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Dad does a meme how he cries most days missing his son who is at uni.Lady replies with how he should tell him because her dad didn't, she took it he wasn't that bothered, not that he worried what to say/didn't want to bother her and she only found out how much he cared & missed her after he died
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31 St_Elmo_of_Sesame The note about mental illness and finding patterns everywhere reminded me of a friend of mine from high school. He got obsessed with a girl and saw signs everywhere: clocks, addresses, TV, websites, you name it. He'd already been diagnosed with a mental illness but his parents were kind of crazy so it took him a few months to get hospitalized. I lost contact with him but it looks like he got some new meds and distance from his parents and is doing OK now.
60 KingClam2 Looking through comment history and he doesn't seem to be trolling at all... he just openly disagrees with the other commenters. He's basically doing as little to bait a reaction as you can. He claims he would delete comment history to go undetected, but he's never subtle anyhow, so there there would never be a need to dig deep to figure anything out... So... he doesn't like /r/conspiracy and they banned him... and now he's saying "bwahaha I've been undercover for years, you guys couldn't catch me, I outsmarted you! Here's what I figured out!" Hmmm...
4 whatsinthesocks One of my favorites was when they all thought some nuclear event happend in northern Indiana
1 myqhunt that whole sub is a monumental headache
-9 hammersickle0217 Never heard of most of conspiracies he refers to, and I frequent that sub. This post is BS
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329 0 hoopopotamus >Fat-earth pretty sure this one is true
192 0 Sha_of_Depression Twin towers never existed? .....fucking really?
122 0 TheSeanord17 I just posted this somewhere else, but it's applicable here... It generally seems like there are 3 main reasons people are drawn to nonsense conspiracy theories. It makes people feel smart and special. They have unique knowledge, not known to people who aren't "woke," haven't been down the rabbit hole, haven't taken the red pill, whatever. It actually comforts them. That is, it's scary that arbitrarily someone can blow up a building you're in, and end your life. If there is an identifiable THEY behind it all, even if they're nefarious, it's a sort of order that gives comfort. The other option is everything is rudderless, nobody is in control of this planet, and events occur haphazardly. They're imagining what they would do if they were in power. They're not so much angry that the false flag or whatever happened, they're just angry they didn't get the invite to take part in it. That's why some are so quick to call people shills and nonsense while meanwhile they have 30 alt accounts. It's easy for them to imagine others doing it, because they do it or want to.
71 0 THE_LORD_HERESY You need to edit and add False Flag Events.
37 0 an_agreeing_dothraki *gets out a calculator*. Egads man,you realize how many Sorosbux you've earned?
58 0 ChunkyLaFunga Conspiracy theorists are people looking for significance when they feel their life doesn't have meaning. It's as clear as day if you've known any and doubly so if you've seen them leave the subject behind. Or the mental illness thing. I could say that about a few other subreddits. I don't know that there's anything particularly unique about it on Reddit though.
24 0 bowies_dead > Fat-earth There's no need to be insulting.
27 0 RabidTurtl > Shills. Everyone is a shill. I'm a shill, you're a shill, God is a shill. In r/conspiracy if you disagree is someones beliefs, you're a shill. Don't believe the earth is a flat disc? You're a round earth shill. Don't think PizzaGate is a real thing? You're a shill for the pedophile cabal elites. I gotta say, if getting paid to shitpost for the Illuminati was a real job, you bet your sweet dick I'd be a professional shill. What a terrifying world they must live in, thinking that they've uncovered a world-wide pedophile ring, and everyone is a paid disinfo agent. Everyone is in on it, and everyone is out to discredit them. I still laugh at how the mods and the recently removed mods kept calling each other shills.
52 0 KarlMarxIsntDead Dear OP, I came into this post with high expectations. And you've exceeded them. I want you to know that I'm in love with you and I want to have gay frog babbies with you, fam. It's time for you to make another Soros burner and get back in there. You'll always be in my heart. Love, me
21 0 ElCaminoSS396 What got you banned?
50 0 HapticSloughton You might also want to note the contrarianism, especially when it runs anti-conservative (which is really odd). We have loads of evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, obstructed justice, and has violated the Emoluments Clause like a load of E3 attendees would a free Doritos & Code Red buffet. But to them, that's just MSM propaganda. Meanwhile, their complete fabrication of Pizzagate is *totally true!* Never mind the "code" came from 4chan or that the basement didn't exist or that they can't produce any victims or any actual evidence. It's real, Trump is clean, and all hail Trump for some reason. I mean, government was always evil, until a conman philanderer got into office, which is just the icing on their up-is-down cake.