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Bad Joke Eel
Welp, life goes on
Ruined it for everyone.
Hopefully the scale isn't broken.
Its the little things
After seeing Trump last night equate the Florida school shooting with the FBI’s Russia probe on Twitter - just when you thought he couldn’t go any lower
My wife is beautiful.
Feels like 9GAG
What goes on at Costco HQ every few months
Every damn time....
Seriously I don't know what to do.
For the ladies
I'm stripping the fourth room in my house and have two more to go.
Makes sense
Out of spite, not for glory
I'm off every Friday and my wife works, it really helps with the brownie points
Every website now.
It’s okay fellas...
This doesn't seem like a hard choice to me.
I know their mascot is a ghost, but it feels like a ghost town
It's time for this to stop ladies.
Oh, a reservation?
I'm in my late 20's and just started online dating.
Reading /r/WTF today
It is really better than RoastMe...
Single friend just dropped a truth bomb
Several states are considering laws that will allow teachers to carry guns in class...
Every time I go to Is it really that hard?
Confession cat doesn't want to
Seems like an obvious courtesy...
It has been really helpful when I am homesick...
One day of meds for Strep and you’re feeling better? And you want to go out partying?
Can you really blame me
That's how you start conversations, right?
Something I've learned about dating that I think guys who feel nervous about a first date should know
Congress could just act on stuff to make everything better for everyone at anytime.
It really does pay off.
Thank you Jesus
Just take your bananas and go
Where I live in California, it has already begun.
246 anonymoushero1 Leave a wholesome sticky note for the janitor telling them they are appreciated.
35 bigbiemusic Did you find a restroom that nobody knows about at campus and is super clean every day?
127 skraptastic I used to work in a big ass 25 floor building. My floor also had the cafeteria on it, so the public restrooms were used by the entire building. About a year into that job I found a bathroom near our storage area. It only had 1 urinal and one stall. It was in a back corner of the floor with no offices and the lights were on a timer so they went out every 5 minutes. It was the BEST work bathroom I have ever had. My current office my "poopin' bathroom" is out of order so I can't poop at work. The other bathroom is right outside the only hot chic's office and the walls are paper thin.
51 do-call-me-papi Best hit it before 8 a.m. Be sure you don't have a tail when you're going there... If you're carrying coffee and walking with a certain urgency it's a dead giveaway. Change your pattern and avoid the popular hours to poo. *You must never bring your cell phone when you're going to shit there.* you'll be fine.
22 crank1off I love"feeings"
10 playfulbanana I used to work in a hospital and when I found a hidden bathroom on an abandoned floor it was like I was in heaven. I have a shy butthole so before I found it pooping at work was out of the question.
10 Crockinator I had found one on my campus (ok my buddy told me about it) where you had to go in the underground tunnels, through a breach in the walls, then you had to walk along pipes for a little while then bam, you'd come across an unlocked door that'd end up in a lobby with a locked door on each side...and a clean bathroom. Said lobby contained couches, which was great for when you got drunk on campus but had early courses/was too cold outside. Knowing this location was a priviledge.
8 thesoccerone7 If I'm out and I need an emergency bathroom I find the nearest Michael's store. The men's room is always clean
12 rymden_viking We had the "Narnia Bathroom" in the engineering building. All three floors have the exact same layout, except for a men's bathroom (sorry ladies) tucked away in the corner on the top floor. The way it's laid out you think your walking into a closet right against the outside wall, but it turns to the left and opens up into the largest bathroom in the building. And nobody knew about it.
11 sourceofnightmares The restroom of requirement.
5 Ihateualll I used to work in this big grocery store as cart picker upper and clean up on w/e isle when i was a teen. I found this area of the store that was storage that was no longer used and in the back there was an old bathroom that no-one knew about. It became my bathroom that I would go to sleep in when I had to work those early weekend mornings and I was still hung over from the night before. I would sleep in there for like 3 hours and no-one would notice lol.
3 reddit-dot-com "was" super clean every day
4 itzanaustin George Costanza?
4 Luder714 I have one at work. Me and the maintenance staff are the only ones with keys. It's down at the end of an empty hall and it's locked. I call it my secret garden
5 wacojohnny We have a number of serial offenders on our floor at work. No chill at all. No chill. Can hear them groaning while working it out, and most of them don't wash their hands when they're done. Our office building recently added a gym that happens to be on my floor. It has a very nice locker room, a couple of urinals and stalls. There is a $50 one-time fee to join the gym. I joined so I could use the bathroom. It's like a vacation.
7 prit125 Library basement bathroom
3 Carl2011 I had a "secret" bathroom in the library but someone else found it :(
3 bumassjp Henry Hall - UIC - Second floor... oh how glorious you were to me.
3 w1ngm4n Let me tell you about the shitter on the top floor of beering hall of Purdue
3 iliveinmemphis I bet it is in the English dept.
3 trillshitdoee In college I use to drop big ol logs in the building on campus that had all of the administrative offices, The Dean, Board Members, etc. Some of my fondest memories occured there tbh...