't have $900. I don't have $2200. These are both unreasonable amounts of money for me. I'll never have this kind of money just laying around. What's the point of having insurance? It doesn't DO anything for me. I'm afraid to even seek medical attention when I need it because I know I'll end up with yet another bill I can't afford to pay. Sometimes I miss being on Medicaid.
898 Bad_Spellar I made this point somewhere else. In Canada they spend single-digit GDP on healthcare because the government rations it and because they pay for it, it's no frills. The people all get Chevy Cruzes and the rich and the politicians all get Cadillacs, even if they have to buy them in the US. (Oh, and the indigenous tribes up north go without unless they can afford a 5-hour plane ride to where the doctors are.) In the US, the government and he trial lawyers have effectively outlawed everything that isn't a Cadillac. That's why we spend 17% if GDP.