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69 dogdriving I think the real problem hurting Jurassic Park's bottom line is the part where the dinosaurs keep killing everyone.
21 lee1026 I like how this post didn't even try to analyse the financials of it all. Paleontologists don't have the biggest budgets in the world. The USDA is never going to let you sell meat from an animal that died from natural causes. The skin might be worth something, but even high fashion to the celebrities rarely break the 6 figures. When you might very well be facing 9-10 figure costs of running such a park, all of those things are drops in the bucket.
30 emptynothing "This park was not built to cater only for the super-rich. Everyone in the world has the right to enjoy these animals."
21 whatsinthesocks This isn't a good explanation at all and ignores a whole lot. For one the park is going to have fucking massive overhead. The cost of feeding the dinos alone is going to be huge. Not to mention all the upkeep, security, and personell you have to pay for. Also the money they're pouring into r&d for hybrid dinos. Two I highly doubt dinos are dying all that often. If they are that's only going to create more cost as you have to hatch more dinos. Three you're not going to be able to charge what ever you want. Paleontologists aren't rich. That's why they rely on grants for their research and digs. The park will be dealing with universities in that regard who have a bunch of other costs in that regard. As for the fashion industry the one or two dino a year that die is going to be a drop in bucket on the annual costs of the park. Also bringing in big game hunters would be about the worst thing possible. You don't see zoos doing that shit. Just look at happened when the gorrila was killed. Also you'd have to wait for the dino to be dying of old age. Who knows how long that will take. What I would do is create a market for unfertilized dino eggs. Still won't be enough probably but won't have the same overhead costs.