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It actually makes me feel better about myself
I pretended I went somewhere else
Told my wife I had to train someone on how to do my job
Yes that makes it okay facebook
After realizing that I've been here for 5 years
Moved to new apartment block. Had no idea
The level of hypocrisy is insane
Forget about this #deletefb bs movement...
Every Degree
Even though i love her so much.
Moving back in with my parents sucks..
This needs to stop. It's just not healthy.
Husbands ex-wife wasn't aware courthouses are not included. She was put in jail that day for mouthing off to the judge.
My aunt died yesterday out of the blue. My mom and family took it hard. She had it coming unfortunately.
Crisis averted
The Equifax breach did more damage and affected 3x more people than Facebooks
After 7 years of marriage, I asked my wife to try something new when giving me a hand job...
Absolutely love it
Seriously, the ads are getting ridiculous
From Prada expert to proliferation expert overnight.
Those that workout will totally understand this.
I got a new thermal mug and it's too good.
My small chested wife and I were discussing having to get bras for our daughters. My wife said, "I hope they don't get big boobs. They're a pain to deal with." I responded with, "How would YOU know?"
Man’s best friend...
By this point, I've been out of school working professionally longer than I was in school earning my degree.
This is my day so far, how is yours?
With Toys R Us as the latest to play the Millenial Blame Game, I really gotta know...
I remember too.
Is everyone getting dumber?
Shout out to the CLOUD Act, thanks Congress...
It's easier than telling him I'm not interested
Was a nice surprise.
Me browsing r/all lately
When Reddit tells me "You're doing that too much. Try again in 5 minutes"
My Wife Dropped This One On Me Today
My greatest fear about getting old
The Big Bang Theory
The argument at hand is unfairly tainted by unsubstantiated conjecture.
Edison would not approve
I thought by now it would be obvious
34 QQpayne That baby is 100% pooping.
14 raccoonwitharifle Reminds me of a closing shift I worked back when I was a smiling drone for Chick-fil-A. What we did was when the clock struck 10 PM, we kicked the customers out and locked the doors, but we kept the lights on so we could wrap things up inside and take off later. We lock the doors and a minute later at most, some dude comes and tries the doors. I dunno what the hell he was expecting considering even if he came in five minutes earlier, he would have multiple people ready to put him in the trash compactor. Anyway, he felt the doors were locked and probably saw me staring, so he went back the way he came. I shrugged it off, clocked out, threw on my jacket, and went outside to find this guy standing near his car talking on his phone. He spots my red uniform under my jacket and asks me with full sincerity if we were closed. I don’t know how I didn’t make him feel like an idiot then and there, but let’s say I was more careful back then. However, I didn’t even look at this guy as I ran to my car. I simply said something along the lines of “yes, we’re closed.” and got to my car. Easily one of the densest people who tried the doors when we were closed...
3 mrnoonan81 The movie theater I worked at had about 10 doors in the front. We opened the rightmost door for employees in the morning before opening. It happened multiple times where someone would start at one of the leftmost doors, try every single door until they found the one open one, casually walk in and ask for a ticket. 😧
3 Sir-Barks-a-Lot At least they would ask. I worked closing shift at Home Depot 3 years. An hour before closing we'd lock the garden register and gate. 30 mins later the Pro desk would get closed out and start making announcements every 10 mins that the store was about to close. When closing happened, half the lights in the store would turn off, the signs out front would turn off, we'd lock the front doors, and turn off the motion detector to the exit doors from the outside. Almost every night would get that one person who was trying to get in and realizing the last stragglers were going out the exit would either try to rush in or pry the exit doors open. When we would tell them we're closed they would just run into the store ignoring us. One guy ran in trying to buy a dozen or so plants. We would shut all but one of the registers. If the person didn't come back within 5 mins we shut the whole thing down. It's amazing how much people lose their shit when they pull crap like that.
4 cawclot "I'll just be a minute, I know exactly what I want."
4 Chafram "No, we're open. But you have to force your way in."
1 Keto179 Precious!!
0 alucard971 Running on 2 hours of sleep. Some questions swimming around right now: Are you the baby? If so, is the customer coming back tomorrow to get you out of the store? Do you work at the store as a baby? How do you reach the store shelves? Who hires a baby to work at the store?
-32 Jigsus Answering won't hurt you. Arrogant retail employees are a pet peeve.