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Strolling through Toys'R'Us with my daughter when suddenly...
When a local furniture commercial makes the volume of their commercial twice as loud as every other commercial
Shopping from Canada in the U.S., online.
Wife: "I wish I was a trophy wife." Me: "You are a trophy wife! You're a participation trophy! :D "
When that cute girl from high school wants to randomly reconnect after years of no contact to go "have lunch"
You can't get worked up about something if you don't care about anything.
Call Your Senators About Cassidy-Graham. Enough Is Enough.
She cared more about what people thought than her actions
My recent job experience
Worth it.
Don't tell them what you don't want them to know.
My 3 year old getting into the car today...
I knew something was wrong!
Thank goodness for trip cancelation insurance
What a time to be alive
I couldn't be happier for a moment... I just don't get it
Nicest old woman I have ever met.
It's time to change my password at work
Wise beyond my years, I guess.
Dad always said "only burn as many bridges as you gotta to win the war"
Day job struggles
A reminder in light of the Kevin Hart incident
I'm ashamed of the leadership in this country.
Just heard this in my dorm.
I know some of you guys have done this before.
When I see an ad in the middle of a video on Facebook
I really do have the best boss
So satisfying...
Me on the drive to work this morning
After every natural disaster....
The unfortunate reality of Tinder
After seeing John Kelly literally facepalm in reaction to Trump's UN speech
The lady on the phone said nobody else was having trouble, just me
In the end, it doesn't even matter
After living pay check to pay check
I know he's trying to be thorough, but can we get the show started!?
The good ol' switcheroo
Didn't think this needed to be said, but ladies...
Floored it past someone after being stuck behind them for 6 no-passing-zone miles at 15mph only for them to stop beside me at the next red light and ask "what my hurry is"...
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41 xartic1 When I was 19, I briefly worked at walmart as a cashier. I rang up the wrong apples that were $0.10 cheaper and the lady complained that it was the wrong ones. I get the correct number and it's more expensive, thus making her angrier and calling over the CSM. He made it look like I was getting scolded but in reality he was just entertaining the customer. He laughed it off and didn't even give me any sort of grief about it.
12 raubana I think it's more about keeping to social rules and being honest, even if the outcome is worse.
3 MarkMajorRadio In Ontario we have a consumer protection rule that states that if the price is marked lower on the stand than it scans then it's 10 dollars off the price. This may include getting cheaper items for free. Mostly used at grocery stores and Walmart. I think gas stations and convenience stores are omitted from this rule for some reason.
3 Krifantasy It's also about returns. If you need to return the item, you wouldn't have a correct receipt to do so.
2 JazzThree Good God. My friend works in a small clothes shop and told me of a story where a lady wanted to return an item and buy it back with her other items due to the current storewide sale. The item in question was bought while it was heavily discounted. What she wanted would cause her to pay more for it. My friend told her such. She demanded and demanded that he change it. So he did. According to my friend she had a smug look on her face as if she won. Thankfully it was only a summer job as this sort of shit happened on the reg. He's told me tons of cringey and blood-boiling stories.
2 Orangelogic Oh my god. This just brought back so many memories of working at Walmart as a teenager. We did price matching so when people were checking out they would have lists of different prices I needed to reduce. Even though we had to hand key in all the discounts I usually didn't mind because it was my job so whatever. There was this one lady though that would always come in and be super rude. She would act all smug when she told us what prices to adjust. The funny thing is though that half the time she wouldn't be paying attention and most of the prices she brought with her were higher than our prices. I tried telling her once but she just screamed at me so after that I just happily over charged her every time she came in. We called it the Bitch Tax.