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Redditor explains why IBM is not qualified to tell others that deploying apps should be less complicated.
User discovers karma farming in live action
Redditor digs up 40 reposts of the same post
Redditor explains the average Trump voter's descent into the shocking moral depravity of the last few days
User who was at CNN town hall explains why student making a prepared speech wouldn't have made sense in the format of the town hall
Erwin Chemerinsky, constitutional law scholar and dean of Berkeley Law on whether a sitting president can be indicted.
/u/exis007 explains what you should (and shouldn't) accept from a partner
Really well sourced comment rebutting a lot of arguments about conservative/liberal biases.
/u/LarBrd33 explains the secret origin of Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas
u/Noodleboom offers a glimpse into day to day life in the grim darkness that is the far future of the 41st millennium, where there is only war.
/u/BravoJulietKilo does an impromptu AMA on army logistics
Redditor explains in detail how insanely "draconian" Bhutan's immigration policy is.
Redditor gives step-by-step explanation on how to pronounce a long german word
Shaving and the Map of Tasmania
Jamie starts a golden train
Helpful user explains every scale in iPad's Garageband, including one that doesn't exist.
User perfectly describes why US is vulnerable to Russian bots
Redditor shows us the drawings he turned in for art class, and the accompanying Sonic Fanfiction.
/u/c_forrester_thorne illustrates how the deep state is simultaneously controlling everything and incapable of achieving anything
/u/derpynarwhal9 gives a perfect analogy for how to feel for lumps for breast cancer
User ericsvw proposes a new regulation regarding Gun Control that exists at multiple levels
User figures out who the sexual misconduct allegations on the Dallas Mavericks are on before it's revealed
User claims that yoga cures cancer citing research papers. Another user actually goes through the papers and shows how that's not the case
Redditor explains why the US recruited Nazi scientists, and lists some of the more notable contributors to the US space program
/u/BreezyBlue, just released from jail, last posted 4 year ago, mind blown that the Golden State Warriors are really good and Stephen Curry is a top player and Lebron James is still dominating
Redditor explains how the GOP and the right wing have contributed to the toxic political environment of the US
A crazy professor about the breast obsessed society we live in
Redditor experiences mishap in bus and blames the driver. Another redditor who happened to be in the very same bus gives a better explanation as to what happened.
Subscription joke leads to user sharing a dozen EGG FACTS™!
/u/Nakotadinzeo gives insight to human progress
Redditor notices the ghost of a Ghostbuster in an old picture of an old truck.
Redditor misses the mark on a GE stock prediction, eats his sock as promised, posts video proof
/u/signsandwonders calculates the average of all the presidents birthdays - the answer is July 4th.
American asks UK citizens the etiquette of paying in UK strip clubs, almost every answer comes with expected British humour.
Florida teacher describes a fire drill at their school today where everyone refused to leave their rooms. Other teachers comment about how scared their students are across the country.
Redditor explains what Australia did to prevent gun related deaths.
Redditor knows what Elon Musk is really up to
Reddator describes how a dislocated shoulder kept him out of the Boston bombing marathon
Redditor breaks down in incredible detail how to be better at competitive pokemon
/u/datraceman gives a very accurate description of what a megachurch in the city of Birmingham, AL is really like.
45 Creski god damn shit stories are funny
64 [deleted] [deleted]
10 bube7 This is going down in Reddit history, right next to the Swamps of Dagobah.
8 Negativefalsehoods I think I threw up a little in my mouth
6 Xivios I'd be praying for the fucking chip light to come on.
6 FlakF How do you shit yourself in a helicopter ? Don't people ever take precautions before a flight ?
2 rocketwidget I donno, I can imagine a helicopter ride that crashes and I die. I'd rather be covered in shit.
2 arachnophilia i feel like we should add this to the museum of filth.
-12 cancelyourcreditcard Well a shit in reverse is barf and I blew big fried chicken, rice, and pea chunks all over the inside of a VW bug that had 3 adults and 2 kids in it. The sounds it made as I turned my head from one side to the other searching for an empty spot were squishy and splashy. The most amazing thing was the reek, it approached vomit inducing intensity all of it's own accord. The VW was stopped at the next gas station, people pulled the ejection handle to get out as fast as they could. I walked away in pretend shame but I was suppressing laughter. I'm sick I guess. First time with chewing tobacco after a large dinner.