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3110 fauxxal They are spot on. I think it's important to realize that kids have never had so much freedom in choosing what they want to watch. Before youtube where could they see antics like this? What kind of network would allow this material? What parents would let them watch it? But these days young kids can hop online and consume the entertainment of their choice. Kids can, for once in history, choose and find shows that no adult would consider worthwhile. Kids want to be in the 'in-group' as well, and they're still developing and learning. Good humor takes time, experience and some manner of intelligence. Kids are drawn to bathroom humor, stupid stunts like this, and more. To them it's goofing off, it's funny. As adults we grow up and forget all the stupid shit we used to think was hilarious, we don't remember, and we don't think it's necessary to educate kids on the subject.
733 lnsetick I've been saying something along similar lines: now is not the time to ignore Logan Paul. Yes, publicity draws him new viewers. It can also get parents to realize the kind of shit their kids can find on YouTube. Redditors all got on the "talking about Logal Paul gives him publicity" train, but that perspective is so stupidly myopic. Not paying attention to what kids are doing IS THE PROBLEM. It's exactly like solving teen pregnancy by suggesting parents not talk to their kids about sex, because that will make kids want to have unprotected sex. It's just as stupidly nearsighted. Seeing almost every user on this site pat himself on the back for realizing that talking about a problem makes more people aware of the problem is giving me hypertension. Fucking duh, getting more people in a conversation about a large problem that affects them all is the first step to solving it.
169 geneparmesan18 As a high school teacher it is interesting to watch students who have never been taught how to navigate the internet. I work in a high poverty district and my students are not used to having technology at their fingertips. Their inability to appropriately navigate the internet is fascinating. They believe the first thing that they read and completely commit to the idea. I have been working with my students on this and have actually gotten them Chromebooks! It has been such a cool process.
124 Fake_William_Shatner Logan Paul was a teachable moment for my kids. They showed me Logan Paul because they thought he was cool. When I watched 5 minutes of one of his shows I said; "that guy is what I would call a douche bag. It's all about him and how great he is. He goes around starting confrontations and then films people when they are angry. I'd rather you watched porn." And after that incident where he films a dead body, my kids were shocked; "He's not a nice guy. He doesn't care about anything but himself" they said. I can't stop my kids from seeing what's on the internet -- there is no filter. But they are learning to discern good from bad, correct from incorrect -- which is better I think, than just keeping them innocent like some of the neighbors kids. I'm pretty sure that my kids will do the right thing and be less likely to be duped. The most dangerous thing today is an innocent kid. We don't have a choice and acting like we can protect them forever is naive.
46 tupac_chopra i know nothing about this Logan Paul guy. why is he so terrible and why do kids like him?
160 Cheesy_Bacon_Splooge Or you know. Parents could just do it. It’s what I do. No one will care for your kid like you can and it shouldn’t be up to a teacher to do it. Parents should have a vested interest in not letting their kids be little shits.