A redditor who has meditated for 20 years provides notes and encouragement on getting started without frustration.
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Redditor shows how the relationship between U.S.A. and Russia has drastically changed since 2012.
/u/atxgiraffe suspects the Austin Donk Contest is secretly funded by Russians, official Donk Contest reddit account shows up and unwittingly confirms
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2 Tonkarz Notice please that they are posting criticism of Trump, not just things that support him. Notice that some of these things don't really relate to Trump. They are playing the left and the right in a game that goes beyond Trump.
1 Blunter11 At this stage I would not be surprised to discover them pushing the Russia narrative themselves, considering how effective blaming Russia is at preventing serious discussion about the dire faults in the system
97 0 feeling_impossible Haha! I have /u/thelazyreader2015 tagged as "Russian Shill" He was shitposting in /r/politics.
66 0 feeling_impossible I wrote a small chrome extension to identify FRANKs, Fresh Reddit Account No Karma. It tags new and low karma accounts with a "frank" tag and tags -100 comment karma accounts with a "troll" tag. It's surprisingly effective. Just sort any political thread by controversial and be surprised (or not) how many of those people are thinly veiled trolls when you actually analyze their account. [Reddit Frank Detector](
107 0 btribble Imagine if we’d stumbled on Auschwitz and people had said, “Let’s destroy all evidence this ever happened!” You don’t want to remove the posts, you want to annotate them and leave them in place for posterity, then contact anyone who has commented or voted on one of those posts to let them know what’s up.
28 0 DetroitStalker The interesting thing is the links are covering hot button subjects on all sides of the political spectrum. Obviously the idea is to muddy the waters and sow doubt about our democracy. This also allows people to say “well what’s wrong with what they were posting, who cares if it’s true!” or “Russians posting stuff is not a problem because their just using the platform as designed”, because they see something being posted they might agree with. Unfortunately they are ignoring the larger issue of all this misinformation being dumped on reddit by the Russians to start flame wars and egg on trolls. These accounts don’t care what side they are posting about, they just want to get the most extreme reaction from anyone that reads the post. And they knew the most gullible corners of reddit would be particularly vulnerable (of which T_D happens to be high on that list)
15 0 TotesMessenger I'm a bot, *bleep*, *bloop*. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit: - [/r/activemeasures] [I found about 50 of the russian accounts reddit deleted, their submissions remain on reddit.]( - [/r/bestofnopolitics] [Redditor makes a comprehensive list of the accounts and posts linked to the Internet Research Agency \[xpost from r\/RussiaLago\]]( - [/r/conspiracy] [I found about 50 of the russian accounts reddit suspended, their submissions remain on reddit.]( - [/r/conspiracy] [I found about 50 of the russian accounts reddit suspended, their submissions remain on reddit.]( - [/r/conspiracywhatever] [I found about 50 of the russian accounts reddit suspended, their submissions remain on reddit.]( - [/r/u_eye_josh] [I found about 50 of the russian accounts reddit suspended, their submissions remain on reddit.](  *^(If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads.) ^\([Info](/r/TotesMessenger) ^/ ^[Contact](/message/compose?to=/r/TotesMessenger))*
7 0 F_D_P There have to be thousands upon thousands of Russian troll accounts here. I made a sub for linking to Russian Troll accounts a while back before I decided it was futile/possibly ran afoul of Reddit's rules. Perhaps we could revive it and use it as a place to dump links and usernames? r/RussianTrollFarm