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233 roastbeeftacohat if trump was truly a mastermind he would have some policy successes; instead he just seeks the adulation of dwindling crowds. it's clear he stumbled onto his base, the UN speech proves it; he stopped for cheers. I gave him the benefit of the doubt when he was elected, but he's accomplished nothing in his time in the white house. he's just an idiot who yells at the TV.
48 bengye that's a lot of n*s to read through, but totally excellent read.
76 [deleted] [deleted]
14 poundfoolishhh It’s weird how two people can view the same thing in such fundamentally different ways. I’ve always viewed the NFL (and sports in general) as perfect examples as what the world is like without affirmative action programs. They’re meritocracies. The best players, regardless of race or background, make it on the team. It shouldn’t matter that 70% of the players are black (even though they’re 13% of the population). That just means those those players beat out others who were competing for the same spots on the team. And then on the flip, here’s someone who views the NFL as some kind of modern day minstrel show. Like their over representation is somehow racist in and of itself. Bizarre.
3 jibishot No comments throwing shade at the christian player who would do it after every "godly" play. Dont see a problem with individuals doing it to shun americas typical nationalist play, to pin point inconsistencies in our society as a whole. We should be proud to have people stand up for people, not claiming foulplay.
13 DaglessMc yep because paying people millions of dollars that they can do whatever they want to with is totally comparable with chattel slavery. this is why we have a problem with race, because you cant get it out of your mind. focus on the actual cases rather than trying to boil everything down to black versus white.
2 maxitobonito I've come to the conclusion that Trump is something like an evil Forrest Gump
21 Cptnwalrus Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't football players make millions of dollars a year for their profession? Don't get me wrong this doesn't justify Trump's comments or necessarily invalidate the highlighted comment, but I find it weird that these players are talked about by OP here as if they are making pennies to entertain white people. Of course there are the issues regarding their rights and treatment in society based on their race, but the entire league is pretty well of regardless of race, no? ...Now college leagues..that's another story.
14 majinspy What is the new "thing" with the phrase "black bodies"? Not "black people entertaining white people" but "black bodies"? It's an odd turn of phrase that's caught on. I assume because "bodies" calls to mind corpses or something, i.e. the "destruction of black bodies". BTW, I read Ta Nahesi Coates' piece referenced in this post. It's damn good. But the response from Connor Friedsdorf is also good. Nowhere in Coates' piece does he address the fact that a hell of a lot of people voted for Obama, then voted for Trump.