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Strolling through Toys'R'Us with my daughter when suddenly...
When a local furniture commercial makes the volume of their commercial twice as loud as every other commercial
Shopping from Canada in the U.S., online.
Wife: "I wish I was a trophy wife." Me: "You are a trophy wife! You're a participation trophy! :D "
When that cute girl from high school wants to randomly reconnect after years of no contact to go "have lunch"
You can't get worked up about something if you don't care about anything.
Call Your Senators About Cassidy-Graham. Enough Is Enough.
She cared more about what people thought than her actions
My recent job experience
Worth it.
Don't tell them what you don't want them to know.
My 3 year old getting into the car today...
I knew something was wrong!
Thank goodness for trip cancelation insurance
What a time to be alive
I couldn't be happier for a moment... I just don't get it
Nicest old woman I have ever met.
It's time to change my password at work
Wise beyond my years, I guess.
Dad always said "only burn as many bridges as you gotta to win the war"
Day job struggles
A reminder in light of the Kevin Hart incident
I'm ashamed of the leadership in this country.
Just heard this in my dorm.
I know some of you guys have done this before.
When I see an ad in the middle of a video on Facebook
I really do have the best boss
So satisfying...
Me on the drive to work this morning
After every natural disaster....
The unfortunate reality of Tinder
After seeing John Kelly literally facepalm in reaction to Trump's UN speech
The lady on the phone said nobody else was having trouble, just me
In the end, it doesn't even matter
After living pay check to pay check
I know he's trying to be thorough, but can we get the show started!?
The good ol' switcheroo
Didn't think this needed to be said, but ladies...
Floored it past someone after being stuck behind them for 6 no-passing-zone miles at 15mph only for them to stop beside me at the next red light and ask "what my hurry is"...
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260 AtL_eAsTwOoD What never ceases to amaze me is the large majority of people that drive 80+ mph with less than a foot of clearance between them and the car ahead of them in a full on screaming match on the phone with someone. I imagine these are the same people that lay on their horn before the photons of a green traffic light can enter my eyeballs.
91 IAmNotScottBakula In my experience, many drivers understand that a stop sign means "stop", but they don't understand that it also means "wait until you have the right of way before you go".
22 Zanos-Ixshlae Try dealing with power outages and the people who don't know a traffic light that is out is now a massive 4 way stop. I don't knew how many accidents I've had to avoid during Irma's aftermath here in Orlando.
31 DTG_58 The only time I beep is when someone doesn't know the right of way. Like if I'm following someone stopped at a light and we are both going straight and when it turns green they wait for the car coming from the other side to make a left turn. You are killing traffic flow and I hate you.
13 Yanamarie I once had a guy pull-up at a stop light next to me and yell at me that the speed limit was which my answer was pointing at the 45mph speed limit sign less than 2 feet away.
10 helpnxt Had a guy beep me for merging in front of him on a road that was going from 2 to 1 Lane, like come on dude this is how the junction works!
7 the-dork-knight This is Florida right now. People, A TRAFFIC LIGHT THAT DOESN'T HAVE POWER YET SHOULD BE TREATED AS A FOUR WAY STOP!!!
15 black_flag_4ever Some people must think stop signs are just suggestions.
40 ryatt Thats me...I do the speed limit, and stop fully. Im as courteous as I can be, but Im not getting a ticket because you didnt wake up or leave your house with enough time to get where youre going
14 Krypticonkaladypus That's when I put it in park and leave to inspect my vehicle. They obviously wanted to notify me of something wrong, but I thought everything was fine. Might as well take advantage of the full stop.
10 Vickshow I was just at a 4-Way stop yesterday and saw a stand off between two cars who were both trying to wave the other through. Didn't get there in time to see who actually stopped first, but this lasted a good couple minutes with hand gestures, honking horns and flashing lights being exchanged. It's like half of drivers didn't have to take any kind of road test to get a license.
17 TheRealMewt Yeah, I'm not taking sides on this one, especially since I've personally experienced motorists perfectly content with sitting at a stop sign for ten seconds for no better reason than to look at the butterflies.