User gives a timeline of the last 17+ months of Republican obstruction of protecting Mueller and the Russia Investigation.
Redditor known for well sourced political commentary receives an offer for a book deal
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u/onlytook writes a new episode of House, is spot on
9099 0 Mio_delune Thug life granny. What an absolute legend.
1790 0 BlondeGoddess12 One of the all-time best IDWHL moments I have ever heard of! Kudos. Slow clap. ;)
571 0 kingdomheartsislight Wow, that was unexpected. You could say that lady really nailed it with that revenge!
824 0 Aggressica #K.O.
751 0 kneelmortals I'm hope I'm half as cool as that old lady when I get to her age! Woo! Go Granny! I have the biggest stupid grin on my face right now.
746 0 DIRTBOMB56 That is fucking legendary, that woman probably imploded when she got home that must’ve been amazing
140 0 mythrowaawaay Old lady got moves!!
142 0 ThisIsHowYouReddit This is how you grandma.
117 0 CCtenor I thought she gave you a Pentecostal handshake there, but this was so much better. I have the most amazing grin on my face, and that little old lady is my hero!
247 0 TheDocJ I am so glad that I am on my own in the house at the moment - I have probably never laughed so loudly at a Reddit tale before. This story confirms my own observations that it is far more often the middle-aged than the elderly or the young who behave so atrociously, and little old ladies often rock.
64 0 ButtonJoe I was fully expecting a, "Then she gave me $100" ending. This was an order of magnitude better. I would mount those screws on a wall in my house like a trophy.
45 0 PirateNinjasReddit That was an unexpected twist. Street justice from a nongenarian.
44 0 hellokitaminx This reminds me of a guy who helped me out a year ago! It wasn’t a IDWH situation, just a guy followed me out of my train and went to attack me. Two guys saw this happening and jumped to help me. In the scramble I found a phone and asked the guys helping if it was theirs. After the first declined, the second guy said it was his. Once the man who jumped me was subdued and we were leaving, the guy with the phone divulged that the phone wasn’t his. It belonged to the attacker and he tossed it onto the train tracks. Petty level 100%. Bless these petty idols
291 0 iSwagMK r/pettyrevenge
34 0 Cratonis This story makes me miss my grandmother. She wouldn’t have taken something but she sure would have given this lady a piece of her mind.
28 0 happygoohnevermind I want to be that lady when I grow up.