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Hail my friend in Alabama just experienced.
376 dirtyrango Dude, I worked on a maintenance crew at a prison years ago. We had access to underneath of the building to get to plumbing and the waste water plant. Underneath the kitchen I swear to god it was wall to wall giant roaches. It was some of the most nerve wracking shit I've ever experienced. Under the building was like 7 ft ceilings but it was open the length of the buildings with like pillars spaced out to hold up the ceiling. The walls and pillars from ceiling to floor were covered with giant Texas cockroaches. It was insane.
198 VQopponaut35 How does someone let an infestation get that bad?
408 Inigo93 Just nuke the site from orbit.
55 bladeraiden So nobody is asking, what steps do you take now to get this under control?
263 GalliusZed This is horrifying. I moved in to a building years ago that had a major infestation, though not quite this bad, and lived with it for months until the landlord got it under control. The feeling you get when something falls off of your ceiling onto your face at night, then crawls away is fucking horrifying, but the feeling you get when you've been bug free for over two years is incredible. Props to my landlord for handling the business.
25 Betterwithcheddar Can you show any more of the home? Thanks!
59 olsondc How do you avoid tracking eggs back into your own house?
62 TheMightyIrishman That. Is. Horrifying. Who would voluntarily have a stucco ceiling!?
33 Isaythree I am struck with an overwhelming urge to load up a pressure washer with bleach, blast every surface in my house, and then turn the nozzle on myself.
14 not2random Used to live in Mcintosh, FL when I was working for U of F. Don’t get me started on how strange a place this little town is. The town website proudly proclaims, “A Step Back in Time”. They’ve got that right. Anyway, this young guy with a wife and infant asks me to come help him move the stove in his upstairs apartment. No problem. We pull the thing away from the wall and it was like a scene from ‘The Mummy’. Now, If these were Starbucks roaches they would be ‘Venti’ roaches. Extra large and several hundred of them. We seriously wrecked their nice warm sanctuary and being the photophobic little bastards they are, they started going for the nearest cover the could find which included our pant legs. Now, this was back in the early 80’s, before folks captured every event such as moving a stove on video — but I wish I had a recording. There is nothing that will help you get your pants off quicker than ten fat roaches scrabbling northward up your legs. Absolute mayhem ensued. My adrenals gushed a tsunami into my blood. My roach killing skills rocketed into hyperdrive —in that moment I was a Kingsman of roach assassination — I experienced total flow and singularity of purpose. I made them pay back rent. I made them *pay*.
12 alucard971 Used to be a police officer in my local hometown here in the U.S. Received a phone call about a baby crying for hours in a low income apartment complex. Knock on the door. No answer. Horrible smell from outside. Ended up kicking in the door. Found an apartment absolutely riddled with tiny brown roaches. Everywhere. Dishes rotting for weeks in the sink. Garbage, dirty diapers, empty food boxes everywhere. The walls were alive. Found a baby with these things crawling all over the crib, the blankets, and some even crawling inside the poor kids mouth. CPS was called and the baby was removed. Never found out what happened to the kid or the parents.
11 MechanicalHorse Just watching this makes me suddenly feel dirty.
12 MillionBloodCapslets Oh noo think of the smell!