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Winter is dark, but it's twilight sometimes is magical - misty view deep withing a forest in Norway [OC][1800x1165]
Probably my favourite picture I took in Guilin, China [OC][3622 × 4527]
Winter morning at Elbow Falls, Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada [OC][2880x1920]
One of the coolest cliff formations you'll find at Acadia! (Acadia National Park, Maine, U.S.) [OC] [7336x4896]
Yosemite Fall [OC] [3000x3000]
All mountains make me feel small and humble, but the mighty Fitz Roy range in southern Argentina (Patagonia) is sure one of the most majestic sights of this planet [1534x2000] [OC] Felix Inden
Backlit waves crashing on the rocks: happy hour at Haukland, Norway... [OC] [1200x800]
Monument Valley USA during an intense sunrise [1920x1920][OC]
It's called the Lonesome Lake - in the White Mountains National Forest, New Hampshire [OC][3000x2000]
Ascending to the Kingdom of Heaven, Norway [OC][4032x3024]
Basalt Columns at Giants Causeway, County Antrim, Northern Ireland[OC][7134x4761]
Sometimes, when it's really raining. . . you just hide under a log? Panther Creek Falls, WA [OC][3840 × 2880]
Navajo Point, Grand Canyon [4032x3024] [OC]
All my siblings were out of town so I spent Thanksgiving hiking the Tetons. Lake Taggart ladies and gentleman! [6000x4000] (OC)
The Naked Tree. Taken at Brazos bend state park, TX. [OC] [7360 × 4912]
Takhlakh Lake, WA in the fall [OC] [2388x1251]
Taylor Creek, Mount Tallac, California [OC] [1600 x 1200]
More Columnar Basalt, this time from Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland[OC][7166x3583]
Sunrise over Grizzly Peak, Loveland Pass, CO [3727x2268][OC]
Yosemite Falls truly is mesmerizing this time of year. [OC][4990×3000]
Sunrise at Yellow Aster Butte, Washington [OC][2000x1333]
Calf and Nettle Cove from Hart Crag. Lake District [5184 × 3456][OC]
Queenstown Lakes District, Otago, New Zealand by Cuba Gallery [1920 x 1920]
I almost got blown into the waterfall at Mt. Kirkjufell, the famous pyramid mountain of Snaefellsnes in Iceland during a windblown day. Gotta love a good icelandic gale [1500x2000] [OC] Felix Inden
Japanese Cedars. Tottori, Japan [6000x4000] [OC]
Southern England [OC][3872*2592]
Rocky Beach in the Morning, Isle of Eigg, Scotland, United Kingdom [OC] [1639x2048]
Zapata Falls, CO (OC)(3648X5472)
It's very black and white outside today. Vilnius, Lithuania [OC] [4160x3120]
When I went to Arunachal Pradesh, India on a family vacation. OC [4500x3375]
Sunset from Tray Mountain in north Georgia USA [OC] [842x1199]
Morning stroll at Vanndamman, Kristiansund, Norway | [OC] [3494x2045]
Took this years ago near Shallow Lake, British Columbia, Canada while driving to Carcross in Yukon Territory [OC] [2048x1365]
At Gozo Near San Lawrence [OC] [3264x1836]
Muir Woods, California [OC][3264x2448]
Driving down a highway I saw this tree and I felt like I needed to take a picture of it. 2560 x 1707 Summerville, SC [OC]
Standing on the ridge between Germany and Austria, Schrecksee [1728x2592][OC]
Beautiful Colorado in October [OC][4402x2445]
Midnight Hike at Reinebringen (Reine, Norway). I didn't ever want to go back down. [5184x1920] [OC]
The sun said hello ina nice way this morning in the forest! Running around for a composition... Putten - the Netherlands [OC] [1200x827]
432 galaxymirror Perfect Bob Ross framing. Look at those happy little trees.
131 tonymaric One of the ~~best~~ most over-processed pictures I have ever taken.
19 MarkVII88 I think it's a very good composition, but the image itself is overexposed, not capitalizing on the dynamic range of the scene.
10 fiszu3000 looks like a pic from a n oldschool textbook
17 Koovies Looks like a creepy painting that would be hanging up in The Shining's hotel
37 jadedttrpgfan The 80's and 90's called and want their Bob Ross painting back.
8 Unreal_Banana But the lake is blue
42 ReflexNL Why is every picture here saturated to death? Can't we just have natural, beautiful pictures?
14 savarutsu You can do better!
3 SettleDownButtercup Reminds me of those scenic photos from the 1950's that you put into a [3D View-Master.](
3 levitas If I've got my bearings right, you are actually looking at Wapta Mountain, my favorite place on Earth, from the observatory across Emerald lake. Wapta Mountain is really cool because it's home to the [Burgess Shale](, one of the most important paleontology sites, which contains incredibly old fossils from the Cambrian era (half a BILLION years ago!) when some of the [strangest organisms]( lived. In fact, there are tour groups that hike up the mountain (only about a dozen a day when the season is open) on a ~7 mile path. The actual site for the Burgess Shale is in this picture! If memory serves, it's about 5/6ths up the mountain located near where the boundary forms between the higher peak on the left side of the picture and the lower peak on the right. There's a rounded section that meets a very steep section and it's right in there. I don't know that I'd be able to discern the exact spot, in part because it's about the size of a small garage, and if you look carefully, the trees closest to that spot appear tiny despite being rather large. The building right by where this picture was taken from has a telescope fixed on the Burgess Shale to prevent people from messing up the site, and our guide said there were a ton of hidden cameras near as well. You can't really tell, but the trees that are closer to the top of the mountain, especially where there are frequent rock slides (those bare rock paths down the mountain of the left side) have no branches on the uphill side. They have all been broken/torn off by falling rocks. Thank you so much for posting, OP!
5 kazphotos Looks like we were in a very similar area! was this recently?
3 abloblololo Looks like it's taken on film
4 Rok_Candy And it was all taken on the brand new IPhone X
5 optimisticaboutbears Beautiful shot. In the future try and time it for golden hour. Midday sunlight is very harsh, landscape photography really benefit from the rising or setting sun.