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Coyote Gulch natural bridge in Utah by flickr user OldManTravels [1092 x 1199]
Loch Vale, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO [OC][1224x1080]
Today is International Mountain Day so here is a photo I took of the tallest mountain in North America: Denali (Alaska) [OC] [6000x4000]
Snake River Overlook, Grand Teton National Park [OC] [3429x2286]
Snow and fog in West Vancouver, BC [OC] [3888x2592]
A gorgeous November sunset above the Crooked River and rabbitbrush at Smith Rock State Park, Oregon [OC] [1388x2000]
Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, Iceland - Hard to pronounce but easy to enjoy [OC] [3000x2000]
In the woods at Ludington State Park, Ludington, Michigan [OC] [2000 x 1335]
The Milky Way rising over a pool after a rainstorm in Acadia National Park, Maine [OC][1443 × 2048]
[OC] White London. Finsbury-Park [ 6024×3587]
Dark and rugged coast of Northern Norway during a winter sunrise [OC][1356x1800]
New England Winter [OC] [2048 x 1365]
Sunset in Bavarian Canada [OC][1920x1080]
Grand Teton National Park [5312x2988]
The creepy woods in Weinheim (Germany) are now covered in snow [OC][1920x1281]
Usery Mountain Regional Park, AZ [1920x1280] [OC]
"Rainbow Rider" - A Cottonwood Tree and Desert Brush, Utah, by Alex Noriega [OC][1800X1200]
Castle Mountain in Banff National Park almost looks fake behind the trees [OC] (3264x1836)
Mobius Arch Milky Way at Alabama Hills California [1800x1202][OC]
I got extremely lucky with both the position of the Milky Way and the way passing car headlights lit up the foreground right off of Kauai's Brennecke beach. [OC] [5012x3341]
Kirkjufell, Iceland under the Northern Lights [OC] [6000x4000]
Yosemite Valley, California [OC][3022x3022]
Sahalie Falls Oregon (4032x3024) (OC)
Sunstar through the Sea Stack by the Seashore, Bandon Beach, OR. By Michael Carl [2048 x 1365]
Cathedral Valley, Garden of the Gods, Colorado [1024 x 680] [OC]
South Sister sunset in Oregon from the shore of Sparks Lake [OC][3000x2000]
Winter has come. Wrexham, wales [OC] [750 x 1334]
A smoky morning at Tunnel View, Yosemite NP [OC][1600x2000]
A lone Aspen fighting off the first snow of the season - Glacier National Park, MT [1600x2000][OC]
Winter at Snow Lake, WA. [OC] [6000x4000]
For everyone sleeping on Arkansas, here's a photo I took this fall in the 'Natural State': Sam's Throne (Arkansas) [OC] [4000x1078]
In honor of National Mountain Day: a pic from King’s Canyon [OC] [5227x3510]
Dutch winter landscape near Groningen [OC][4046x2276]
My submission for National Mountain Day is from Glacier National Park. [4192×2358] [OC]
[OC] "Botaniska trädgården" Gothenburg, Sweden [3650x2848]
Cucumber Gulch - (Colorado) [6000x4000] [OC]
Evening along the eastern Sierra Nevada, California [1920x1280] [OC]
A snowy pond just outside of Delft, the Netherlands [OC] [3699x2080]
Photo of Anthem AZ after a morning hike [OC] [2048 x 1080]
Happy International Mountain Day! - Machhapuchchhre, Nepal [OC][6880x2880]
91 HIxVLTG3 There's a Hut you can stay at right on the lake as well. During summer it gets very busy but in winter it's one of my favorite places to go stay and enjoy the quiet.
311 Protophobic This is taken from the High Cannon trail on Cannon Mountain in the White Mountains National Forest, looking down on Lonesome Lake. No hiking today, jut eating and going through old shots from the summer. Happy Thanksgiving USA. I'm a landscape photographer based in New England, my [instagram]( and my [500px] (
79 pheasantphinder Got to love Nh
48 BKusser25 Franconia notch!!! New England is amazing! Edit : if anyone cares, I took [this one]( an iPhone) in the same region!
31 Boots_Mcfeethurtz Lonesome lake, from my thruhike in 2012.
27 mustache_ride64 I was born and raised in NH my whole life. I lived abroad for almost four years and visited/relived the state this past July to November before moving back abroad. Being in that autumn change is something I hadn't been a part of in so long and missed so much. This photo reminds me a lot of my hikes I took in my own state feeling like a tourist and embracing it all before leaving once again. It's nice to see the unknown beauty of my state being portrayed every once in a while.
22 benphish NH represent!
13 GerryG68 Went camping here in the winter once. It's like a different world up there -beatific and FREEZING :P
21 mer_maid_1 New Hampshire finally made the front page! Yay!
11 runepeddler this is absolutely beautiful!
18 ljahb ... and yet, I don't feel "Lonesome" looking at this. Somehow, I feel interconnected with the world and one small step closer to nature. Thank you for sharing this. It made me smile!
16 Liam429 NH?? There's literally dozens of us!
8 AllFourSeasons Representin - nh native what whattttt
13 BrownStreetPimp Nice place to swim in the summer. Although the last time I did so my friend's feet got *covered* in leeches.
6 HarperReal The hut is so nice and comfy when it's windy and cold out there. It's a beautiful winter hike.
6 youngoldtimingman I love living here. My dr tells me to move because I broke my neck and the cold bothers me. But then I think of tuckermans and riding my Harley up the auto road. I'm staying another 55 years if
5 KingCaliche Isn't this where they shot the Iron Giant movie?
5 andreasbeer1981 Looks like The Elder Scrolls - Alaska
4 listeningwind42 Did a winter trip up there once in February with my scout troop. Was 50 f and raining on the way up. That night it dropped to -30 f per the hut thermometer. All our wet clothes wet from the rain froze on the pegs we hung them on so we had "sword" fights with our frozen sweatshirts the next day. I love Franconia notch