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Bad Joke Eel
Welp, life goes on
Ruined it for everyone.
Hopefully the scale isn't broken.
Its the little things
After seeing Trump last night equate the Florida school shooting with the FBI’s Russia probe on Twitter - just when you thought he couldn’t go any lower
My wife is beautiful.
Feels like 9GAG
What goes on at Costco HQ every few months
Every damn time....
Seriously I don't know what to do.
For the ladies
I'm stripping the fourth room in my house and have two more to go.
Makes sense
Out of spite, not for glory
I'm off every Friday and my wife works, it really helps with the brownie points
Every website now.
It’s okay fellas...
This doesn't seem like a hard choice to me.
I know their mascot is a ghost, but it feels like a ghost town
It's time for this to stop ladies.
Oh, a reservation?
I'm in my late 20's and just started online dating.
Reading /r/WTF today
It is really better than RoastMe...
Single friend just dropped a truth bomb
Several states are considering laws that will allow teachers to carry guns in class...
Every time I go to Is it really that hard?
Confession cat doesn't want to
Seems like an obvious courtesy...
It has been really helpful when I am homesick...
One day of meds for Strep and you’re feeling better? And you want to go out partying?
Can you really blame me
That's how you start conversations, right?
Something I've learned about dating that I think guys who feel nervous about a first date should know
Congress could just act on stuff to make everything better for everyone at anytime.
It really does pay off.
Thank you Jesus
Just take your bananas and go
Where I live in California, it has already begun.
87 Batman53090 I couldn't agree more with the post title. Why wait for one day to show your significant other you love them? I feel the same way about New Year's resolutions. If you want to change something in your life, do it now!
16 PastelFlamingo150 I save 50% by binging on candy the next day
12 jpropaganda Yup. Picked up some tulips yesterday. Gave them to her last night. She thought it was nice to wake up to having flowers already around the house and I didn't even have to have them delivered or pay that extra $$$ for a valentine's bouquet
6 Alwayscomesinside10 Luckily my wife thinks flowers are a waste of money so I just buy her Double Chocolate and some candy for Valentine's day.
6 scooterjb I think if you tell your wife you're saving money, she may even find that sexier.
19 La_Vikinga After being with each other for a loooong time, my husband & I decided to longer celebrate Valentine's Day. In a way it's a big relief to no longer feel like we HAVE to buy into the holiday because the other expects it. He brings me flowers out of the blue--surprise bouquets are the best bouquets! And goes out of his way to find my favorite sugar free candy or special coffee blends. I do special little things for him when he least expects it, or leave little love notes on the bathroom mirror, in his car, or tucked in his lunch. And like u/PastelFlamingo150 noted, the day after Valentine's Day is the one really worth celebrating. It's Half Off Candy Day!
10 lispychicken Skip sending her flowers on Valentines Day, skip the same ole same ole for Valentines Day. If you want those flowers to actually mean something, send her some next month, out of the blue. Or hell, show up to her workplace/wherever she'll be that day, with the flowers in hand. Dont be that typical boring dude who buys her flowers and chocolate then takes her out to dinner with every other unimaginative schmuck at the same restaurant. Cop out to Vaday - you tell her "if you need 1 day out of the year where I make you feel loved and special, I am failing the other 364" If she's sensible, she'll say "no sweetie, you do that every day!" giving you an out. * some or none of this might not work with your SO
5 speedycat2014 Hint: We know.
2 Gogo-Jones No shame in that game.
2 Belgand My girlfriend and I go out to dinner on a day sometime around Valentine's Day, not the day itself. Prices are lower, it's easier to get a table, and we get to order off the regular menu rather than the prix fixe that's there just to make things easier for the staff.
2 Zer_0 Send them on Monday so she can enjoy them all week.
2 coatrack68 She’s knows, she loves you enough to overlook your cheapness...
2 butchburg Luckily my gf is really cool about V-day. Each year we celebrate the weekend following Valentine's Day. As such we get full menus and reasonable reservations at whatever not overcrowded restaurant we go to, neither of us has to work the next morning so we can get hammered, and any flowers/cards/chocolates or other gifts we get each other are at a huge discount.
2 EuropeanLady My husband gets me flowers from our local supermarket's flower department. They're beautiful, and all the bouquets are in the $3.99 - $9.99 range. Delivery is always expensive.
1 DougWeaverArt She knows, and she appreciates the extra money.
1 Otakulad I sent flowers to my wife's work on Valentine's Day because for some reason it was more expensive to send them to her on the 13. Thanks Pro Flowers.
1 GoobeNanmaga I said this to my GF this year... Didn't go well with her
1 govzombie My husband and I went grocery shopping on Valentine's day - we laughed so hard at the sad husbands/boyfriends in the long line at the floral department and in the card/seasonal section. We show each other how much we love each other all the time, not just when "holiday's" dictate we should. i don't need to show off flowers and candy and other meaningless junk on social media. Our love is our own. I cook him our favourite meal and he gets me neat things when he sees them and we generally just keep the other in our minds/hearts and do nice things for each other. Almost 20 years together now (almost 12 married) and we are still (and hopefully forever) in the honeymoon stage.
1 MJZMan You could save even more by delivering yourself after work instead of having them delivered to her job. Dozen Roses at CostCo is $12.99. No florists are coming close to that.
1 amwreck Almost without fail, I would randomly end up buying my ex flowers sometime during the week leading up to Valnetine's Day. We really didn't recognize V-Day, but I used to buy her flowers all the time. It would just happen. The nice thing is that I always had a good selection of flowers because I got them before the run.