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If Spielberg's movie is as good as the book I'll try sending him a copy too :)
I support smart regulations but some people should know this. Seen too many debates start with incorrect information.
After hearing that Melania Trump’s parents have green cards, meaning that they are likely in the US under what President Trump calls “chain migration,” which he also wants to get rid of
Who says there’s never a cop around when you need one?
After a few weeks working with kids, I've realized this is the main factor that determines whether or not they are miserable throughout the day.
Well, now I don't know WHAT to believe!
Laid off at my job as a biochemical robotics engineer. Now works at Macys
Everyone here seems to love them, but...
Some advice for internet activists
220 was nice having friends
You may not agree with everything he said. But Senator Rubio deserves some respect for showing up to the town hall in Florida. Most politicians avoid contentious town halls.
Had this GGG Trucker in front of me today
First Things First
Might makes right
I try and come here for comedy not your political views
It seems like every news organization does this now a days...
Are the Jehovah's Witnesses bothering you?
I even said it wasn't water
Can we stop calling 'Black Panther' diverse?
I play every Tuesday but watched figure skating with my wife this week.
I’ll take it as a win.
A pregnant man emoji sure is progressive
Working in IT is tough.
If only laughs paid the bills
I am PhD student and now avoid FB (and most people) because of this.
"Trump endorses guns for teachers to stop shootings"
Turns out, she really loves me
I don't care how good he was in Black Panther or anything else, this is inexcusable!
I don't know why it does, but it makes me feel better.
Apparently the Illuminati or reptilians or whoever they are need a different casting director.
This common courtesy gets anybody their debt wiped and a clean slate in my book provided my circumstances allow it...
After seeing conservatives online (and an assistant to a Florida state lawmaker) falsely accuse Florida shooting survivors of being “actors” and that they were coached by gun control advocates and Democrats
After hearing that facebook is completely down in the midwest today
When my 9-year-old niece saw my vinyl records
Just everyday
He clearly needed his caffeine
Investigative skills¿
Dating Your Psychological Help...
It was an honest mistake
So fitting for this meme
43 LibertarianSocialism Am I the only one around here who hates that the parties seem to be treating this as a competition?
10 Alfiedog100 Everyone blames the other 'team'
13 theseus12347 So out of curiosity how much do they pay you? I've seen you on the front page of this sub 6 times so far with low quality anti Trump memes, and i'm thinking, nobody except some old person who doesn't know what memes are would think these are funny, but they also wouldn't know how to make them. So the only thing I can think of is you're being payed by someone to make and post memes, and you don't put too much effort into it because they won't know the difference.
9 RobbyTheRedneck Is this the same poll that said Hillary had a 90% chance of winning? Newsflash: the leftist media lies...about polls too. The sooner you’re aware, the more you’ll learn
9 f_youropinion 95% of Republicans voted yes.
13 platinumgulls Um no, no it isn't. Democrats didn't want to compromise on the DACA bills, so they decided not to vote for the CR. So in essence, Trump said: "I'm willing to give all the DACA folks full amnesty, but you have to fund the wall, end chain migration and end the immigrant lottery system." Then the bill the "bi-partisan" committee brought him was fuck all. It would actually INCREASE chain migration, barely fund the wall and EXPAND the lottery. So everything he said he would agree to, they just decided to ignore and it got properly bitch slapped down by the President. Then for the last week, all we heard about was the "shithole" comments, not the fact Trump was willing to give Democrats what they've actually wanted all along, but haven't been able to get done and they totally shit the bed. If you want to place blame, place blame on the Democrats for not compromising to take the deal Trump offered them. It was a fair deal, and instead, they wanted to gain political points for the midterms and then blame the Republicans because they "own the whole government" which is true, but they still need Democrats votes to pass the CR, which was their play from the beginning. Block the CR and then try and pass a fuck all immigration bill the president will never sign. Well played by Democrats. However, when you've seen this movie before, it's kind of obvious what they did.
3 Truthisnotallowed The fact is they could have passed a clean continuing resolution to avoid a shutdown and kept negotiating. There was nothing that forced this shutdown except that the GOP wanted it. [Here is the tape of the motions on the Senate floor attempting to avoid the shutdown.]( Watch it for yourself. Notice the Democrats proposed exempting military pay from the effects of the shutdown and McConnell blocked it. Notice the Democrats proposed not shutting down but McConnell blocked their efforts, not once but twice. Now Trump, Ryan and the rest of the GOP are claiming it is the Democrats who are holding the military pay hostage - which is a damn lie - and that the Democrats forced a shutdown - another damn lie. **There was nothing forcing this shutdown except that the GOP wanted it.**
3 42aaac71fb3f45cc60 Democrats literally just voted down CHIP (child health care) funding for Americans and legal immigrants to go to bat for illegal aliens over DACA.
4 white_s2k The hypcorisy of the left is palpable.
2 fraserPan This backfired mightily on the OP.
-4 MZago1 Congrats to the new Democrat majority congress that will commence in 348 days.
-4 unusedqrcode Actual votes from New York Times. []( Totally the Republican's fault though.
1 doesthoughttakespace Boils down to: democrats wanting to waste taxpayer dollars on welfare for criminals I mean illegal migrants. republicans want to waste taxpayer money on a wall and some other shit All in all if the government is shut down it is spending less of my paycheck. Sounds good to me.
0 CommanderCougs 100% the fault of the Democratic traitors. #releasethememo
-7 Turkeyoak The media ALWAYS blames the GOP, even when it is the Dems. People believe what they hear and parrot it , even when its wrong.