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u/tremble_and_despair - Links to a two year old thread that literally mirrors one of the charges found in the indictment of 13 Russian officials, who have been charged for interfering in the US Election. This shows how Russian narratives influenced supporters of Bernie Sanders to turn on Hillary.
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NBA fan details how he prevented an Alt-Right Woman from running for the Virginia Senate
Redditor points out that a prison joke title erroneously implied a "twelve days of Christmas" theme, another Redditor composes several epic verses of "The Twelve Days of Prison"
223 whosthemotherflippin Elsewhere in the thread, when offered direct help, this was [OP's response]( How did a text saying "Send in the national guard" turn into "what am I supposed to do with this number for the emergency response center? I can't use this, you silly goose! Oh, here's the link to our charity...please donate!" This response to OP was great...but something is off with OP.
351 BlatantConservative That whole thread really deserves a bestof
53 danielisgreat I'm an inactive ham myself, but I pulled out a couple radios and programmed them in the time preceding Harvey. I ended up monitoring a couple local repeaters and relaying some info from one repeater to the GCEOC. Then, they put out a request for anyone available and able to get there to help them operate the radio room. I wasn't doing anything and work had been cancelled and there was nothing else to do, so I spent some time at the EOC.
175 IGiveFreeCompliments /u/runway0530, let this thread be a pleasant surprise for you when you come back here to Reddit. Know that you may have saved a lot of people today with your informative comment. :)
102 CourageousKoala It says the police are hoarding the MRE's? If that's true then that's really fucked up.
9 DammitAspen I subscribe to r/virginislands. What I've seen is police aren't being proactive in stopping looting of businesses or directing traffic. St. John is the smallest U.S. Virgin Island with something like 60% National Park. Their police force is used to being there just to keep drunk tourist out of trouble mainly. They are not equipped or prepared at this time to deal with a catastrophe of this scale. What I've heard from my friends down there is there is no organization and people have stopped feeling safe once it gets dark. They need help getting organized and providing relief to residents. Edit: also thought I'd add there is only 4K permanent residents on St.John. Most people there work on St.Thomas (15 min ferry ride away) the island is very dependent on St. Thomas ( who has the nearest airport) and they are cut off right now.
17 Liver_Aloan Great job on the dude giving that info but the OP posting those photos is directing people to a video ASKING FOR PERSONAL DONATIONS. C'mon y'all. Don't be so gullible. Or if you are, please donate to me. I was devastated by Hurricane Irma over here in Hawaii. All my sheep are gone. Please send credit card info in PM. Thanx BB 😍.
7 TheWayWeSpeak Posted on the thread but it's buried. Posted 3hrs ago by the St John community Foundation: "Monday 9-11 Irma VOAD-SJCF Update: No, we are not poly-anna’ing but there is so much more good going on than bad in this response phase, and although social media is a blessing for passing legit info, it can also be a curse in propagating the sensational. Yes, there are some people who are desperate and/or just wrong who are taking things they should not, but the reports of widespread rampant lawlessness are not what the majority of the people on the ground IN ST. JOHN are reporting. We have direct reports of confirmed deliveries of supplies being distributed with military presence to ensure a smooth process (and more on the way), multiple publicized evacuation boats taking people off island to STX and P’Rico, restaurants serving 1000s of meals for free, and more….there are reports and concern of crime and looting, and it is being taken seriously. We have reported all to FEMA and National Guard coverage is being ramped up with curfews strictly enforced. Officer Brown spoke to a VOAD rep this morning who said the punks stealing now are the ones who did this sort of thing pre-storm; we are onto them and they are being dealt with. Gov Mapp spoke to another VOAD rep on the ground who said 60,000 gal of diesel will be delivered to STJ today, and that electric will come on in phases, and that the underwater lines to St. John making our restoration process more manageable. A boat bringing hundreds of cots, and meals and other supplies is coming this afternoon with additional Red Cross professionals. Dr. DeJames at Myrah Keating Clinic said the clinic is open and running and all the requests he made to National Health Center are on the way. He sat DMAT team coming and they are okay and taking care of all who need it. Global Disaster Relief Orgs are on the ground with more on the way; one is bringing up a Gator today which can act as a mobile cell tower - right now there are a few strong spots, but it is overwhelmed. One volunteer on the ground says, Boulon Center looks like a crowded bird’s nest. Report from Disaster Responder Saturday night (yes they were in Coral Bay that early on): "I had the privilege of going to St. John this morning to carry donated medications (thank you Medicine Shoppe!) and assess some needs. While the physical devastation was heartbreaking, I was so thankful to find the strong, resilient, and resourceful people I encountered. Coral Bay is now accessible by road, helicopter & boat and there is a team of badass women from STX there now working with the limited but hard working team on the ground. The people from STJ Rescue are working around the clock to meet needs of all kinds. Air National Guard & FEMA are on the ground (and in the air) working hard to get people to medical care. Nearly every resident I encountered was busting their ass, working overtime, and helping each other. No one was complaining. It was humbling and impressive. - I met some real heroes over there." (Lisa Hardin Gay, Amer. Psy Assn Advisor). We are compiling inventories of offers of volunteer services and accommodations (on island, on nearby islands and stateside) for this immediate response phase and for long term recovery phases. All offers are welcomed ( – this will be a long recovery process but the community continues to pull together! Practice due diligence and obey curfew for your safety and to enable responders to do their work effectively. Yes, the island is crippled, but it and our people are strong and will rebuild with support of all kinds on the ground and stateside! Donations: Persons interested in helping Hurricane Irma disaster response in St. John can best support the relief effort by making a cash donation instead of sending donated goods and services. Cash donations to voluntary disaster relief organizations enables them to purchase exactly what is most needed - whereas donated items require voluntary agencies to spend money and considerable time for sorting, inventorying, warehousing, and distribution.To make a donation to the Foundation for St. John IRMA relief efforts go to" Link to post on FB: I also received a message from an EMS worker that was flown in saying "Our team is headed to Coral Bay this afternoon to attempt to rescue those there. The national park dock is open for relief supplies ONLY in Cruz Bay"
15 Timedoutsob Should be giving Atlantic instructions not pacific ones.
5 mglyptostroboides Since that thread seems to be initiating a lot of interest in purchasing ham radios, I just thought I'd give you a heads-up: you need a license to use amateur radio. /r/amateurradio will help you get started. :) Good luck! This is important to know because some of the cheaper radios out there are deceptively simple to use, but you will be breaking the law if you transmit without a license and you will get caught.
11 SugarPuffPenguin This gives me some pride back in us.

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