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Snowden Wolf
I don't necessarily support the bad habit, but I'd like to thank the smokers who do this.
My gf laughed at me when she saw me, anyone else stand?
I just wanted someone to talk to...
MRW I heard Snowden blasted integrity of Putin's election in Russia
Personally it weirds me out
I’m really good at my part-time job.
Thick morning fog, shitty visibility, and...
They just released information that Putin’s election was rigged
Don't stop at green lights. Don't drive 20 mph under the speed limit. Don't wait for 20 seconds at stop signs when there's plenty of room to go.
I Protected my Personal Information from Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. Click Here to Learn How!
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
No Hangovers This Weekend
It's my birthday today and this immediately came to mind.....
It’s a family company and they all add the milk first. Apparently my tea also always tastes the best.
No, screw you brain, I proofread it twice!
PutinBob Dictatorpants
The only social media I ever participated in was Facebook. I deleted mine over a year ago. This is how I feel today.
It'll just be our little secret
A yearly reminder...
I hate my job. Love my kiddo
Me every time that OneDrive box pops up.
As if the first one wasn't bad enough.
Tired of seeing the same reposts hit the front page over and over again...
"We don't need to have a lady teacher in a school that's got a firearm." - State Rep. Harry Shiver
Looking at you, 5/3rd bank!
Dear the guy I just saw pooping:
I didn't hit my target.
So let's just say the US election was indeed corrupted
Didn't know much I appreciate this until I experienced it.
Literally the highlight of my day. I'm just saying.
Most humans are terrible drivers and thousands are killed each year because of it. Autonomous cars will help lower that number.
Started index fund IRA last January before markets drop. Now near April, still haven't broken even.
Hot time in Austin
It’s a win/win for everyone.
Great ad slogans
Hey, I got an email!
Dinner: ruined
Reddit doesn't count, does it?
It's mid-March, and there are two more snowstorms predicted to hit us in NYC.
213 [deleted] [deleted]
99 IndyDude11 This is not going to go the way you think.
76 Seax440Dodge Most shit hole countries have an "election" and surprise, surprise, the dictator in charge gets 100% of the votes
54 GerwinTB Let's make anti Trump meme's that will teach him!
71 HasaKnife [I was really hoping the politicizing of advice animals would stop after the election...](
92 [deleted] The rules were available to everyone before the election 🐸☕
83 SovietMinecraft I come on AdviceAnimals to laugh, not see cancerous memes backed up by a self entitled prick OP. "USA is shithole country because I don't like outcome of the election...WAHHHHH"
131 creepy_crepe_juggler Because if there was no electoral college only big states and urban areas would be campaigned towards. The United States is much larger and more diverse than any other western nation, and it's voting system should be made to give small states a voice for their own unique needs and force politicians to actually give a fuck about Wyoming rather than only campaigning on the coasts.
19 datcuban Yes because mob rule is just so much better.
100 [deleted] Most countries don't use proportional representation. It's actually pretty common in countries that Trump would call "shithole." This meme is absolutely uneducated and terrible - there are merits to different electoral systems and whilst the US system has it's flaws, it's extremely naive to think of it as categorically bad. If you can suggest a few alternatives and why you'd prefer them, then go ahead - that would be an interesting discussion! Not gonna lie the goddamn Kermit drinking tea also makes me think you're smugger than you are. And disclaimer, I'm not a Trump supporter nor American.
11 anotherdumbcaucasian We have an electoral college. The popular vote doesn't decide the president.
17 fisher571 How do we combat something we dont like? Go to town halls and voice frustrations? NO! Go to state meetings and voice frustrations? NO! Post memes in hope that you will get internet points? YESSSSSSSS
25 DigUpStupid1 So America has been a shithole since 1776?
33 underterms What has /r/adviceanimals become?
45 PopeADopePope Except no one campaigned on or attempted to get the most votes overall... It's the most electoral votes. If it were changed, campaigns would change, and you might have a different outcome, but that's a discussion for next election. Representative democracies are a staple around the world. This isn't some outrageous thing Clinton won 487 counties, that's great! Trump won 2,626
10 misfits2025 Say it again shill!
42 Zerkron Cant browse reddit without seeing “shithole country” in a post. Get over it omg
15 Stewpid We need to rid ourselves of that pesky US Constitution. Always getting in the way with those rulz.
27 Insaneshaney Hey I think Trump is terrible as the next sane person but it's odd we're critiquing the Democratic aspect of him winning when his opponent literally colluded with the DNC to rig the primaries.
43 pitchesandthrows Poor liberals. When they lose all of a sudden the rules are unfair.
3 stesch Both campaigned knowing these rules. Would you Americans use the popular vote they would have campaigned differently.
4 ProdigalTrev Absolute ignorance. You probably don't even know what form of government we have. Despicable. If the result was the other way around you would be clamoring around touting electoral college.
9 intentsone Or you could just educate yourself on how the electoral college works and why it was set up instead of posting ignorant wrong memes.
13 [deleted] [deleted]
8 BabyCakesL19 Why is the correct response to tear down the USA? I thought everyone was upset that someone disparaged a whole nation. So why are people falling over themselves to say how the USA is so awful. I don’t like what the President said, and so did a lot of other Americans.