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Strolling through Toys'R'Us with my daughter when suddenly...
When a local furniture commercial makes the volume of their commercial twice as loud as every other commercial
Shopping from Canada in the U.S., online.
Wife: "I wish I was a trophy wife." Me: "You are a trophy wife! You're a participation trophy! :D "
When that cute girl from high school wants to randomly reconnect after years of no contact to go "have lunch"
You can't get worked up about something if you don't care about anything.
Call Your Senators About Cassidy-Graham. Enough Is Enough.
She cared more about what people thought than her actions
My recent job experience
Worth it.
Don't tell them what you don't want them to know.
My 3 year old getting into the car today...
I knew something was wrong!
Thank goodness for trip cancelation insurance
What a time to be alive
I couldn't be happier for a moment... I just don't get it
Nicest old woman I have ever met.
It's time to change my password at work
Wise beyond my years, I guess.
Dad always said "only burn as many bridges as you gotta to win the war"
Day job struggles
A reminder in light of the Kevin Hart incident
I'm ashamed of the leadership in this country.
Just heard this in my dorm.
I know some of you guys have done this before.
When I see an ad in the middle of a video on Facebook
I really do have the best boss
So satisfying...
Me on the drive to work this morning
After every natural disaster....
The unfortunate reality of Tinder
After seeing John Kelly literally facepalm in reaction to Trump's UN speech
The lady on the phone said nobody else was having trouble, just me
In the end, it doesn't even matter
After living pay check to pay check
I know he's trying to be thorough, but can we get the show started!?
The good ol' switcheroo
Didn't think this needed to be said, but ladies...
Floored it past someone after being stuck behind them for 6 no-passing-zone miles at 15mph only for them to stop beside me at the next red light and ask "what my hurry is"...
Popup ad tried to circumvent uBlock Origin by invoking Chrome PDF Viewer. It got blocked anyway.
49 BucklerIIC Damn... good choice if 6 years ago got you too stressed out. Keeping up with news today would probably make you go blind.
11 Tarmorman I thought I'd miss the news but honestly if there's anything really important, I'll hear it in conversation or find a meme about it and if I honestly care i'll look further into it. I've got my own shit goin on, man. Who cares what a jelly-belly assortment of racists are calling each other
15 Jiish It's all a shitshow of stories trying to be more scary than the last. Facebook activists will sit there all day spreading stories of imminent doom in another country that have 0 effect on their lives but wouldn't be caught dead trying to help out and spread awareness of problems in their community.
11 PM_ME_YOUR_CLIT_LADY Ignorance is bliss
6 sf_torquatus I changed my facebook password and then hid it. It's been three weeks and the stress level definitely went down! It's not the news itself that upsets me, but the constant exposure to all of the anger and frustration on my facebook feed. It's like walking into a room where everyone is nervous and you find yourself starting to feel nervous.
15 Bokbreath I used to be a news junky until I went cold turkey. It's wonderful and I'm not ignorant because if something is important enough, I find out by word of mouth.
5 Nortedesigns I will be doing this. My stress level the last few months have been so high I feel like my heart won't be able to handle it. Thanks.
4 AcidSnowScArab This same thought crossed my mind... I don't need to know what's going on everywhere, there's just too much negative news to follow.
4 stesch So you don't know about the coming war? Can I have your bottle caps?
3 Tactically_Fat I stopped listening to political talk radio not too long before Hurricane Katrina hit. I felt myself becoming mean and short/ill-tempered ALL the time. Switched to sports talk radio - and it was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made.
3 Geoclasm Here's the cliff notes version : the United States elected a real life cartoon super villain, half the world is on fire, and the other half is under water.
3 pablosito I've done the same over the last handful of months unsubscribed from all the channels on YouTube and pages on fb it's like I was feeding my own anger. That's all it was. Wake up watch or read a story "God fucking damnit the worlds going to shit!" Go to work angry, come home watch or read another "the world is STILL going to shit! God fucking damnit!" But I've been staying away from it all, hard to miss some of the big stories and I still hear whispers but I honestly just don't care like I did. The world might be going to shit but me ruining my day and being a miserable old bastard over shit I can't fix didn't help either. Much happier now, doesn't mean there isn't still a lot of horse shit going on but my days are less shit at least.
7 MrPetter I unfollowed anybody mentioning politics on my Facebook - regardless of whether I agreed with their opinion or not. It had a similar effect on me.
2 MannToots It's true. Ignorance is bliss. However, I can't return to it now that I know.
2 irving47 I can't imagine doing this, but I probably should. Does it help with stressing/not stressing about things unrelated to politics?
2 iambookus Yep. I used to be highly politically active, and Trump killed it for me. I deleted facebook, and leave the political posts alone. Most of the time. So much better.
2 culady I turned off all the news and BOOM .... anxiety down 95%.
2 Basdad I am slowly weaning myself off tv news, and subreddits. Not yet ready to withdraw completely, but know I'd feel better if I did.
3 IDontLikeLollipops If there was a nonbiased news source, I might subscribe to it. As is, there's not.
2 Jacob_wallace All news is basically propaganda these days.
2 a-Mei-zing- /r/politics is just an anti Trump circlejerk these days, /r/worldnews has been too busy having wetting themselves every other month over North Korea for the last six years to be taken seriously anymore, and /r/news has insane mods that only allow stories they like to go through. I just go to the BBC when I need to read up on current events. You can't rely on this site anymore.
1 CJ090 I the process of doing the same. Got way too into politics since 2015 and it's had an impact on my life. I can do without the stress at the price of being ignorant.
1 bigcalf60462441 You know fuck these people. Let's all just be the ostrich w/ our heads in the ground, and with us in that position it'll be easier to fuck.
1 TriggerCat I wish I could, but I have an adictive personality, and I'm hucked on news now.
1 rollie82 don't know about the war then?