Baltic sea view [3035x3024]
Wooded Tunnel. Black Tar, Llangwm. [OC] [1200x1600]
Walking along a trail in the Tetons. [OC] [4016 x 6016]
Ireland looking tropical at sunrise. [OC] [4526 × 3621] @malthezimakoff
A patch of wildflowers still thriving up at high altitude. Utah, USA. [OC] [6000 x 4000]
Islands in Seychelles (OC) [3840x2160]
Pouakai Tarn NZ OC [4068x3456]
[OC] Grand Canyon in the morning (1920x1080)
Glacial River from above in Þórsmörk, Iceland.[OC][6240 × 4160]
A Smokey Day on the Arapahoe Glacier Trail, Colorado. [OC][6000x4000]
Cradle Mountain, Tasmania [OC] [6972x3984]
Norwegian fjords. Trollstigvegen, Norway [OC] [3840x2160]
Flowing from Garibaldi Lake. [OC] [2400 × 3000] @bradscanvas
Fall colors beginning to show in Olympic National Park, WA[OC][1350x1080]
"Confluence" - Where the clouds and mountains dance - that middle peak there is Mount Thor and it is TWO El Capitan's high, Baffin Island, NU Canada [OC][2048x1367]
[2048x1367] [OC] There's Dramatic, and then there's Wasdale. Lake District, UK.
Snapped on my descent to Zermatt from the summit of Wisshorn. Zermatt, Switzerland [OC][6000x4000]
Wallowa Lake and Mountains. Joseph, Oregon. [OC][2448x2448]
North Rim is a good spot to catch sunrise without seeing any tourists. Shot on film (OC)[1950 x 1300]
Greatest sunset I have ever seen, Nazaré, Portugal [OC][1920x1280]
Badlands National Park. This was the last thing the Pioneers expected when crossing the Great Plains. [OC] 3000x2199 (Brother took photo though)
Driving the Icefield Parkway [OC] [5760 × 3840]
Just another beautiful day in Glacier Bay [OC][4032x1960]
The Upper Penninsula of Michigan is a beautiful place. [OC][3024x4032]
[OC] Moab Desert at sunrise [4592x2576]
Shovel Point at Tettegouche State Park, Minnesota [OC] [6000x4000]
[OC] Zion Canyon from halfway up Angel's Landing [6000x4000]
São Martinho do Porto, Portugal (OC)[1920x1280]
The Badlands [3264x2448]
Deep blue waters in the Sawtooths, Idaho @wheretowillie [OC 1350x1080]
Diablo Lake , North Cascades National Park WA. [OC] 4032 × 3024
Jurassic World... or Milford Sound, NZ [OC] [6016 × 4000]
Black Butte Rainbow! Central, OR (OC) [3264x2448]
The Kicking Horse River in Yoho National park, BC [3024x4032] [OC]
A break from pictures of Iceland, New Zealand, and Canada. The Twelve Apostles, Australia. [2048x1365, OC]
Mount Rainier, October 2014 [OC] [4272x2507]
[OC] Dawn in Yosemite. ?? Campsite view. El Capitan's backside to the left. Day 3 of a 5 day backpacking trip in July. Hard to pass up more hiking after a view like this. [3264x2448]
Fall Splendor Alton, Illinois [1559x2448] ©Debra B. Photography
Cathy Fromme Prairie in Fort Collins, Colorado [OC] [6000x4000]
Punta de lobos - Pichilemu, Chile [OC] - [5184x3456]
39 peripheral_smission Having a hell of a time irl lately and this picture just hit me like a ton of bricks. I've been staring at it for the past 10 minutes and it's the first pic I've ever saved from this subreddit. Thank you.
11 disgr4ce Absolutely incredible. Unearthly, uncanny.
4 missionbeach Looking through Mesa Arch?
8 Protophobic This is at Mesa Arch in the Amazing Canyonlands in Utah, which is a short trail from the parking lot. If you are going to try to get this shot, I recommend getting there SUPER early (maybe sleeping in your car) and staking your turf with your tripod in the darkness like I did. Theres only about a six-foot square where you can get this specific composition. [my instagram]( | [my 500px](
3 LIV2500 I've ridden/driven past this spot probably a half a dozen times but never actually stopped. Next time I'll be sure to stop.
3 irh1n0 Currently live in Georgia but am from Utah. It’s funny to hear people on flights say how barren Utah looks (of course as you fly in over the great salt lake) but where Georgia is green and tropical, it all tends to look the same whereas Utah has a very diverse environment. Beautiful Wasatch mountains, Zion, Bryce and Monument Valley, Lake Powell to name a few, all unique in their own right. And then you also get snow to change the scenery. Utah is very beautiful and and an outdoor paradise. I’m still adjusting to living in the forest in Georgia and not being able to see more than 1/4 mile in front of me.
2 bobross8 Home sweet home! 👌🏼👌🏼
2 Arskeli Great shot! I love canyonlands, just came from there. :)
2 DaniElizabethG Been there. Worth it.
2 Krezmit Loved Canyonlands. I was under that Arch a few months back.
2 brickout Gorgeous shot.
2 aakanshasingh11 Mind fuck earth porn!
2 aakanshasingh11 Mind fuck earth porn!
2 Roni_Deutch Something about this is just very calming
1 Biker_roadkill_LOL Nice photo. But is it the best photo you've ever taken (TM)?
1 Shappie Holy shit does it really look that blue in person? That's incredibly beautiful.
1 TheRageDragon I've seen lots of pictures from this angle so I know it's quite a popular spot, but my question is is there any garbage around this spot? I hate going to a nice scenic spot and seeing that some cunts left their shit on the ground. I'd even go out of my way to pick it up anyway even if I wasn't the cunt that tossed it.
1 LV_Mises It must nice being up there all alone in nature.
1 Slc18 Well there are so many you really have to pick and choose. Unless you have an RV and a month. I just go by which looks like it's a more unique visual experience than the others. Tho all unique in their own way of course. But if you've just spent a day looking at canyons I'd say Bryce or arches would seem like good choices. But I guess you have to see to each park in person to fully appreciate.
0 ApostleThirteen This pic would have been so much more beautiful with the full sky over the canyon foreground in front of, rather than with the "everybody and their brother's" shot of the arch as a frame.