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So Trump is reportedly furious at his chief of staff John Kelly for saying that his Mexican border wall pledges during the campaign were “uninformed”
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Managers of Reddit, please keep this in mind, especially during cold and flu season. (SO's coworker forced to work with flu, now everyone's getting it. The kids and I are probably next.)
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My sister in law got pissed and bitched to my wife about me because I asked for either her or her daughter to log out of our Netflix so I could relax and watch something after a 14 hour work day.
Another one of my SO's coworkers pulled this shit. She stopped swapping shifts, but this person wouldn't let up
It took all I had to muster a straight face while she was talking.
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So YouTube just decided to demonetize all their smaller content creators by implementing a treshold of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watchtime in the past year in order to remain partner
Overly manly man’s overly harsh take on current events.
164 antiheaderalist I taught for 5 years, quit about 2 years ago. I got an entry-level job in healthcare that was an instant ~$15,000 pay raise. People talk all the time about "maintaining a good work/life balance" and I laugh because I work at least 25% fewer hours a week now. (I'll admit part of the reason I put in so many hours teaching was that I also coached). There are parts of teaching that are really rewarding, but the economics are built around the idea that teachers should be martyrs who sacrifice everything for their job. No-one gives a martyr a raise. I also get to pee on my own schedule, which is pretty great.
91 I_moo_at_horses I was married to a teacher for 15 years and have teachers in my family. To put it mildly, teachers are treated with little respect or regard to how much work goes in to becoming one, what they have to deal with everyday, how much of their own money and time outside of normal work hours they put in, the political games that have to be played just to do your job, the nasty, ungrateful parents, and working in an environment where if something happens you can find yourself in the news or in front of the school board answering for trumped up B.S.. If people really knew....
27 Harshipper88 Same here buddy. I just don't know what kind of job I can do to get out..
27 jaimefritz78758 I did it in June. I now work for a printing company and drive deliveries. My company celebrates birthdays and recognizes hard work. I haven't had a migraine since.
26 biryanii I totally get this. When I was a freshman in college I had lunch with a super old high school teacher I had to pick his brain about stuff and I said I was seriously considering a future in teaching his same subject in a high school . He told me to avoid it... He said teaching isn't what it used to be and all of the reward and joy has been fully squeezed out of it. He said he left teaching a decade earlier than he wanted to because he couldn't take the bureaucratic nonsense anymore
21 principessa1180 I work in HR for a school district. We are driving teachers away from the profession.
19 stuthepid TIL a Hi-Lo is a forklift.
17 HardKnockRiffe My cousin has her master's in education and had a similar problem as you at her first school. She was considering a change as well, but got an offer from another school and has been there since. Sometimes it's just about finding the right environment because if you think you'll escape bureaucracy by changing your career, you're going to be disappointed - it's everywhere.
8 yeabutitsdifferent I walked right out that mother fucker. I dont care what anyone says. Mom, astronauts, lumberjack. Teaching is by far the hardest and least appreciated job. And its sad its only getting worse. Parents need to start taking responsibility
7 recedingentity That is exactly why both my cousin and my brother left the profession. I feel for you.
8 Stecki_fangaz Within a year of quitting teaching and entering food and beverage, I'm making more than I did as a teacher and love my job. No prior experience or training in food.
12 zephyer19 Don't worry teachers. I'm sure the Government will get around to putting more money up to hire more people to monitor and tell you what to do.
7 LilWayneGretsky I work as a para in a public school. I have been in my position for 5-6 years now, and I love the kids I work with. I work around some seriously amazing teachers and the bullshit they go through on a daily basis is incomprehensible. I’ve considered for a long time going back for my masters in education but I see their struggles and question if it’s a worthy investment.
5 RiflemanLax Truth. Got my degree and license, did a few interviews, said fuck it. Gave up and got a bank job, been there since. The politics are ridiculous, the administrations are tyrannical, and the pay is simply fucked for all that stress. And it's not as easy as you'd expect. During student teaching I often didn't sleep much since grading assignments for 130 kids is the most stupidly time consuming shit. Especially when it's a paper or essay or test.
13 DeusEst I see these kind of posts often. As a teacher (with a master's degree), it breaks my heart. I enjoy my job every day. Every single day. True it can be tiring. Some days are so tiring that I pretty much can't move when I get home. I've had days where I walk 6-7 miles in the tiny space of my classroom. I have days where classroom management is a constant headache. I have days where I sit in meetings almost as much as I teach. I have been in charge of setting up those meetings and running them even though I was a junior teacher. Telling 20+ year veteran teachers what to do and where to be . . . it's not fun. I have many days like that. And, of course, I have days where kids are assholes. I have days where parents are demeaning and demanding. I have days where I sit through teacher meetings that seem like an excuse for teachers to complain about the district or the administration. There always seems to be so much strife, so much outrage, so much complaining. And much of it seems so damn petty. But it's worth it. It is so damn worth it. Because I get to teach students about the universe. I get to watch their eyes widen when they hear mindblowing facts. I get to guide them through success and failure. I get to mold their conscience, develop their creativity, and inspire their curiosity. I get to watch them build and test different projects. Seeing them work through the designs, work in groups, then explain the science concepts is just awesome. I have learned to not sweat the small stuff. I have learned to go with the flow. I have learned that if you expect your students to behave well and you show them respect, they will return that respect. And I say all of this while being an 8th grade teacher! Most importantly, I have learned when to shrug off the opinions of others. This one's important because there will be many offering unsolicited advice and they are usually wrong! So, for those who are struggling in the field or think they may want to join, but are worrying whenever they see posts like this, it's worth it. It's a frustrating and often thankless job. But those moments of "ah-ha," or those successful days of teaching, or those instances where you can tell you have made a change are so very valuable. It's indescribable. It's a calling. I guess that's why they call teaching a vocation. I wouldn't want to do anything else.
2 OrangeinDorne I’m in a different field but have days where i am soooo close to walking out and apply to drive at UPS.
2 8000k_PCMR Apply to a private Catholic school I went to a private school and the teachers who taught me were making so much money, but some private school will have you working with same students every year maybe 4 years. Growing up I thought it was normal that you get to have the same teacher each year from 4th to 7th grade until high school level. It's a private Catholic school not like public school where students are forced to rotate classes good luck getting a job at a private school they pay for much better. 3,000,000 Pesos is like $60k annually
2 Radioactive24 Yeah... Growing up watching my dad, who's retiring after 40 years of teaching, go through all the bullshit with NCLB and everything that followed made me have little regret about dropping my Ed Major in college.
2 ghallway I've been teaching for 22 years now. i'd never recommend it to someone I love.
2 tralphaz43 Where do they call forklifts hi-lo
2 Miyenne Not a teacher but I've had difficult high stress jobs for years. A couple years ago I said fuck it and quit. Now I work part time in a shoe store and part time doing the books for the local art gallery. I work 2-3 days a week, sometimes more sometimes less. Life is awesome. Best choice ever. (Only works when you have no kids and are able to live with in your means.)
2 catnamedbacon My wife got her degree in early childhood education. After realizing what a nightmare it was becoming in our country to teach, she decided to open her own daycare instead. She's her own boss, chooses her families, chooses her assistant, sets her own lesson plans, etc. She loves it. She's making damn good money with very little stress beyond that of running your own business. Yes that's a big stressor, but her personal job satisfaction is through the roof. Granted she relies on me for healthcare, but it's a small price to pay. You're not alone in feeling that way, and frankly you're not wrong either. Don't be afraid to improve your happiness with a change.
2 UrbanDryad Also a teacher. I feel exactly the same way. I'm tired of being underpaid for the requirements of my job. I'm tired of people sneering about my "3 months off", who are then shocked to find how much of that 2 months off I spend doing teacher training. I'm tired of endless paperwork. I'm tired of my Principal moving us around like chess pieces with no regard to what we want to do or our desire to build skill in one area. We teach different subjects every year and they are shocked when we aren't as capable in the new ones. I'm tired of the entire school budgeting system. Our school can't afford lab equipment but we bought 2 dedicated SUVs to be owned by campus this year? I could go on and on...