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I was holding her panties in my hand when she walked in.
It's the little things that keep me going in the dark times
just saying
Note to self, no one cares.
Heaven help me if they actually learn how to hire competent people.
Think globally, fuck locally
Might as well be a change jar since everyone has a card. Hmm, maybe I should install a card swipe
After being away for two happy years I feel everyone needs to see this.
my mother in law is a real winner
Playing hangman with my daughter, I was always going to looz
Is there something lower than FriendZone? Cuz that's where I just landed....
Usually it's deserved, but sometimes there are just mad people downvoting
I had to dry off with 3 clean shirts....
Every time at the drive-thru.
After reading that the Trump family is the first family in modern presidential history without a pet in the White House
"You know nothing Jon Snow!"
This is why road rage is a thing . . .
She then proceeded to jerk the poor beast by his collar so hard he fell over and peed himself right there in fear.
What everyone in the media will be asking once the JFK files are released.
after I heard Trump gave himself a 10 on his response to the crisis in Puerto Rico
Not naming names but it rhymes with starfucks
I bought a scale today and put it in my bathroom.
It's fast food, not full service dining...I'd rather tip the cooks.
Oh my God people, it's fast food. It's not that hard to decide what you want while you're waiting in line
It's all a shady business
TV shows really are in their prime these days
Fiancee hit me with this one on road trip.
MRW I'm teased for liking candy corn
Sometimes, my brain does not work.
Sorry, I didn't know...
When I asked my fiance why she's nibbling on my arm...
At least they were clean for him..?
Certain subreddits can provide companies with free feedback on their products, all they have to do is pay attention.
Better to not let them pile up in the first place but, this makes washing, drying, and putting them away much easier.
To the Diaper Engineers out there.
C'mon, elotes and Takis aren't that expensive
153 newenglandredshirt Oh, and you get the *harder, more time consuming* work, too!
73 Holmes02 I remember my first job out of college was at a nonprofit. My job was working with clients and helping them find work. One day the communal printer broke down. The IT department was taking a while to come and look at it. I decided to take it upon myself to look at the printer. I fixed it within five minutes and became the "wow you're great with computers" guy. From then on, I was called upon for everything. Mouse not working, printer is printing blank pages, I can't find a file on my computer, etc etc. You get the point. After I left that job and moved on to different jobs, I've played stupid with most computer issues from coworkers asking for help.
17 Timhook22 "If you do some else's job, they will let you."
35 ask_me_about_penguin If it's a non incentivized job (sales), it's in your best interest to do a "good enough" job. I made the mistake of going above and beyond. When I requested a transfer to a more lucrative position, the GM was like "but I like you here, you're the best we have". fuk that noise
49 Battaglia /r/facebookmemes
72 typicallyplacated Isn't it the best?? Way better than recognition, promotions, and money
20 NicNoletree This is quite common: good workers are rewarded with more work. People who screw up aren't given hard tasks because, well, they'll just screw it up. I hate it. Some people take advantage of it. Management is the real problem here - needs to get rid of slackers and/or reward the hard workers.
8 AustinXTyler My job has this cool thing where the manager will bug you to be done by 11 and even if you get everything done before 11, they'll find other things for you to do until 11:30 then complain about how everyone needs to work faster.
12 CreativeFraud Oh my... I can relate to this. They are cutting jobs and adding those to current ones. Only because we are performing above expectations. Oh, you're doing great and getting your work done? Here, we're going to fire the reporting analyst and give you her job.
11 baylithe I also saw this on Facebook from people who don't understand memes.
17 ProbeUranus I'll tell you what they told me when I got promoted, "No good deed goes unpunished."
4 6ixk My job likes to hire temps, then complain that they are spending too much on temps, get rid of temps and make regular hourly employees cover the temps jobs.
5 leon_everest Never give them more than 80%. The moment they notice what 100% looks like they'll want that to become the new normal. If you enjoy what you do then have at it. If it is just a job then take care of yourself first.
8 zephyer19 I was in the Air Force. I couldn't see to get out of the mail department after six years on three different bases. Smart co worker told me one day that you never will get out of here, you do a great job. Fuck it up and they will move you someplace else. Got sent to another base and same thing, mail department. Got sent to yet another base and surprise! I got sent to an admin job in a cop squadron. Was there four years and butted heads with the commander. I got fed up with him and went from coming in early, working through lunch, staying late, coming in on weekends to doing no more than I had to and less. My coworker had been right, six months later they moved me to supply.
4 NatakuNox Ya and if you choose to not play the game of politics and hope your work ethic alone will get you promoted... You get pasted over because you didn't get enough face time with the higher ups.