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3 Crayola63 Where did they mail the package to?
492 0 SiadinaSorrows Thank you all for the well wishes and comments I miss all of you in game and when I get a working rig we’ll have one holy cats of a party! I can’t even express how much of a blessing Arena Net gave us. It’s beyond anything I ever imagined. When I went into my shell of my home, I found that the only game to survive was my nightfall ce. It was water soggy and dirty, but intact! I was sooo happy! It was the first time I had smiled after the fire. I have smile more since Monday than I ever though possible. It’s good to know that people care. That you all care. It’s enough to make me cry. Thank you Pickles for the post on my behalf. If anyone has any questions for me you can post them here. My internet isn’t great so I may take a while.
91 0 Daybroker Copies of the GW1 collector's edition still exist? Wow that's an incredibly rare item. Easily more valuable than everything else they gave you. I hope you get back on your feet.
51 0 MrPhoenix_W For some reason this reminded me of their marketing campaign (obviously not saying this is that, at all), and I can't help to think that they don't need to do that kind of wacky stuff, when they're clearly not just a great company that makes great games, they are great humans that care about their community. This kind of stuff alone inspire me to be deeply enfranchised to their products, specially considering how for many of us, this has been part of our lives for quite a while. I hope your friend's family rebuilds and strengthens, not just the material things, but I know that suffering this kind of things takes a toll. Best of luck to all.
66 0 Anwn Amazing story - and now she has divine aura in GW1!! (come on Anet, make it carry over to GW2!)
20 0 Ecmelt >let alone several of their beloved pets, who unfortunately, did not survive the fire. Losing material like that is hard as hell but losing lives on top of it.. man life just sucks sometimes. I'm glad they met their goal, hopefully they keep hearing good news and put everything back to normal as much as possible. Gonna hug my cat for hours tonight.
36 0 RisingDusk It's hard to imagine what I'd feel after losing so much, most of all a family pet. All I can really say in good conscience here is that I wish you the absolute best and speediest recovery from this tragedy, and that ANet did a real solid here by stepping up and showing that while they're a company and they need to stay in business, they're a company of amazing, incredibly empathetic people that I am immensely proud to support and follow for the past decade. Godspeed.
13 0 k3rn3 I find it terrifying that you can lose your home because of friggin laundry so here are some fun tips for fun Clean the lint screen *every single load*, hopefully everybody knows that Check the vent duct regularly. Make sure it's clean and not twisted up or anything weird. If it is plastic, replace it with an aluminum one ASAP. If you can't clean out that whole duct yourself then hire a service that can. The inside of your dryer also needs to be cleaned. As in the internal space within the machine, not just the normal drum your clothes go into. If the lint builds up inside too much, it can come into direct contact with the heating element. You might have to pay someone to vacuum this out too but honestly just do it. Most dryers can be configured to run on lower heat. Try the timed dry setting rather than using the automatic moisture or weight detector or whatever which barely even works to begin with. The lower heat is way, way better for your clothes anyway. Just takes a little bit longer.
7 0 TeachMeUbuntu I feel this would be a good opportunity for an in-game way to help support as well. If arenaNET works on an in-game item or event, to financially support them, I know a lot of us would chip in, and people who don’t browse reddit could help as well. Maybe a new skin, or item in the gem store, and all the profit goes towards the go fund me.
7 0 TheDant0r For that, i will go and buy some Gems with my next paycheck at the end of the month. Thank you ArenaNet for being like this. Thnak you
19 0 hermanblob i almost died last year on one car accident, had 6 bone injuries on face and my broken clavicle plus 4 months of recovery and a year of depression and gw2 helped me alot through that but now im pretty great again in life and moving on everything.
32 0 oretoh I'll be a huge twat but I feel the need to say this: While the emotional part of the loss is huge and can't be measured, I feel that the material parts could, if they had insurance, which you always should have. Buy House and interior (not sure how it's named in english) insurance people! Also props to Anets, but how did they find out?
6 0 Andulias My wholehearted condolensces to your friend, I can't even pretend to imagine what it's like to lose almost everything you have in the world. Kudos to ArenaNet for helping out and brightening her day.
6 0 NewtRider Hats off to all those who have and will help. Congz on hitting the goal.. I hope they can get their lives back on track in as little downtime as possible. Must of been a train wreak going through your mind when that happens. :(
6 0 Razor4884 They're watching us...They're always watching O-0
6 0 Kurosov a Prophecies collectors edition. Those things probably cost a house these days.
4 0 smoothtrooper_fm This is amazing. I’m sorry for her loss, but I am glad to see what everyone (including ANet) has done!
5 0 ShittyGamer Well, just started playing Gw2 today and after reading this Im def glad I chose the game and the company. Thats awesome. Best wishes to your friend.
5 0 Blackops606 GW2 fam is best fam.
6 0 cidrainen Nice gesture of ANET, if there is one games dev. company I'd expect to do this it would be them.
4 0 Auttaheer Gosh, this is such a bittersweet moment and my best wishes goes out for the family. I truly hope for them to get back on their feet again.
4 0 Muzanshin Good to see support for them. It's a really terrible event to lose everything, because there is a lot that can't easily, if ever, be replaced in these situations. Support from family and friends goes a long way during times like these. It's always great to see a gaming community supporting one of their own and know that people can take a break from the usual day to day to help others. I sincerely hope they are able to move past this tragic event quickly and get life back to normal soon. That this will be just a small part of their story and many fun adventures to come.
4 0 punkinwjen That is amazing! This is why I will always love arena net. That was so nice and thoughtfully of them to to for this girl and her family.