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Redditor gives a great (first-hand) explanation of how Australia went about it's gun "ban"
49 K10111 This all falls apart because OP thinks the force projections are tangible, but in fact luke was INtangible when projecting. If you watch the whole scene he never crosses blades with Kylo just dodges a lot.
34 thr33beggars Isn't it heavily implied in *The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise* that the life Darth Plagueis influenced the midichlorians to create was Anakin Skywalker? Has OP never heard *The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise*?
9 skilledwarman Do we have a source for the claim that Luke didn't know that was a power? Because Yoda used that ability in Rebels (and maybe the Ahsoka novel but I'm not sure), and he and Obi-Wan would also apparently communicate through the force on occasion. That feels like the type of thing they would tell him he could do.
5 Swackhammer_ This was a common theory going into TLJ. I'm not one of those people that was fretting over the lack of reveals. But having "Snoke" actually be Darth Plagueis was the one thing I was hoping for and would tie all 9 main movies together very nicely. But they botched it
9 Aldryc Interesting how this theory ties most of the movies together, but as someone already pointed out this doesn't seem supported by the mechanics of force projection. Don't think it works that way. Also I highly doubt Disney wants to introduce the concept of interstellar force rape into their Star Wars universe. It's for kids after all.
4 Caesar_ Isn't the new trilogy trying to depart from the "Skywalkers are the best at the force" ideology? This kind of retcons some of the points they've been making in the last few movies, unless I'm reading too much into them.
3 Captain_Stairs According to this, Disney is snoke.
3 Fronzel Snoke is doing what Ego did in Guardians of the Galaxy?
3 mrbaryonyx Eventually redditors are going to face facts that Last Jedi makes no sense from a lore perspective and was made by a guy who was more interested in making a good movie than he was a movie that fit into Star Wars lore. I like the movie a lot, but people looking for hidden revelations won't find any.
1 Made_in_Murica Snoke is not human. No impregnation possible. And there's no other hybrid species in the star wars canon, so it's not likely that this is the real story. It's more likely that Snoke is just a big bad guy that realized the power vacuum after the fall of the empire and took charge. He's a movie bad guy. We don't really need a backstory. It's also just as likely that Rey is unrelated to the Skywalkers or that Kylo was just lying to her when he said she is nobody. It doesn't make sense that they'd build up her parents being this big plot point only to say, "actually it's nothing. We wasted the time we could have used to do other character development for a throwaway scene with Rey."
1 Ennion Would have liked some tangible Snoke backstory....
1 mrbears and here I already thought that Star Wars was going for a Guardians of the Galaxy vibe too much before this theory lol
1 nuclear_bum I have a better theory: Kylo became so powerful that the Snoke we saw was basically just a puppet/corpse he controlled just so he could find a force user strong enough to become his apprentice and rule with him.