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3445 VortexMagus What is the exploit he abused here?
394 _Beets_By_Dwight_ For those asking where is the glitch, or that being overpowered is not the same as being a glitch, let me post this as a main comment rather than have to keep pasting replies: It **is** a glitch. It's not that the gun is overpowered per se, but that the attachment that gives it explosive shot is supposed to make it overheat a **lot** faster. Attachments that affect heat buildup no longer do so - *bug from the last update*. (This seems to include those attachments that are supposed to reduce heat buildup). Thus, while the damage from the gun would be the same as before for the first second or two, you can't sustain it any longer. Usually the person using this weapon can quickly take out one, two guys tops before cooling (sort of this game's version of reloading). Now you can take out like ten in one go, or melt vehicles. There is no way he should have been able to fire this powerful weapon on Vader for this long. Before the last update the damage would have been the same at first, but then he would have had to cool a second or two later. Never would have happened as in the video before the patch a few weeks ago **broke** heat-affecting attachments.
1581 FailureToReport They only pay attention to microtransaction metrics, not balance. Just look at ME:Andromeda....
343 FightSmartTrav Weren’t you bitches supposed to be boycotting this game?
18 Thopterthallid It's really to bad... If only the troopers in that one Rogue One scene had this gun...
636 butt-guy I don't understand how this is the best of Reddit...
175 grayum_ian That's nothing. A guy who worked on bf didn't know the game multiplayer game modes.
484 cg001 Why would someone who's running the Twitter know every glitch? When I played and ran into a group of a bunch of people I usually died quick as a hero. I had no idea there was an exploit in this video. I thought it was just a funny moment where a bunch of people teamed up on the hero to take them down. This seems silly. If it was an obvious glitch like getting under the level, sure. But there's like 4 guys that you can see in the clip firing at Vader, who knows how many off screen.
121 wensul You expect the PR team...from *EA* to know shit about how the game works? Your mistake.