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Dropkick Murphys - I'm Shipping Up To Boston [punk rock]
Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning [Art Rock]
Terence Trent D'arby - Who's Loving You [Soul] - from 1987, the best live performance of a song I've ever seen
Charlie Kelly - I Like Paddy's Pub [Piano with lyrics]
Killer Mike - "Reagan" [Rap]
Keyboard Cat - Keyboard Cat [electronic]
Dinosaur Jr. - the lung [Alternative / Indie rock / Grunge]
Eric B And Rakim - Don't Sweat The Technique [Hip Hop]
When music is played, fourth grade students are 6 times more likely to enjoy P.E.
The Pogues - If I Should Fall From Grace with God [Irish Punk Rock]
Billy Preston - Will It Go Round In Circles [R&B/Soul]
Best Rock Bands of the 21st Century?
My Bloody Valentine - "Loveless" [Shoegaze/Noise Pop/Rock] The magnum opus of shoegaze from one of Ireland's greatest bands. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Double Fuzz - Big City Lights [Rock]
The Tragically Hip - Locked in the Trunk of a Car [Rock]
Class Of '99 - Another Brick In The Wall (Pt 1 - 2) [Rock] - Super-group featuring Tom Morello of RATM, Layne Staley of Alice in Chains, Stephen Perkins of Jane's Addiction, & Martin LeNoble of Porno for Pyros
Liam Gallagher - Greedy Soul [Rock]
Rob Zombie - Dragula [Metal]
Prisoner - Borealis [Hip Hop Simpsonswave jazz rock]
LAKEY INSPIRED - Distant [Triphop]
Flogging Molly - Devils Dance Floor [Irish/Punk]
Roy Buchanan - Hot Wires [Happy guitar]
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Wes Yee - I'm Still Here [Hip Hop] (2018)
Broken X Vassh - ??† ?? †??? [Chillwave/Witch house] im not sure but its awesome.
J Mascis - Ammaring [Alternative Rock]
Run The Jewels - Oh Mama x Rick and Morty [hip hop]
David Bowie statue set to be unveiled in Buckinghamshire
The Roots Cancel SXSW Show Due to Bomb Threat: Report
Fort Minor - Slip out the back [Hip-Hop]
Chris Cornell - Like a Stone Acoustic Live [Rock/Grunge]
The Artist - What's My Name [Funk] (2014)
OPM - Heaven Is a Halfpipe [Pop-Rock]
Kevin Abstract - American Boyfriend [pop]
Youth Code - To Burn Your World [hardcore] [industrial] [dark electro]
MC Hawking - Entropy [hiphop]
Ehrling - You And Me [No Copyright Muisc/Chill/Deep House]
Wookie - Scrappy [UK Garage]
512 oneburntwitch This video is from Monty Python at the Hollywood Bowl, and if you like this sketch I suggest you watch the whole thing. One of my all-time favourites.
186 GoHomeWithBonnieJean I thought I'd seen all the Pythons' stuff. That's hilarious! Cleese said he got tired of writing by committe, but together, they were fu**ing brilliant. One of my all-time favorites is the [Four Yorkshiremen sketch]( (that link is the older version) The version that goes with this post is [here](
160 MADASSOR Amazingly when I was travelling in Eastern Europe I ended up doing a white water rafting expedition in Bosnia/Montenegro. It was epic. It was right at the tail end of the season so 5/6 campsites were already closed for the season and one remained. To start off with I was literally the only person at the campsite. The staff there advised in semi-French/Serbian/hand signals that a bus was coming later with loads of guys and girls. I thought, sweet - should be fun. About 9:30 pm rolled around and a bus 19 Norwegian Choir Boys got off the bus. No joke!!! The link to this story is that they were a seriously high-end choir earning 1000's of Euros per 15 minutes. They also specialised in Monty Python spoofs and would regularly bust out in perfect harmony to tunes such as this one while meandering down the canyon. I've got a video of them somewhere while we were at a bus stop as we went our different ways. They were insanely funny and talented! Edit: link to FB removed after advice. Will re-post from YouTube when I can
176 BananaFrappe I still find it odd to see Terry Gilliam on stage or in front of a camera. I know he's a member, but growing up on MPFC, you usually only ever saw him when they showed the cartoonist "die" or something. He was not a regular on-camera member, and the few times where he was in a sketch, he never seemed as smooth as the other Pythons. Though, I have to admit he was pretty brilliant with those coconuts though.
101 gekkobob Lately I've been singing this almost daily, for no reason. The final verse is fun and hard to sing for a non-native speaker: "Life can be fine when we['re] both sixtynine and we sit on our faces in all sorts of places and play 'til we're blown away". edit: removed an 'are'
123 Low-E_McDjentface My dad used to sing this at random moments and I never bothered to think about the meaning of it
42 scottjf8 I'm here for an argument. No you're not. Yes I am. Genius shit.
58 maxseamus When I was into Monty Python as a kid I used to walk around singing this song at the top of my lungs. One day I went to the mall with my brother and dad and started belting it out as we walked in. My father turned to me asked me very nicely to stop singing the song and that I should stop singing it all together. I was like “ok” and didn’t think much of it until I learned what the song was about. I must have embarrassed half the family with my rendition of “sit on my face”. Good times.
111 Lhos I need to hear this sung by Sean Connery.
29 Legomomster SO sings this to me on the regular.
11 LoneRangersBand [Here's the version done at the Concert for George (Harrison)]( George was a huge Python fan (big enough that he funded "Life of Brian" with his own money after the studio producing it pulled out).