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The worst part about it is I know I'm underpaid
Always look on the bright side of life
Trump right now
Tide Pods
Because of her drug addled antics it took us 3 years to get a court date and then she pulls this crap
As someone who was married before Tinder was a thing, I just pretend I understand when someone makes a swipe joke.
It took 8 long years of hard work and struggle but it looks like its about to finally pay off
Government just shut down, how is this a thing?
Hey it's worked this far.
“We’re so happy you visit us more these days!”
We don't get paid until the 1st anyway.
My Brother-in-law got a full time job with national guard on Friday...
Parenting milestone achieved!
First vacation in 5 years...
If anyone in my life knew, I wouldn't hear the end of it.
Third world kid doesn't buy it
It seems as if you follow the rules of the road, people think that you are the bad driver.
At least I impressed someone at the interview
And not in may
But Thats None Of My Business
Your move scoundrels
My “former” employer ladies and gentleman.
It was her Christmas gift. Hotel isn't even refundable...
My reaction to social media this week.
Oh god why
I guess I'm officially "not with it" now
Good Guy Shepard Smith
I had a discussion about the memes that joke #metoo actually reads ‘poundmetoo’. The discussion quickly went downhill, as they often do with morons, and I just want to leave a summary here.
I kind of look forward to the abuse now
I'm not the only one right?
I cut this panel meme down to be able to share the pun magic with you all.
To be honest... I couldn’t remember either.
Step right in
When you get furloughed because of the shutdown, but bills still gotta be paid
Looks like America has spoken, GOP. This government shutdown is on you.
With tax season around the corner
Dean's List (no Degree), Ex Priest/Elder (Atheist), Veteran (Honorable Discharge right after Job Training)
And they wonder why I call them borderline hoarders...
So I'm studying for a Marketing exam and...
Highway tip - works in any lane!
2683 PeepsPanda That is actually a good practice to have.
725 Detox1337 We had that in a company I worked for. Most corporate types wouldn't do much. I was a senior and really moved my ass, it impressed them. I kept the flyer items stocked and faced, put the stickers on the sale shelves, faced the shelves and when that was all done picked up a broom. When ever the truck came in I made sure I was first there to help. Just always be doing something. It's a way better environment than corporate IT though not as well paying.
512 Brazenbull_ This reminded me of the most insane night I have ever worked. In college I worked graveyards at my local 7-11 which was in a pretty good part of town. One night the owner who happened to be friends with another 7-11 owner in the city asked me if I could work one shift at one of this other owners stores because he was short on employees at the moment. I figured what the hell i was going to get paid time and a half under the table for it and I needed the money. Little did I know the location I was going to be working was in one of the shittiest parts of town. For context a few months after my shift there it was robbed by some guy wielding a replica bat'leth(yeah, a fucking star trek weapon). Took about 5min before I knew I fucked up. The regular worker there started briefing me on how people frequently try to steal stuff there including asking for cigarettes and when you turn around they lean over the counter to try and steal porno mags(yes, that 7-11 carried porno mags). Later that night the dumpster and side of the building got tagged with graffiti, a kid started rollerblading back and forth in front of the store smoking the butts left in the ash tray, two black women beat the shit out of each other in the parking lot(I mean full grown women 30+ y/o) and the regular there told me not to bother calling the cops they wont be long like it was a routine occurrence. That is just the insanity that I can recall off the top of my head all in one night.
159 lexgrub One time they sent people from our corporate office to help their local stores on black friday. I worked for a very popular fast fashion clothing retailer and black friday is insanity. One year i worked for 18 hours because our registers crashed and we had to do every transaction by hand written receipts and one cc terminal. Anyway someone from our corporate office apparently broke down and lost their shit when a table they folded got messed up. It was so bad they burst into tears lol. I had to laugh.
288 im_still_in_beta_ Lol. Worked at one of the busiest In N Out in California. When managers in training would come to our store the look on their faces would be priceless.
30 bro_salad I work at Home Depot corporate. They used to make us do store days. Used to. That shit is tough.
147 PMfacialsTOme Man I would never do retail again. I've worked Black Fridays and Christmas Eves. best day of my life was quitting that job.
27 Snowy1234 A co I worked for got bought by Volkswagen. The first thing they did was bring another company in that performed an anonymous 360 review. Every employee was given a massive questionnaire about the job. Things you liked, didn’t like, things you need to complete your job properly, review your boss, his/her boss, pay, facilities, frustrations, co image, pension etc. Then the bosses held a co wide meeting and said they had lots to go through, and they were completely blindsided by the response. They’d simply had good news from below and no idea of the reality. Over the next few months toilets were refurbished, managers retrained or sacked, a new canteen, offices upgraded and a faster process for ordering stuff. The work environment improved 100%, and so did our work.
22 BuildAutonomy The class war is real.
38 thedancingpanda You work for whole foods in Austin?