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44 gres06 I have that same collar. I also don't own a dog.
16 madcuttlefishdisplay I dunno about "best", there are some pretty hilarious options out there as far as collars go. (Don't ask me how I know. Or do, that's fine too.) But I'll admit this was pretty amusing.
20 SevenDeuce9 This title needs r/savedyouaclick
14 darkbluberrymuffin How is this "Best of" material? Omg dude has to wear a collar all day...STOP THE PRESSES!!
3 TonyzTone And my biggest takeaway from all this is "how do you come to own a gas station?"
3 giverofnofucks He just looks like some average dude who forgot to remove his gimp collar after coming from the sex dungeon of the woman he pays to stomp on his balls.
2 Compulsive1 All he really needed to do is to borrow or rent a studded leather jacket to go with the collar and put some gel in his hair. All of a sudden he would be the cool boss, not the pitiful bet loser.
3 Chel_of_the_sea This is relevant to me and my BF's interests :D
1 anonymau5 What the hell? Why am I banned from that piece of shit sub???
481 0 Pacific_Celt OP, you're a man of your word. I can respect that. And I bet your Dom was thrilled
775 0 THE_PROCRASTINAT0R I love that instead of getting a collar that would make think you lost a bet or something, you got the one that looks like you walk around with a sex collar on 24/7. Nice.
111 0 CantaloupeCamper This bet is kinkyer than most.
88 0 20CharactersJustIsnt You're a good sport! I wish nothing but the best for notre dame the rest of the year and you'll have a place to tailgate come 2019! I might even tell people not to bark.
53 0 chipkatspartan Just playing the long game to humble brag that you own a gas station, I see through this charade.
39 0 innocuous_gorilla This guy is exactly what I expect every redditor on r/CFB to look like.
25 0 huazzy As a Rutgers fan - you could say we're also wearing figurative S&M collars around our necks.
25 0 blueboybob You went to petco for the photo, but be honest. That was in your bedside drawer already.
23 0 HUSKEROYAL Always glad t[O](#f/oregon) see reddit[O](#f/oregon)rs f[O](#f/oregon)ll[O](#f/oregon)w up [O](#f/oregon)n their bets
19 0 brokenearth03 Let it be known: u/avoid_the_clap is not a bitch.
33 0 xelphin You deserve every ounce of praise for owning up to your bet *and* being a great sport about it. Also your parenting is totally fine, man...Football > kids.
13 0 victorycb Way to man up there OP...but that sucks.
55 0 plsgrier This is weird as shit
11 0 snake-SNAAAKE I pictured a bigger collar in my head - this one just makes you look like a goth girl from high school. Either way, a man of your word, and I respect it.
12 0 Fetishimo Dude you're awesome
8 0 TCanada808 LMAO To most people you either looked like a super kinky dude or someone that's still going through their teenage goth phase but still has to be professional