Twelve Apostles, Victoria [OC][7952x5304]
The Milky Way rises over Otter Point in Acadia National Park, Maine [OC][1415x2048]
Waterfall Of The Gods in Northern Iceland[1600x1067][OC]
I snapped this shot on a recent adventure to Cathedral Cove. New Zealand is a beautiful country. If you have the freedom to go, you should do so. Cathedral Cove, NZ. [1080×1350] [OC]
A sunrise on the glacial cliffs of Lake Michigan. Milwaukee, WI. [2611x3624][OC] instagram: @grantplace
Hverfjell Volcano, Iceland. [1024x683] (OC)
Heaven Cracking Open in Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia, Canada. [OC] [1350 x 1080]
These stones reminded me of ancient ruins - low tide details along the Atlantic coast (Portugal) [OC] [1304x1800]
Watched the sunset and the full moon rise at the same time from Eagle Peak, Yosemite National Park [OC][7483×3252]
Yosemite never disappoints. Yosemite,YNP [OC][4032x3024]
Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand [OC] [3744x4680]
Isle Elenka in the Morning, Lake Baikal, Russia [OC] [1637x2048]
The reward at 17,000 feet up - Rainbow Mountains, Peru [OC] [4800x1600]
Wahclella Falls, one of my favorite spots I’ve been to in Oregon. [OC] (1472 x 2014)
Twelve Apostles, Victoria [OC][5760x3840]
Epic Lone Pine Sunrise [OC] [4096x2732]
Mcway Falls, Big Sur CA [OC][4592x3448]
Waves in the sand at sunset in the Nevada desert. Clark county. [OC] 3268X4896
Rocky Mountain National Park (near Deer Mountain) [5000x3333] [OC]
Sunset, Finland [OC] [1080x1920]
Mt Ngauruhoe, New Zealand [OC] [3600x2400]
Redwood National Park never ceases to blow my mind. Near Arcata, CA [2048x1638][OC]
Grassy Dunes, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado [1600x2000] [OC]
Mystical falls, BC (2583X2972) [oc]
Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas exceeded my expectations [OC] [4032x3024]
Moonrise at Sonoma Coast State Park [OC][3878x3920]
I know, I know, another Yosemite photo. Bridalveil Falls, YNP [OC][5760x3840]
Black Sand Beach - Vik, Iceland [OC][4896x3264]
The Breathtaking View from Yosemite Valley during yesterday's Snowstorm [OC][4000x5000]
Loch Ness, Scotland; Taken from The Great Glen Way. [OC] [1440 x 1080]
Reflecting in Hallstaat, Austria [OC][3264x2448]
Lobhorn, Switzerland (4032x3042) [OC]
Winter in Luleå, Sweden [1619x989]
Morning light on Iceland’s beautiful coastline... [OC][5472 x 3648]
Johnson Canyon waterfalls in Banff National Park, Canada [2448x3624][OC]
Giant Mountains, Poland, [3601 × 4709],[OC]
Matterhorn Views [OC] [3992-2992]
Driving through Mount Rainier National Park [OC] [5312x2988]
[OC] Lonely Glacier in Iceland (3264x2448)
Magical view from top of Bansko, Bulgaria. [11264x2048] [OC]
69 kiwikoopa I've lived less than a hour from the Badlands for almost 2 months, and I still haven't hiked them.
50 PM_ME_UR_PAWG_PICS South Dakota: where the hills are black, the wood is dead, and the lands are bad.
26 zarkoulhs So the Badlands... Watch out for Bandits and skags, buddy.
9 _snapcase_ I grew up here (like ten miles away) and we put up a lot of fence for the Department of Interior. Hordes of cacti and snakes not pictured.
8 retiredgunslinger66 I grew up living on the edge of the badlands. Hotter than hell in the summer, but beautiful! We'd find all kinds of fossils but we always left them because we lived there and thought they'd always be there. I found out that not all people are the same and they would disappear. We even found a huge fossilized tortoise shell that was big like the ones at Reptile Gardens but someone stole that too! We'd always find petrified wood. One was a stump that was about 10 ft round.
5 ITSjustW33D I went to Sturgis this year and this was one of my day trips (
4 Zakman4 Last year I spent six-months traveling the country in my car and visited over 20 National Parks. I was surprised to find that the Dakotas were by far one of my favorite places. Badlands is incredible and Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota is just as good. You wanna home where the buffalo roam? Go to North Dakota
9 bnetjail It's a good thing you can see the moon at the top so that people won't confuse this spot with the moon
3 Burnblast277 Hey I've been there
3 forgivenfreeonfire Not so bad.
3 Devych *Into the Badlands*
3 Jessman8S I took a trip there once. Hotter than the devils a*s crack. Went into the visitors center for a quick tinkle and my titties pierced through my shirt nearly instantly. That plase must have been at like 40F. 8/10 would reccomend.
1 obidie If only you'd taken the picture horizontally....
2 loki-things Rved there as a kid during an amazing night thunder storm. It was unreal to see lightening over that horizon.
2 Jaredlang76 Want to go! Is it too cold to go at the end of September? I also want to check out Mt. Rushmore, wind cave and devils' tower.
2 RealOfficerHotPants Went through there on my way to Mt. Rushmore when I was 15. I loved every second of that place.
2 traillboy Ive lived in the Black Hills for 19 years. It is seriously one of the greatest places on the planet.
2 stayhomedaddy I lived in Sturgis for 3 years and still think that bolder canyon is the most relaxing drive, especially if you detour off into camp 5 (4 wheel drive recommended) beautiful country round those parts.
2 UkrainianGirl I was just there a week ago 😁
2 Tinyhousecode The Badlands have some pretty killer fossils too!
2 Studiomonkey90 I got me an acre of land in South Dakota in the Badlands. I got me an acre of bad land. That shit is mean.
4 canissilvestris I wanted to say aside from how much I like this shot that I appreciate that there are still people who censor their swear words. I don't mind them myself but good on you for being considerate