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64 Pseudomocha Shouldn't it be female pro gamers? Pro-female is a different thing.
14 karroty Back in the day (heh) when I was coming up through highschool/college, guys would be impressed that I was interested in video games and could even hold my own. My response? "Yeah I have an older brother. I *watched him play* for hours and *he let me join* in on 2 player games." Being *allowed* into video games was already a step above what many other girls my age had experienced. Who knows how I'd do if I had control of my own computer, console for gaming, growing up. Also the trash-talking online is horrible and a complete turn off.
16 gnomepowered I think this idea is probably accurate, and the targeting of video games to mainly young boys in the last few decades (blame Nintendo and their marketing of the NES as a toy for boys instead of an electronic for everyone for that) has significantly delayed the development of professional female gaming numbers vs. males. I don't even know if it's necessarily a skill thing, though- it might just be a passion thing. Video games are more socially acceptable for guys, in the US at least. Adult males are more likely to have spent their childhoods playing games, and to have a lifelong passion for them, just because of this social acceptance, and I think that kind of passion is probably a prerequisite to going pro- it requires a huge amount of time investment, completely outside of skills you have going into it, that you probably won't want to commit to something you don't truly love. Add to that the rampant sexism and misogyny in the scene, both participant and spectator, and women going pro probably have to be even more in love with gaming to put themselves in that situation I have a feeling that's also why there seems to be an over representation of transwomen, demographically speaking, in more niche video gaming arenas, whether it's speed running, competitive fighting games, whatever. I have been watching AGDQ this week, and it was something that jumped out at me (because I would have to make sure to turn off the chat when they were playing, or risk having a rage induced aneurysm over the bigoted bullshit that gets spewed). Although they are women, when young they were probably socialized as boys, meaning video games were a more socially acceptable past time. They are more likely to have spent way more time gaming than other girls of their age, developed a love for it, and when they transitioned that love for games obviously didn't go anywhere. I think it's great that they are out there, despite how much bigotry they are clearly dealing with (thanks, Twitch chat, for making that obvious) and think that more trans-representation is great in general (and hope it will help normalize it for all of those young folks watching these events and seeing that trans women are just totally normal people- just like Ellen and Will and Grace helped normalize homosexuality in American culture), but I don't think their presence in the community is indicative of a change in the perception of gaming as a masculine hobby in general. That dichotomy starts incredibly young, and the gap only widens as the kids get older and those patterns propagate, so it will probably be a while before the male-female numbers in pro gaming start equalizing. The insane resistance and ignorance/flat out misogyny from people within the pro gaming community (or hell, the "gamer" community in general) is just going to slow that process down. For all the guys I have known who pined for a "gamer girlfriend" but still dogpiled and made fun/offensive comments to women they would run across in game, I don't think people realize how much of an effect that crap has on women continuing to want to play games as they get older.
7 corialis Eh, I’m just not into the fact that trash talking is considered a normal part of online gaming (and, to be honest, anywhere online geek guys congregate) and if you don’t like it GTFO. That’s why I’ll stick to the games women are traditionally into like Zelda. I just have such a hard time with the concept of that being normal behavior and even welcomed. It’s not a sign of being thick-skinned, it’s a sign of being some sort of combination asshole sadist-masochist.
4 Blunter11 This comment does make a clear point, but it ignores social pressure and mistreatment entirely. In a world with so much blatant sexism in other industries, it's foolish to pretend that it doesn't effect gaming.
0 SoldierofNod So will people ever acknowledge any sort of gendered neurological difference, even the slightest, or will they just dismiss it with sociological nonsense until the end of time?
-12 asswhorl We shouldn't expect parity. It didn't happen in chess. Girls tend to be less masochistic and have better things to do.
-10 SCD592 Except you don't need to have played GoldenEye for 10 years, or jumped on a goomba to be a video game expert. Anyone can have hand eye coordination, and in the case of women it could be wearing heels to doing makeup to working a remote control. Stop comparing women to trees and compare them to weeds, because as long as long as we are compared to trees, that's all the "boy gamers" will see
-13 niczar Men are more competitive than women. Men like playing with computers more than women. End of story.