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21 BiscottiBloke It also helps us understand those "It's Okay to be White" posters that have been popping up on campuses. Those signs are a campaign (admittedly brilliant) to get a reaction from people. Happened on my campus recently. Posters appeared saying “it’s okay to be white”, people started getting mad, writing columns, making a fuss. The thing is, it’s designed to make your average, unaware white guy go “hey, why ISN’T it okay to be white”. He starts to question why all these “PC” people around him are denying him HIS pride. Now he’s a potential recruit for the alt right. As we’ve seen here, we know the reason the posters are bullshit. I’m white. Why am I being grouped into a huge category? Skin colour isn’t culture. Culture and heritage are. No one has “white” days of celebration. We have Robbie Burns day. The posters would be just as stupid if they said “it’s okay to be brown”. Okay? What type of brown? Mexican? Indian? Persian? Turkish? TLDR; the posters are stupid because skin tone isn’t a culture. But they’re supposed to make you mad.
8 LysergicLark Wow what a terrible argument. >White people are actually English or German not White so white pride can't exist. Ok but >Black people don't know their heritage so they get to identify as Black What? That's fucking stupid. Plenty of Whites don't know their exact heritage. I'm an adopted Korean guy raised by white parents; what's my heritage under this terrible race based logic? What about African immigrants? They're allowed black pride despite having no slave based history in the US. This shit falls apart under the most basic of scrutiny. There's also NOTHING wrong with black people being proud of being black. **You don't need an argument or justification to be proud of being black, you just get to be. Just as there's 0 issue with a white person being proud of being white. Unless you think any race based pride is wrong, then they're ALL wrong.** They basically say "white pride is really just white supremacy"... But black supremacy exists too. **When someone says "Blacks > Whites" we go out of our way to explicitly differentiate the fact that this us Black SUPREMACY, not black pride, even if they claim it's black pride.** Why can't we just call white supremacy... White supremacy? If someone says "Whites are the master race, this is white pride" the appropriate response is to call it what it is; white supremacy. **But when some random guy says "I'm proud of being white", it's God damn embarrassing to watch everyone come out from the woodwork to think of a damn argument why they shouldn't be allowed to do that.** You see people saying "you AKSHUALLY have American pride not White pride so you're wrong" like could you even fathom someone going to a black guys saying "um kid you don't have black pride you have American pride so you're wrong"??? Could you even imagine that?
4 -PandaJack- Holy shit something helpful on reddit. Of course it was a comment on a post about incest, but that's not the point.
3 BacchusAurelius This is a stupid argument because most white people in the US don't actually know their heritage or have any link to it. They might now they are Dutch from their name, but they lost all the connections to the old continent when their ancestors migrated 250 years ago. All they have left is to identify as American, but that includes everyone including blacks, Hispanics Asians etc. Being white is the only thing left that's comparable to ethnic pride in other groups. Now that being said, if you associate with groups that advocate for racial discrimination and wear nazi paraphanelia you might just be a bad person.
2 natha105 The issue is that you shouldn't be proud of something you have no control over. You shouldn't be proud to BE anything. You should be proud of what you have done (if the things you have done are worth being proud about). You should also not be proud of what other people have done. If your parents are Neil Armstrong and Margret Thatcher you shouldn't be proud of that. If another Japanese person invented the instant noodle you shouldn't feel a sense of personal pride over that. You were in no way responsible for that. The one "catch" is that you also shouldn't be ashamed of being anything. You shouldn't be ashamed of being gay (as a prime example). Pride parades are, to me, more about trying to shatter that shame than specifically create pride in your sexual orientation. And unfortunately for everyone from a conceptual level pride and shame are opposites of each other. It makes intuitive sense to try and fight shame with pride, but I think both emotions are the wrong emotions to have.