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4571 0 puppythruster It's better for the rest of us if you're doing good. Chin up and keep at it mate, one day at a time.
1131 0 Patriotaus The government (the Australian people) supported me through my entire life. From the prenatal care that my mother received all the way through to paying for 7 years at university. There is no way I could be where I am right now without welfare. (I'm now only just paying it back)
387 0 autumnautumnspring Thanks to everyone who pays for my eighteen year old brother's medical bills. He has stage four kidney disease. He's in intensive care for a few weeks every year. He also receives a pension to get by as he's bedridden most of the time. I couldn't imagine where my family would be had we not had the amazing welfare system we have in Australia. I don't know if he'd still be here, or if we'd still be living the way we live. Nobody chooses to have an illness that reduces their quality of life. It's upsetting that some people in the world don't understand that.
365 0 0j5rJ8L1Fu92rQmMg61l This thread is so wholesome. Fuck I love our country
197 0 Dennmic No, thank YOU for seeking help, and for speaking openly about it, thereby helping promote positive discourse around mental health.
400 0 superrelavantay Nice one mate, I too am looking forward to starting my mental health care plan next week. After reading a bunch of "we're all fucked" type threads recently, I'm glad someone has found a positive to latch on to. I wish you the best of luck in dealing with whatever it is you need to deal with.
323 0 lemmywincks Bit of thanks for the guy who gave us medicare [Gough Whitlam](
303 0 ShaeV See, this is where I want my tax money to go. To people who need it and use it appropriately. Good on you mate
65 0 marsmermaids Medicare is one of those things that makes me proud of this country. I almost certainly wouldn't be here without it.
128 0 DukeBerith Would also like to place a thanks. Years ago I was diagnosed with a fatal condition that would have costed a fortune treated if I were anywhere but Australia. I looked at some of the medication costs, it was $4,000 per injection (on top of the $12-20k per procedure in which there were over 30). I paid a total of $6.50 a month for 6 months instead, woulda been 0 if I didn't need to inject. After that happened, I went to uni and got a job in a higher tax bracket, yes I'm paying more tax but I'm more than happy to because it goes back into my fellow Aussies. Good for you OP for taking the steps to get your mental health checked.
107 0 tikibackflip I started my mental health care plan recently, still costs a bunch but it's the difference between 4k a year and 10k a year. Hopefully it is worth it.
148 0 LookmaReddit No worries , stick with it mate. Good to see its working :) All the best
35 0 XX_OR_XY Same here, I ended up in a very awful state in October last year and was so scared to even think about covering the cost of help that I was told I'd need. I too have to thank you fellow Australians for helping me and so many others get psychologist help. Good luck on your journey OP, we'll all have your back.
39 0 SerTomSnow All my life I've complained about that medicare levy on my payslips. Not anymore!
40 0 foursaken Hey, good on you mate. Using my mental health plan, I found out to considering suicide a few times per day is not normal.
74 0 Boju When people have trouble using spreadsheets they take a course. No stigma. When people need to drive a forklift they take a course. No problem. When people need help dealing with things in their brain not enough go and take the course and there's a stigma still around. Congrats on getting that mental health ~~training~~ treatment and all the best. And good on you for letting people know. It's the openness about it that will help break down the stigma.
32 0 TalkToTheGirl Can I thank you guys, too? I'm an American traveller making my way across your country, and all of you are just so nice to be the point that it's bizarre. Random people have bought me food and beverage, given me drinks and cigarettes, and petrol, tools, car parts, and none of you ever asked for anything, *many* of you even refused to be repaid, not even by letting me buy a the next round. When my car broke down, a pair of you offered me a spare room for over a month, long after my car was repaired, and because of that I now have Australian friends and an extended family. While I don't get to take part in your mental or medical health schemes, I'm sure that you would share it if you could. So, thank you, Australia, you dudes are all right. I love this place. Better than alright, really, but I'm not sure what's the best way to compliment you guys yet. 🤙
77 0 nightmaresaboutducks I think the fact that any citizen can get a mental health plan and a bulk billed therapist is pretty amazing. I read a while back that it may get axed in the next budget. Hope I'll never need it but happy to pay the levy for it.
79 0 AgentSmith187 No problem mate this is why im happy to pay the medicare Levy and the surcharge! Vulnerable people need societies support. Whos to say i wont be vulnerable at some point myself? Its the social contract
22 0 dontfeedthecode No worries mate, that's one thing I'm happy my tax dollars go to.