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163 vadosezo This happened to me once on a flight from Germany. It was a long flight into Chicago O'Hare, and the old lady behind me didn't respond when the flight attendant was going around doing the whole "Trays up, seats forward" routine. I was right in front of her, so I could hear everything. They quickly determined that she was not breathing, and started doing CPR in the aisle, and we all waited for EMS to arrive and take her off once we landed. She was pretty obviously dead. It was surprisingly routine.
241 speedycat2014 Now I know where to stroke out! Thanks!
101 trai_dep "This is your captain speaking. I'm happy to announce *Weekend At Bernie's* is now available for your viewing pleasure at no additional charge for all our passengers." "…Well, all except one passenger."
161 BuzzBomber87 "it's just like any other passenger, except this one won't be asking for more coke. :)" Daaaaaaaaamn.
40 marshallbking This happened once on my wife's flight to London. They had room on the plane so the moved her but they did not move the body to a row in the back. It was left on the floor of a row in the middle of the plane.
35 spacewonk Please fix bestof links on reddit app for android
18 SporkOfThor For some reason I had a kind of a vision of - kind of a "burial at sea" image - for just a moment, before my rational mind clicked in.
35 somedude456 Why am I reading this before a flight tomorrow morning? Am I going to die?
15 popcornwillglow Landing on a plane with a dead person sitting next to you must be really creepy.
13 dougiebgood My buddy was a certified paramedic and once got called to help a passenger on a plane. They showed him all of the equipment they had available and he said he was like "Holy shit, this is more than we have in our ambulances!" He got relieved by a doctor who was on board and didn't have to do anything, but apparently the patient lived.
10 NobleGas18 Netflix has a cool documentary mini-series on the topic of air travel. One of the episodes describes what happens when there is a medical emergency in the air. Short clip from the segment:
18 The_Man_In_Blue Customs Officer here, and having had to respond to a few DOAs as the token "Customs" guy, this post was fantastic to read. Specifically.... > and if possible we will wrap the body inside but always leave it open around the head, as it can only be closed by a doctor on duty (meaning not even a passenger that happens to be a doctor). As I still remember the first one I responded to. And a couple since then. The body was wrapped in a bag, seatbelted into his business or first class seat (always found this funny), but the top of the bag was left open, allowing me to see just the tip of their heads and hair. So far, only older men are the ones I've had to respond to. They (crew) always hand me the passport as if I'm going to do an imposter/document check.
8 Betsy514 I was on a flight where this happened. Vegas to Boston. we were about 2/3 of the way there and my seatmate and i (we didn't know each other) noticed some commotion three rows back. Large man on the aisle seat. All the flight attendants were gathered around him. One came running up to the front, clearly upset and asked if there was a doctor on board. Apparently nobody responded at first because asked again as in "really? nobody?" A young lady came up who I am guessing wasn't a doctor but had some medical training of some sort. They left him in his seat, and I eventually noticed we'd changed course and were descending in the NY area. My seatmate turned back to check what was going on (we were trying hard not to be looky loos but you kind of can't help it) and became a little distraught - leaned over to me and whispered that she thought the guy was deceased. I turned back and there he was, sitting in his seat with his eyes closed. I've never seen a dead person other than at a wake but I was pretty sure by his coloring that she was right. The woman seated next to him, who was his wife, and the poor young man in the window seat of that aisle who was not with them, had climbed out of their seats (I always think about how they had to climb over him) and were in the back of the plane with all the flight attendants and the young lady who had come to help. They announced we were going to be landing in Buffalo briefly. Finally, like three minutes before we touched down they pulled him out of his seat and started doing CPR. I always wondered about that - why they didn't start earlier or why they did it at all if he was past that point - protocol maybe? So we land. My seatmate and I are crying - you can't help it - felt so bad for his wife. EMT's come on with this narrow gurney - and this part i'll never forget. Three EMTS, one at his feet, one at his head and the third belly to back behind the one at the head holding the guys arms on the gurney. Just as they got to our row one arm slipped from her grasp and the guys hand flopped off, almost hitting my seatmate in the back of the head. The way she had to hold the arms was by the sleeves of his shirt so his hands were sort of just flopping around in a really creepy way - it just seemed so undignified but i get there wasn't anything they could do about it. I guess he had told his wife he didn't feel well and went to sleep. We think he had been gone a while before she noticed They held the wife back for a few minutes - i'm guessing once they got him to the jetway they were trying briefly to work on him. Then they let her off and the pilot made an announcement that we'd be taking off shortly and would be walking through the cabin to see if anyone had any questions. The whole crew handled everything like champs despite being upset. Right before we were about to take off some jackass in the front row asked the flight attendant if this meant we'd all get free drinks. I'm surprised the look she gave him didn't freeze him solid. I understand protocols, but I wish they could have just left him in the seat for another half hour and landed in Boston so this woman would have been in her own home, around her family and friends, and not stuck in buffalo working out how to get her husbands body home. Oh - and i got a fifty dollar credit from the airline - which i didn't expect or want or ask for.
5 Hedgehogs4Me I remember reading about someone who didn't know the person next to them had died, and thought they were just sleeping until they didn't respond to shaking to wake them up to get off the plane. I bet that happens a non-insignificant amount of the time compared to the number of dramatic deaths that would get people riled up.
3 ReadItWithSarcasm TL/DR: It's really just Weekend At Bernie’s in the sky.
3 N3UROTOXIN Surprised they don’t charge you when you land for an extra carry-on