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459 caw81 > Otherwise, you should try to plan out your sandwich before you arrive. Or at least order. But you never know who is going to be standing in front of you but too chickenshit to catch the deli guy's eye first, even though it's his turn, so just be ready or be flexible. ... > When you order, say it loud and clear. Almost like you're yelling at the guy. Command him to let you "get" something. Great tips for big crowded cities.
765 PartlyDave I loved my corner bodega/deli when I lived in Brooklyn. It was open 24 hours a day and the guys got to know me and would call me "Boss". "How you doin, Boss?" "You want sandwich, Boss?" I was closer to my bodega guys than my neighbors in my building.
104 Laminar_flo The trick is to find your 'spot', and you just keep going there until they know your sandwich and how you want your coffee/bagel when you walk in. For a bodega, you need two - one by work and one by your home. One of the hidden pain in the ass factors to moving or switching jobs is finding new spots.
124 BillyBalowski Can I get a bacon egg and cheese on a roll, salt pepper and ketchup?
243 topcheesehead I kinda want a NYC bodega sandwich now...
77 Minelayer This is like if you could read one of those old timey NYC photos, you get the feel, the nuance... and it's kinda perfect "You wanches?"
40 RanninWolf I'm lost is this a joke? It says removed...
178 bogusnot This is an amazing description
27 generic_nonsense I'd be the simple midwestern constantly saying 'yes please' and 'thank you'.
19 sedatemenow I forgot to tell the guy at the cornerstore that I wanted mayo on my sandwich. So when I asked if he could put some on, he acted like I called him mother a whore.
43 vivestalin as a native new yorker, its always interesting to me to see people go so in depth about something i've never given a second thought to.