Can't make it to work, I'm froze-in.
NSFW Apparently Tide pods have run their course. Now the animal trap challenge. NSFW
Jar of teeth I found in an abandoned dentist office.
This image makes me primally uncomfortable.
weirdest thing i’ve seen in weeks
A model just carried her own severed head at the Gucci show
NSFW Keanu? (NSFW)
Trying to get out of a parking ramp a little too fast
When you really need that 4k tv to watch netflix
My friend decided to start making and selling dick soap. Lmao!
Not sure anyone passes the dress code at this place.
Surgical sponges left inside woman for 6 years
My husband was in the ER today and all I could focus on was how dirty his bed was.
Get your little butt back in here!
Woman cleaning the outside of her apartment window
Just killing some time
We don't need doors, where we are going
I don’t think that’s supposed to be there
I’m just going to leave this here
Pulling out my toenail
I flip houses. This is a normal purchase.
When you need more eyes for Izanagi
Cat hoarder had 40 cats removed, not a single litter box in the house.
One of my nasal polyps died and exited.
Funeral in the front yard?
How and why???
Boater with a death wish
Punjab woman severs husband’s genitals over alleged affair, flushes them down the toilet
2-year-old girl had boiling water poured down throat by parents supposedly as folk remedy for high fever
Dad Arrested for Impregnating Daughter Granted Bond; She Remains Jailed
Thank you to one of my neighbours for putting old breast milk in my compost bin
Man intentionally doesn't poo for 34 days (and counting)
65 yo woman trying to renew her license
fire crew cut spanner from man's genitals at A&E
14-year-old Indonesian boy claims to have laid 20 eggs since 2015, hospital suspects eggs were deliberately inserted
Snapped a pic at a red light. He let it hang out when he drove away...
The story of a man that cut his penis in half for sexual gratification.
Saw one this morning in the middle of the road. Now I'm on my way home and I see this on a completely different street by the bins.
Bro smokes a bug
A river of flowing rocks in New Zealand following Cyclone Gita hitting
78 mattreyu >Troopers have charged Holly E. Malone, 43, of Simsbury, with second-degree breach of peace. State police said Tuesday that Malone could not make it to her destination or a bathroom. Once? OK, I could believe that. Twice? Kind of a stretch to believe. Thrice? You've gotta me shitting me.
45 weemee Phantom pooper, dead guy in the house in Burlington for most of a year, whats next CT? Isn't this Florida type shit? C'mon Connecticut! Get it together!
41 brock_lee That is literally some fine detective work. 1. Find poop. Test, determine it's human. 2. Find more poop. Decide this is likely a trend, and set up a camera. 3. Find more poop. Look at video, catch culprit. Case closed.
12 failture Holly "E-Coli" Malone
10 Razorick CT is a nice place because they actually investigated and caught the phantom pooper. In Florida pooping in a neighborhood is a normal Tuesday. See what I did there?
7 Huh--- "Second-degree breach of peace" hmm
7 wishitwereirony Love the mugshot. That's a face that says "oops, I dun goofed".
5 Allisonb93 We have a phantom pooper at my methadone clinic. They've been pooping in the halls like 10 feet away from the bathroom. They don't have a camera in the halls and they can't figure out who it is. They are getting a camera though. And honestly It wouldn't be that hard to figure out who it is. We have to check in when we get there so just look at who is always there when It happens. Most like 6 people there at a time. The staff has an outrageous turn over rate and I think none of em care enough to do anything about it. It's werid bc my methadone clinic is a private clinic which means you have to pay or have great insurance, they don't accept state insurance. So whoever is pooping has to be able to afford 500$ a month or have a good paying full time job with good insurance.
3 CorndogFiddlesticks Thank god they solved it! Now CT is truly crime free!
4 AtWor Exactly how I pictured someone who would poop in the streets.
4 evilted There used to be a Phantom Crapper at a camp my friends worked at. Late at night, when the campers and counselors were asleep, the Phantom Crapper would turn off the water supply to the targeted toilet (very few of them), deposit his trademark turd in the toilet, then flee the scene. The following morning, some poor schmuck would have to get on hands and knees to turn on the water supply with his face within mere inches of the offending crap.
3 radioradio555 She looks exactly like I thought she would.
3 kaizendojo She was charged with second-degree breach of peace. Otherwise known as a "number two".
3 ILoveToEatLobster Police actually tested some random shit to see if it was human and arrested some nasty ass (who looks exactly how I'd expect a phantom pooper to look) for pooping? lol
5 aceoftrachs Welcome to Connectishit
5 brettmjohnson I have three possible explanations: 1) She has IBS or Crohns, requiring defecation with little notice. There are medications available for these. Repeated incidences likely rule out bouts of diarrhea and such. 2) Walking 3 miles will stimulate normal bowel movements. She may be trapped 3 miles from home with the need to poop. Good thing she brought TP with her on her hike. 3) Woman in the cul-de-sac is having an affair with her husband, and she's marking territory.
2 pooterpant Now THAT is the expression of a phantom pooper......