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17 0 marsinfurs I've read that during the declassification process, the gov't will cut out anything having to do with attack formations and the like, so as to not tip off other countries to air tactics and capabilities - could explain the splicing and why we are seeing very little footage in each video.
16 0 Taste_the__Rainbow Gimbal and Go Fast are probably the same event. They’re both from East Coast 2015 and have the same pilot talking. If this really confirms it then it is news, but I don’t see how this is “fishy”. You’re confusing Gimbal and Nimitz videos. Nimitz was 2004 off of San Diego.
5 0 obsequious_fink Not an expert on this at all, but your post was interesting so I did some research. Are these codes set manually or via some sort of algorithm? Based on JP 3-09.1, the range for 4 digit PRF codes is 1111 to 1788, meaning choosing the same codes would happen often over time, particularly if the only guidance is to not use the same one as someone else nearby. Could be coincidence, or is it possible the code on these videos is some sort of default value if you are not going up armed with laser guided munitions (not sure if these planes would have had them equipped or not, just an idea)... Again, I was just a dumb infantry grunt, not an aviator, so this is just some thoughts based on what I could find online.
5 0 FoxMcCloud64 Very interesting. But what does it all mean?
2 0 Imwithstupid13 Damn, very interesting information, thank you now I’m going to do a little digging myself.
2 0 graviora_manent Is there a clock or timer visible to compare and determine sequence?
2 0 Smugallo I thought the pilots sounded very similar in GO FAST and GIMBAL
1 0 Rosanbo The TTSA gimbal video says it is the first of 3 videos. I believe there is just one video, which has either been provided to TTSA under FOI in 3 seperate clips or TTSA has divided it . Is anyone else from this reddit or from ATS not going to ask under FOI for the whole video? Fuck TTSA, we should be doing this.
1 0 ElPasoan89 Actually it is the opposite, 1688 is the commonly used PRF code.
1 0 BitchfaceMcSourpuss Wow, that's really interesting. And suspicious. I've also heard a pilot say that the conversations are not true to the sorts of things military pilots say over the radio, do you have any thoughts on that?
1 0 dotlinefever3 Interesting. I was thinking this was the Navys way of telling Putin his new missiles arent as good as he thinks they are.
1 0 crack-a-lacking I really feel like TTSA should have clarified the "go fast" and "gimbal" were part of the same event. I recognized the pilots voices when i first watch the "go fast" and was confused as to why.