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620 Jemima-Racktool I don't really care about a kid crying or having a tantrum screaming, kids are nutty assholes and the parents probably already want to throttle them. I take issue however, when a child is playing in the supermarket or wherever and running about like a feral swan and screeching and the parent is doing absolutely nothing. Last week I had a kid run around the corner of the freezer section in tesco's and collide head on with my metal trolley. About seven years old and flapping about like a twat.
821 unholynight The statement is great for places like Wal-Mart or Target but I can't tell you how many times I've been to a restaurant or a movie just to have my time wasted because of a screaming kid. I understand that there isn't much you can do but at least leave so you aren't ruining others peoples' time.
45 xilpaxim Two hour tantrums? Jesus that sounds like a nightmare. And I thought 20 minutes has been bad. Worst my kid has done so far was flip out when we were almost done so I just took him outside to the car. He calmed down in about 5 minutes.
166 forwardseat I think a simpler explanation of this is that you can't train any creature - baby, child, dog, horse - without exposure. Nobody's perfect the first time, but you can't get then perfect without putting them through it and taking them out. (I've heard this a lot with horses: if the horse is afraid of cars, don't take it on the road! Well how do you get the horse unafraid of cars without taking it on the road? Same with babies and kids. They can't learn to behave in public without going in public.) All that said, you also don't take kid to a five star restaurant if they can't sit still at burger king.
21 monkeysinmypocket My mother is particularly intolerant of bad behaviour but when I expressed annoyance about a kid in a buggy screaming in Ikea she said "He's bored out if his mind, strapped in, has no control over a situation which probably feels like it will never end. Flatpack furniture is the last thing he's interested in. Anyone would be crying!" I kind of got the point.
17 Warphead The exception is movie theaters. Get your goddamn baby out of the movie theater, you shouldn't have brought a goddamn baby to a movie in the first place. If you didn't want to have a baby, you shouldn't have, but now you did, so don't bring them to the fucking movies until they're old enough to want to watch the movie. I don't give a fuck how bad you want to watch the movie, so do the other people there, that's why they didn't bring babies.
103 wizardlydray You know what’s worse than being around a screaming child in public? Being a parent that stuffs candy in their hand or a cell phone in their face to shut them up, instead of letting them learn that this behavior isn’t going to get them what they want. When I see a screaming kid and a parent quietly ignoring them, I want to give them a high five. I usually try to make the kid laugh, that usually works. Better than violence too.