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There's a fine line.
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Walmart just emailed our promo codes to customers to save $10 off $35. Here’s me doing something that the cheapskates at Walmart will fire me for.
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FTFY, Kermit. Or maybe i'm just antisocial? 4403 rollover minutes and counting.
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Bad kid joke.
852 fist_is_also_a_verb Comcast really got me with this one. I had a plan I was happy with. One day, they called me up and offered a sweet package deal that had better service at a lower cost because they "valued my loyalty." I asked every question I could think of - I knew it had to be a trick. Finally I said I'd take it. Two days later, the service updated. What was promised was not what I received. I called back in to customer support and told them what I was supposed to be getting. They said "we don't have that package available in your area." So i sighed and said just give me back what I had. The guy said "well to change your package I'll have to delete what you have to see what's available." I told him whatever, just do it. Well, it turns out "what's available" was more expensive than the service I had in the first place that I was completely happy with, and they couldn't revert back to the original plan because they had deleted my prior plan information. So in the end, they conned me out of decent service to upsell me.
284 laonte In Portugal they can't just raise the prices so they lure you in with a perfectly reasonable offer that is advertised as a discount associated with a 2 year fidelizaotion period. When that's over, full price and get fucked. I usually fight it (and have terminated my contract twice) so they really have to make the lowest offer possible for me to stay, it's usually better than what I had before.
1746 traws06 That is so true! And everyone when I mention it “well they’re trying to attract new customers”. Yes I know, I get that. But it’s crazy how these business models are so worried about attracting customers and then giving the middle finger to long time loyal customer.
180 siginyx My previous ISP was the worst. I asked for a price cut or a new customer offer (3.99€/m) after my 24 month contract ended. "Not possible", they said, even after I said that I will switch to an another provider. I switched to a much cheaper unlimited 4G (18€/m, 100mbit) with zero commitment requirement. Two days later, they called and offered the new customer contract to try to run a smaller provider out of business. edit: Telemarketing calls about phone contracts is illegal in Finland unless you ask them to call you.
130 literocola431 Cut the cord with Comcast a few months back and replaced my service with a Verizon hotspot for 20$ a month. Now Comcast is sending me offers of internet for $35 to get me back when 4 months ago the lowest they could go was $85. They can suck it
67 noskill1 Former Loyalty agent for a major cable subscription service checking in... ...I dealt with this exact scenario every day, 8 hours a day for 10 miserable months of my existence. Those "new customer packages" are usually tied to 2 year agreements. The 2 year contract is manufactured to ensure the 2 years you stay with the carrier are offset by the threat of early termination fee that was often automatically debited from your card a month after you cancelled service. Why didn't existing customers get this deal? Greed and a bit of psychology mostly. After two years, your subscription starts to become profitable for the company and since most service providers spend something in the ballpark of $1-1.5k for each consumer, this is the ideal situation. The other half of the equation is that most people just pay their cable bill. They don't think about deals. They don't haggle their service options. Despite many people in this thread smugly professing how they shafted "The Man" by cutting the cord, many people would spend years and years paying for the same service at the same exact price. So what stops people from cancelling service after each contract period? Nothing really. It was my job to convince you otherwise and despite being pretty good at it, most of what I did was help people find the right package for their viewing habits and apply short term credits to stem the problem. But I will say one thing, while I can't speak for other cable providers (or even if its still like this for the company I worked for), we definitely knew whether you've been a good customer or a shitty customer and will assign you a rating. The number of options available for a Loyalty agent are directly tied to this rating so if you call and the agent almost seems happy to cancel your service, guess what type of customer you are... :P
216 LazzzyButtons Jesus Christ I’m old. This type of conversation was happening years ago with at&t with me. (It’ll happen with you too if you’re willing to accept it) I paid a long time ago, monthly btw, for unlimited data and texts. I was grandfathered into this program since the iPhone 3gs. Yup I’ve been a part of this since that Long. Here’s the thing though. Starting about 3-1/2 years ago att started raising thier plans by $5 per month every six months for these grandfathered in plans. I quit that. Anywho this is what they fucking do... and you should be pissed about it.
24 acidus1 My last employer recently changed their whole offers that they do, instead of giving existing customers the same discounts as new customers they took away the new customer discounts. So everyone can be equally unhappy.
25 Doebino I had State Farm insurance for over 12 years. I've never been in an accident, never missed a bill and never even used my coverage besides fixing a cracked windshield (free in Florida). I got a cancellation notice from them so I gave them a call, as I was confused. They told me because my brother was in an accident and lived at the same address that he was a liability and the underwriter chose to cancel my coverage. Uhhh what ? Fuck you State Farm.
21 Deadmeat553 To them, customer loyalty just means you've been conditioned to be too lazy to leave them. It's an excuse to treat you poorly.