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25 blumeaniandglove Worked in an airport and the fire fighters there were basically on site EMTs. A lot of stuff happens in airports and waiting for an ambulance would probably not work out. I once saw a young man having a seizure and it was the fire fighters there taking care of him.
48 interstate-15 When I worked at an airport, the firefighters were fucking always busy with shit... People falling and getting hurt, checking out people before they got on planes, going to make sure "gas smells" were false calls, etc.
7 minnick27 Philadelphia Iinternational Airport actually did their emergency preparedness drill this past weekend. I got to be there on one of a dozen ambulances. There was probably a dozen engines as well as 3 trucks from a volunteer canteen called The Second Alarmers. The airport dept put out the fire while the city units were utilized for moving and triage. The ambulances would pull up and the fire fighters loaded patients on. For something thats not done very often they are very efficient at it. There were some hiccups, but that was mostly due to communication issues between Philly fire and Delaware County communications which I was operating off of. Also driving on airport runways is super fun
5 whitcwa When I was in the Air Force, our base had a big hospital so there were a lot of C-9A medical transport aircraft flights into the base. Every plane was escorted by a fire truck while taxiing and unloading.
14 filmbuffering It's quite common for firefighters to have second jobs, e.g. selling stuff on eBay, that they update on work time. Using the gym a lot is also popular.
4 JoeSalmonGreen What really fascinates me is: * How did a years old post end up on bestof? * What is this game where you get stuck in traffic? I am so full of curiosity