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User claims that yoga cures cancer citing research papers. Another user actually goes through the papers and shows how that's not the case
Redditor experiences mishap in bus and blames the driver. Another redditor who happened to be in the very same bus gives a better explanation as to what happened.
Redditor explains why the US recruited Nazi scientists, and lists some of the more notable contributors to the US space program
/u/signsandwonders calculates the average of all the presidents birthdays - the answer is July 4th.
/u/LarBrd33 explains the secret origin of Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas
Programmer lists his plan to churn out dozens of slight variations of the same app
Redditor misses the mark on a GE stock prediction, eats his sock as promised, posts video proof
Redditor explains what Australia did to prevent gun related deaths.
Florida teacher describes a fire drill at their school today where everyone refused to leave their rooms. Other teachers comment about how scared their students are across the country.
/u/the_straw-man compares current day USA with "how the Roman Republic turned into the Roman Empire". A brief conversation on Roman history ensues.
Reddator describes how a dislocated shoulder kept him out of the Boston bombing marathon
/u/datraceman gives a very accurate description of what a megachurch in the city of Birmingham, AL is really like.
Hotel Front Desk Staff Eats Dinner With Man Whose Wife is in the Neighboring Hospital Every Evening for 2 Months.
American asks UK citizens the etiquette of paying in UK strip clubs, almost every answer comes with expected British humour.
True Englander reminds people what being English is all about.
Redditor knows what Elon Musk is really up to
/u/SkiThe802 explains how sports timing works in racing events and thus why there was a tie for gold in bobsled
70 year old grandma gives advice about life
Redditor breaks down in incredible detail how to be better at competitive pokemon
/u/NoSuch explains why college students might actually be overcooking and burning popcorn on purpose
/u/whitexknight has a thought provoking plan for eternity as an immortal
Succinct counter-argument to the defense against tyranny intent of the 2nd amendment
/u/918AmazingAsian breaks down what went wrong with BvS
In the wake of news that Barnes and Noble is circling the drain, commentator lists a DOZEN ways the company has failed to innovate over the past decade
User /u/loser4455 explains how the symbiotic relationship with bacteria in our mouth works and a hilarious thread of replies ensues
TIFU thread turns into a demonstration of impressive vocabulary
Redditor gives worst case scenario to an underage party
Redditor describes the most beautifully suicidal animal on earth.
Redditor briefly explains how stocks in a company works.
Video of children in Africa seeing/hearing a fiddle for the first time. Real life fiddler shows up in Reddit.
A man explains how to effectively catch pigeons in the city
Comment chain of puns
Redditor thought Alexa called 911 when he asked it to play Garth Brooks, but it was actually part of the song
American Redditor offers $1000 to aid in return of lost/stolen Irish dog
Redditor writes a poem about a bench
Political Parody of Old Spice Commercial.
Redditor details how effective the Russian propaganda campaign was and how it prompted them to change their vote in 2016
u/RunDNA shows a list of 241 posts from T_D that have been linked to one of the fake Russian twitter accounts from yesterday’s indictment. Top comment by u/f_k_a_g_n actually shows over 1,000 posts from T_D linked to the same twitter account.
User gives every reply. Yes, all of them.
Redditor debunks very common misconception about "heritability" in genes
47 drewcifer0 How is this what we are missing? This is the generally accepted view of dune.
21 backlikeclap Weirdly clickbait post title.
7 atworkmeir Im reading Dune right now and up to Chapterhouse, the last book before his son took over. It gets f-cking weird let me tell you what. This book is about sexual domination like through and through. God-Emporer was fairly odd as well. I'd say the first three are amazing though.
10 BSRussell This has to be the least accurate title in history. What are we missing exactly? It's basically "It's longer than old school sci-fi short stories" and "the timeline of the story is long."
11 Plastic_Pegasus Dune is great (the first 3 books are all I've read though, I've heard it gets weird later on) . I wouldn't call it science fiction. There's no science in it. It's more science fantasy. I think it would make a great GoT style tv series.
11 DUNE_IS_A_SHIT_BOOK So's good because it's really long? Eh, you'll have to do better than that.
1 darksier I don't know the only thing I think we're missing about Dune is that it's a lot better on audiobook. I can never read through Dune, not without getting really bored. But listening to it sounds absolutely great and I'm excited throughout the story. There's just something about the writing style that I think works better as a spoken story.