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User gives every reply. Yes, all of them.
Redditor debunks very common misconception about "heritability" in genes
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487 BuxtonTheRed In my opinion (as a fully qualified *just some guy*), Pewdiepie should not live-stream. The combination of "no filter on his mouth" coupled with "no filter on his media output" is a bad mix for his exceptionally high profile. That way, he has the *opportunity* to edit himself, re-consider something after the heat of the gameplay-moment is long gone, and take the opportunity to not-publish certain things. OK, sure, he doesn't exactly have great prior form for making effective use of that opportunity (LOL understatement IKR) - but IMO he should give himself the chance. Every time he fucks up on stream, it's because he's failing to give himself the chance to edit himself. Every time he fucks up on youtube (non-live), it's because he's refusing to use that chance when it's at his fingertips. Either way he's not an innocent victim of his own mouth.
373 Rauuto I didn't even have to sort by controversial on this response thread. Everyone here is so hateful and grasping at straws (from both ends, but I'm seeing more stretching on the defense side overall). Guys. The point is that using a slur is just rude. You don't get to decide that it's rude. The people who feel it's rude do. And it would be respectful to oblige by their requests. Does this lead to a slippery slope of language policing? *Absolutely fucking not.* Yes, there will be a couple crazies out there who will overstep their boundaries and abuse this by saying everything is rude. And the point is that they are few and far between, and *everyone else in society knows they're being crazy.* Abusing this power is just as rude as abusing the word. The rest of the population already understands that both sides of the spectrum are bad by some amount, and doesn't do that. Don't take away someone's right to say "Please don't be rude to me" just because you're butthurt that an *extremely small minority* that everyone *already ignores* will abuse that power. Even though it has totally different (And in my personal, young and NOT well versed in history opinion, less extreme) origins, this is no different than people ignoring someone's preferred pronouns and deadnaming them. It's fucking rude, and only happens because you couldn't be bothered to just be polite and slightly tweak your word choice to benefit the life of someone else. The world is full of other people who have their own emotions and stories, and it's very possible and reasonable that using a slur, especially often, can completely ruin their day. It is *not* that hard to just be a polite person, especially if people are *pointing out to you exactly what to do differently,* which is *very slightly changing your word choice.* Just don't be a dick, okay? It's not hard, and it will improve everyone's day, as well as your own. You'll feel cleaner. Trust me.
30 dukss why does the argument over this word have to go beyond "just be a decent person and don't say it in a negative way"? there's no good reason to say it unless you're talking about the word itself or reading what someone else wrote. there aren't any blurry lines here. pewdiepie said it in a negative way. he might not be racist but he still fucked up and should own up to it.
170 ruetoesoftodney >Also, white, straight people are in no position of authority to reclaim words *they* once used negatively. Something something sins of the father.
16 mactroneng Who the hell is PewDiePie and what's the big deal?
186 Anticode I think it's important to remember that curse words come from a different part of the brain than normal language. This is why we see so many incidents of people accidentally cursing on live TV or why some types of Tourette's manifest as strictly cursing. [1] Swearing is more about expressing a particular emotional state than communicating a particular cogent message. The most offensive word in the English language therefore makes a great addition to the inventory of "emotion-state words". When you burn yourself on the stove you are not demanding copulation with it, when you stub your toe you are not declaring that feces is to blame, and when you spill your coffee you are not pronouncing that you wish an all powerful and all knowing god to come down from the heavens to curse your coffee for doing that. These are knee jerk reactions to display your emotional state. There is no information contained. Because there was no intent to transmit information (merely a display of emotional state), I would instead suggest that PewDiePie is simply **undisciplined and insensitive**. This is the sort of thing you *really* need to work on when you're a public figure like this... ####But like the gilded post says: he certainly *is* ignorant to wanting to change or realize why changing is important, and ignorant to listening to what people are trying to tell him about his use of language. Sources [1] [ **Article** - The Science of Swearing]( , [**Study** - Expletives: neurolinguistic and neurobehavioral perspectives on swearing.](, [**Article** - ]( Edit: In regards to (non-racist) cursing, I always find it interesting to meet people who use "fluff words" instead of cursing. They might say, "Salad dressing!" or "Shaving cream!". Perhaps, "Beans and rice!". They use these words as expletives and they've trained themselves well enough that those tend to be the words that come out when they're feeling emotional. It is fascinating to think that, neurolinguistically, these are indistinguishable from normal curse words. If a large enough portion of the population replaced traditional curses with these family-friendly phrases they would also eventually become taboo. It might be become impolite to ask for more salad dressing. Instead, *well mannered* company might say, "More vegetable sauce, please!" A polite man might ask his wife if he can use some of her "hair-softening cream" when he needs to shave for work.