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4725 mutatus This was really interesting to read. I read his previous posts, and I couldn't see how he thought that was normal behavior. He evidently learned a lot from his classes and therapy. I don't think I've ever seen this kind of situation from the before and after perspective of the stalker. It's enlightening for sure. I wonder how much better off we would be as a society if we all had therapy sessions just to maintain mental health instead of when one's mental health has reached a boiling point.
664 Zerocyde >because I thought I had the right to dictate how others interact with me. Hmmm. I've felt this way before. I need to watch that.
6727 Isaythree I wonder what we could do as a society to make this kind of self discovery and willingness to seek help more prevalent? It's only the people who truly want help who can be helped. Edit: To everyone who took time out of their day to answer this and foster a serious discussion on the issue, thank you. I would like to think this kind of discourse on its own helps a great deal.
1281 DadJokeTheBestJoke Pretty proud of this guy. Its really difficult to come to terms with this sort of thing. Or anything, really.
304 zip_000 I actually had a similar situation in college that thankfully was much more abbreviated. I was really into a girl, we went on one or two dates, and then I got weirdly obsessive. I went to her job, where she was busy and clearly didn't want to stop and talk to me, and I waited until she could take a minute and talk to me. Luckily, she was *very* blunt with me about her feelings, and that was exactly the kick in the teeth that I needed. The weird thing in retrospect for me was that I really never understood my actions in this situation. I was always kind of clingy, but I was never as crazy obsessive before then, and after that I was very careful to keep myself from ever behaving like that again. When she told me she wanted nothing to do with me, I didn't feel angry, I just felt relieved. I think the entire 'relationship' was only about two weeks.
540 skinsfan55 Holy shit, reading the original post is deeply uncomfortable.
1036 petermobeter i wish being a selfish stalker women-objectifier wasn't known as being a "Nice Guy". When i say someone is a nice guy i want it to be a compliment! i guess i gotta get used to the english language changing or im gonna end up sounding like Tobias Fünke
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